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Terracom Wireless Plans 2024

Terracom Wireless Plans

The Terracom wireless is a regional and nine state provider of Lifeline cellular phones as well as airtime for the people with low income or who are associated with the assistance programs of the government. If you are living in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Maryland, Nevada, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin or West Virginia, you will be able to get from the company fir getting the lifetime cell phone. Terracom Wireless is a sister concern of the Yourtel Wireless. Here is the Terracom Wireless Plans 2024. The Terracom wireless plans are offered to the ones who are actually in need of assistance from the government.

How to qualify for the Terracom wireless plans?

Terracom Wireless Plans

There are few requirements which you have to fulfil in order to get a phone from the Terracom. The requirements are not too complicated. Either, you need to be a participant in federal or state assistance program, for example, Medicare, food stamps or the public housing.

Or, the incomes of your household need to be below or at 135 percent to 150 percent of the level of poverty by the state you are living in. The gross percentage of income is compared to proof and nation documents (the requirements will surely vary from state to state); hence, it is very important to double check all the information before applying or reapplying for the service to the Terracom Wireless.

What Terracom wireless plans are available for the users?

Any other free cellular phone offering can be of Terracom but not the program “Lifeline”. The lifeline service is offered by the Telecom Wireless but this is basically a benefit program o government. If you are interested to avail this service then you have to fulfil some conditions given by the government. However, the conditions different everyone would be able to avail this offer. The lifeline service can only be taken one individual of every household and it is non-transferable. You will get a T-Mobile free cellular phone from the company. There will be some instruction which you are bound to follow. If the company found that you have breached any of the rules then they have the authority to cancel your Terracom Wireless Plans anytime. Hence, you need to be very careful before applying there.

The Plan 250:
There are basically three plans in the Terracom wireless plans. The first one is known as the lifeline plan 250 that offers 250 free minutes along with text message at a rate of “1 min per test for receiving and 1 min per text for sending”. This means every text message you send is deducted from the total free 250 minute from the voice call. Obviously, the unused minutes from these 250 free minutes will not add on the next month. This plan is not available in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma plan A:
The plan that is only available in Oklahoma is known as the Lifeline Unlimited Plan of Oklahoma. In this plan, you will get unlimited free minute at a reduced rate of 4.58 dollars each month. This charge is not inclusive of the taxes and the additional fees. The plan does not come with the free text messages as well. Just like the previous one it does not include the roll over or addition unused minutes.

Oklahoma Plan B:
This plan includes free 1000 minutes voice call to any local number, a data package of 500 MB and unlimited text messages. In the same way, no rollover minutes occur and the unused minutes will be expired on the service expiry date. This plan is only for the people who are living in the tribal area of Oklahoma State.

The charge of the text messages is same just like the Lifeline plan 250. This signifies that, each text you send from your phone will cost 1 minute from the total free minutes of 1000.

Along with these three basic plans, there are a few that are,

Terracom has quite a lot of plans available based on the state you are living in. They probably have some upcoming plans in their mind but they are not releasing the information on web.

Here are few plans which are completely free

Terracom Wireless Plans

This plan is applicable to all states except Kansas, Oklahoma Non-tribal, Missouri, and Nebraska

The plan comes with a 500 minutes of local call along with unlimited text messages. There is no rollover of minute in this plan. The unused minutes will expire every month on the date of service expiration.

This plan comes with a total 500 minute voice call for the local phone numbers along with unlimited texts. No rollover of minutes is included in this plan as well. Like the previous one, the unused minutes will expire.

Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma Non-tribal
Like the other plan, there is a plan of 500 minutes of free local calls and unlimited SMS. No rollover of minutes is included and every month on the given expiry date, your unused minutes will expire.

The customers of Terracom are not required to pay the activation fees but they will have to verify their eligibility of accessing these plans and meet the requirements given by the Lifeline. Thought these qualifications vary a lot from one state to another but the preliminary ones remain the same in every state. If you are interested to taking the plan (only if you are working under any federal or state programs or live on the poverty line) then you can always enquire about the Terracom Wireless Plans to Terracom representatives.

The requirements are given by the instruction of the state government. Hence, if you are out of the basic requirements then you will not be able to apply for it. The eligibility is considered very strictly so it is not possible to provide wrong information for accessing these offers.