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The 10 Best Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything

Free Cell Phone Service

Is it possible to get free cell phone service for life with unlimited everything? In most cases yes, you can get free everything, calls, texts and data as wall as similar to free Government Smartphones. But there are a few things to consider before you get a free unlimited everything plan.

We have gathered ten of the best free services for calls, texts and data in the market today. These mobile services are not just your average free service plans too. These are from top providers like Virgin Mobile, Sprint, XFINITY and ROK Mobile to name a few. Check out what each company has to offer before you make your final decision on what cell phone service works for you.

Best Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything

Free Cell Phone Service

Virgin Mobile – Virgin Mobile Inner Circle Plan

Virgin Mobile’s Inner Circle Plan is considered as the best unlimited data plan during the opening of the year and the reason is simple: everyone wants to get free data to surf the net on the go. You can keep in touch through social media, answer your emails, check online payments and make online calls 24/7 when you have a free unlimited data plan.

Now before you start switching to Virgin Mobile you have to check out a few important things about their unlimited data plan. First of all, you can’t have this forever. You get your first 6 months of unlimited service for $1 and if you bring your own paid off iPhone to transfer your number to the device. You will only be paying $1 a month and a low fee of $9.99 upfront for the service. After your first 6 months are over, you will be paying for the plan for $50. You might not be getting this service for free at all but still the monthly $1 is still an unbeatable deal.

Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plan Details
$1 per month for 6 months and $50 after
$9.99 upfront fees

Bring your own phone
Unlimited data
Unlimited national minutes
Unlimited messages/nationwide texts
$10 a month international calls

No contract
No long distance charges (domestic and USA)
No roaming charges in the USA

Free voicemail services

The Virgin Mobile Inner Circle plan is only for customers who have a paid off iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus or SE or for customers who upgrade to an iPhone. You may also bring your own unlocked and compatible iPhone.

As great as this plan seems to be, it is not for everyone. First of all, you cannot avail of this plan if you don’t own an iPhone. You may need to pay for more if you want to upgrade your phone and use this unlimited data plan. Also, this is not a lifetime affordable plan. You will be charged $50 after the initial 6 months are over. You may consider checking out other unlimited plans before the 6 month period is over because you are not covered by any contract.

MINT – Best Prepaid Unlimited Data

This is a free prepaid unlimited data plan that will let you choose from small, medium and large plans. You don’t have to work with one kind of free data plan which is exactly what other mobile carrier’s offer. With Mint, you can use a plan that will work best for your lifestyle. Mint plans range from prepaid $108 for 6 months to a very affordable $399 for 12 months! Clearly this is not a free plan and you cannot use this service forever. But where can you get unlimited data plans for half a year for less than $150?

Mint Unlimited Data Plan Details

Bring your own phone
Pay only $15 a month or $45 for 3 months
$1 upfront fees
Free unlimited national text
Free unlimited national calls
With 2GB full speed data
No contract

Bring your own phone
Pay only $20 a month or $60 for 3 months
$1 upfront fees
Free unlimited national calls
Free unlimited national texts
With 5GB full speed data
No contract

Bring your own phone
Pay only $25 a month or $75 for 3 months
$1 upfront fees
Free unlimited national calls
Free unlimited national texts
With 10GB full speed data
No contract

Mint gives you a versatile choice when it comes to data and you can choose from any plan that will fit your data on the go needs. If you are light on data and uses the web only to check on emails and check social media on the go then the Small plan is the best for you. But if you surf the web, manage orders and emails, watch video and many other online content then the medium to large plan is for you. To find out more about their different plans, check out Mint’s official site to get more information about their versatile personal unlimited everything plans.

Metro PCS – Unlimited Shared Plans

Free Cell Phone Service

If you and your family is always on the go and you need a data plan that can go anywhere with you then Metro PCS may have the best unlimited shared data plan for you. Metro PCS shared plan is available for 4 lines and best of all, this is under T-Mobile network so you can guarantee good coverage anywhere in the US.

Your family will get up to 35GB of data with this shared service for an unbeatable price of $100 a month. You can add more features to your plan like HDD streaming for $10 a month if you usually watch YouTube videos or high definition content online. You can also stream music from Pandora, Apple Music, iHeartRadio and Spotify.

Metro PCS Shared Plan Details
For a limited time offer only
For $100 a month
$40 upfront
For 4 lines
Bring your own phone
Free unlimited national calls
Free unlimited national texts
Unlimited data
Additional $10 for HD
Free voicemail
No contract

Metro PCS shared lines plan is also available for only 2 lines for $80 a month, 3 lines for $90 a month and 4 lines for $100 a month.

Looking at the unlimited plans that most companies offer, Metro PCS gives you an amazing value for your money. Imagine getting 4 lines for this price? Some carriers will give you $50 for a regular unlimited plan and you need to pay extra $25 for an additional line and will only allow you to connect up to 4 lines. So certainly Metro PCS gives you a better deal for shared plans.

ROK Mobile – Most Affordable Unlimited Data Plan

Possibly the most affordable unlimited data plan that you will ever find is ROK Mobile Unlimited Data Plan at $45 a month. This plan won’t expire even after a year so you won’t need to worry about how long you can keep your unlimited data service. ROK Mobile is under Sprint, one of the largest and most trusted mobile services in the US. It is also the first network that will let you use your old GSM phones and other mobile phones, compatible or not, to get this service.

ROK Unlimited Gigs Plan Details
Unlimited data plan
For $45 a month
Free unlimited data
Free unlimited national calls
Free unlimited national texts
Bring your own device, compatible or not-compatible phones
No contract

This ROK Mobile plan is definitely not free at all but looking at the great value that you are going to get for paying only $45 a month for free everything? This is an unbeatable deal that you cannot afford to lose. Aside from this unlimited plan, you can also take advantage of their family plans or group plans especially when you are looking for a sweet deal that will save you a lot of money.

Sprint Unlimited Data for Hotspot Tethering

Give your friends and family free internet access using your own mobile device with Sprint’s Unlimited Data Plan. This is actually the only base unlimited data plan from Sprint and this offers 10 GB high speed data for high speed mobile hotspot data. Other companies like T-Mobile and Verizon offer very slow unlimited 3G data service for their mobile hotspot data. This service is not yet available for AT&T Unlimited Choice service.

Sprint Unlimited Data Details
Unlimited data for hotspot tethering
Get 10GB high speed data
Base unlimited plans better than other network carriers
No contract
Bring your own phone

This is a good plan to take if you have a group of friends or a family on the go. Simply share your data and everyone gets free internet. However, what if you got people, family members that need more data? Teens can consume a lot of data by streaming videos, anime, movies or downloading content from the web. How about using social media sites all day long? You might use up your allowable data plan in just a few days or even hours if you are not careful!

Sprint – Unlimited Plan – Free for 1 Year

This is a plan that will give you unlimited data and national text and call for a year. This might not be unlimited for life because it is only valid for a year but still this is an unbelievable promo that can save you a lot of money. But you got to act fast too since this is an unlimited offer only from Sprint.

Imagine getting hassle-free access to the web wherever you want to go using Sprint’s Unlimited Plan free for a year. According to the company, you can save up to $900 in the first year compared to getting an unlimited data plan from Verizon.

Sprint Unlimited Plan Details
$0 for a year
$12.00 upfront
Free unlimited data
Free unlimited national calls
Free unlimited texts
Keep your phone and phone number
No activation fee – get $30 savings
No contract

To get the free unlimited plan for a year from Sprint, first you need to confirm your phone eligibility. This will first check if your unlocked phone is eligible to be used on the Sprint network. Once you have received confirmation that your mobile device is eligible, Sprint will ship you a SIM card. Shipping will only take overnight. SIM cards are not for free, you will need to pay $2.99 per card and shipping and handling fees of 10.00. Once you have received your email, activate this and enjoy your unlimited data, calls and texts. Sprint can even help you activate your card and switching your number to their network.

The Sprint Unlimited Plan is certainly a dream come true for many subscribers especially if you need to connect to the web constantly while you are on the go. However, you can’t simply get this plan until you have verified the compatibility of your phone. Another thing you need to consider before you take this plan. But other than this flaw, this Sprint plan is a great deal buster.

Simple Mobile $50 Unlimited Plan

This is an unlimited plan that will let you enjoy unlimited 4G LTE speed data for one line. You can add a line for only $25 and maintain up to 4 additional lines as well. Simple Mobile calls this their Truly Unlimited plan that gives you unlimited data, unlimited national calls, unlimited texts at no contract at all for just $45 a month with an insignificant $0.99 upfront fee. Yes, this is not an unlimited forever plan and is not even a free plan but again, this plan will give you a lot of savings compared to getting a regular plan from other carriers. Also included with this plan is an Auto ReUp video feature that lets you stream at DVD quality video.

Simple Line Truly Unlimited Plan Details
Pay only $45 a month
$0.99 upfront
Free unlimited data
Free unlimited national texts
Free unlimited national calls
For single line only
Comes with Auto ReUp Video at usually DVD quality
Add a line for $25 up to 4 additional lines per subscriber
No contract

Aside from the Truly Unlimited Plan for $50, you can also take advantage of the $60 Truly Unlimited Plan with 4G LTE Speed Data. This plan lets you create a mobile hotspot because it gives you free 10GB for hotspot. This plan is available for single line at $57.00 and this comes with Auto ReUp Video that lets you stream typically at DVD video quality.

This Simple Line unlimited plan can certainly catch your attention if you are looking for unlimited data, calls and texts plans but there is one small downside. This plan is only for a single line. You need to pay $25 each additional line with only up to 4 lines for a subscriber. A little steep if you compare it with family plans and data plans for other carriers. The key her is the unlimited data service that you cannot find in any other family plan.

XFINITY Mobile Unlimited Data Option

This is an unlimited data option service open only for XFINITY internet subscribers. This is a free unlimited data plan for only $45 a month with unlimited national calls and texts. This is a versatile mobile internet and free calls and texts option because you can get up to 5 lines of unlimited national wide talk and texts at no extra cost. The only thing that you will be paying for is data. You may also choose a By the Gig plan that will only require you to pay only the GB of shared data each month.

This XFINITY free unlimited data plan gives you several device options. First you can purchase a new device from XFINITY Mobile or you can bring your own unlocked iPhone, or iPhone 5 or newer models to use the service. You can check the compatibility of your device with this XFINITY service online or from any XFINITY store. This plan is only valid for iPhone users.

XFINITY Mobile Unlimited Data Option Details
Pay only $45 a month
No upfront charges
Unlimited data at 20GB monthly data use
Free unlimited national calls
Free unlimited national texts
No long distance charges (domestic USA)
You can check your bills using your phone
Free voicemail or included in your monthly minutes
No roaming charges in USA and in over 200 countries
Bring your own iPhone only
No contract

This XFINITY plan is certainly a sweet deal but if you don’t own an iPhone and you are not subscribed to an XFINITY internet subscriber then you have no choice by to go with their regular plans. And even if you are a subscriber, you still need to verify if your iPhone is compatible for their service.

Boost Mobile Unlimited GIGS

Imagine paying for only $50 all in for a month to get unlimited data. No data caps, no interruptions and no frills? This is Boost Mobile Unlimited Gigs for $50 a month, an unlimited data, talk and text plan that now includes taxes and fees. Imagine what you can do with unlimited data! You can watch unlimited mobile-optimized videos, play games, and listen to music and more using unlimited 4G LTE for almost everything you want to do online.

Aside from the $50 plan, you can also get the $35 per month 6 Gigs of 4G LTE service that also includes taxes and fees. This also has unlimited data, talk and text and Mobile Hotspot service. If you want to enjoy HD content, you can always add $10.00 a month. This will let you watch HD movies, music and play HD games on your phone.

Boost Mobile Unlimited GIGS Plan Details
Pay only $50 a month
No upfront fees
Monthly payment inclusive of taxes and fees
Unlimited data
Unlimited national texts
Unlimited national calls
With mobile-optimized streaming videos, gaming and music
Unlimited 4G LTE for everything else
Get HD content for additional $10 a month
Family plans available
Also available $35 per month with 3 Gigs of 4G LTE
No contract

All Boost Mobile plans come with unlimited music streaming, mobile hotspot, unlimited data, talk and texts with no annual service contracts and inclusive of taxes and fees. A lot of people used Boost Mobile because this carrier offers 99% nationwide coverage so this means you can take your mobile anywhere and get free internet, calls and texts service for a very low price. And if you are a family and you are looking for an affordable group plan, you can choose from Boost Mobile’s Family Line plans with plans that start at $35 a month for the Primary Line plus $30 a month for each additional line.

Ultra Mobile $49 Monthly Plan

Get unlimited data, national talk and texts for only $49. This is unlike other unlimited plans mentioned here because this is comes in a SIM Kit. You can purchase the $49 Plan and SIM Kit from Ultra Mobile from their official site This plan includes unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited talk to 75+ destinations and unlimited domestic and global texts. Each SIM Comes with a $5 call anywhere credit and a $5 one-time international rollover roaming credit.

This is definitely not a free deal because you will be buying a SIM and of course you will be changing your number as well. But where do you get 4G LTE data at this price? And aside from this, you also get free talk and texts which is truly a great deal for anyone on the go.

Ultra Mobile does not screen the compatibility of your phone so this means you risk buying a SIM that may or may not work on your device. Just to make sure, your phone should be an updated smartphone preferably an iPhone 5 or higher which is usually recommended by most mobile carriers. You can otherwise contact Ultra Mobile for information.

Ultra Mobile $49 Plan & SIM Kit Details
Pay only $49 for a SIM
No upfront fees
No need to check for phone eligibility
No need to bring your own phone
Unlimited 4G LTE data
Unlimited calls to 75+ destinations
Unlimited domestic and global texts
Comes with a $5 call anywhere credit
Comes with a $5 one-time international rollover roaming credits
No contracts

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