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Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan 2024

Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan

Mobile phones and cell service have become basic needs, but they look like luxury when compared with your tall pile of bills and other financial concerns. The government’s Lifeline benefit program has been a big help to Americans receiving various sorts of aid. In Oklahoma, in particular, you can easily sign up for an Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan. Here are some options you can take a look into.

The 5 Best Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan Provider

Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan

Infiniti Mobile

To take advantage of the Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Talk/Text/Data plan of Infiniti Mobile, you need to be a recipient of any government aid, like Verizon Wireless Free Government phone. Under this plan, you send and make unlimited numbers of texts and calls. You also get a data allowance amounting to 2.5 GB of 4G data. The monthly fee for this plan is $1, to which taxes and fees are yet to be added.

Unused data under this plan do not carry over. When the plan expires a month after you get it, your remaining data expire as well. Needless to say, your minutes and text allowance stop working too. This sounds like a very good offer.

To enroll, call the customer service department of Infiniti Mobile at (918) 960 0023. Prepare the necessary documents to prove eligibility. Take note that Infiniti Mobile reserves the right to “limit, alter, or discontinue” your service if you make too many calls, if your average call length is too high, or if your calls are too costly in comparison with other users. Get your free Infiniti Mobile today.

Yourtel Wireless

Currently operating in Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Washington, Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois, Yourtel Wireless is a regional Lifeline operator. If you are eligible, they can give you a free phone and up to 250 free call minutes per month. Their eligibility requirements are more or less similar to those of other Lifeline providers. However, they may have unique requirements. Get in touch with them to be sure.

Yourtel Wireless does not pull prospective clients’ credit or require deposits, activation fees, or yearly contracts. Outside of the usual requirements, the only thing these guys need from you is the completion of an annual certification process. That is just to see if you are still eligible for their services, and it takes most people just 5 minutes to finish it.

Under the Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited plan offered by Yourtel Wireless, you get an unlimited number of call minutes per month for $6.20 plus taxes. Take note that this plan does not cover text messaging and data usage. This plan automatically comes with a free cell phone. Yourtel Wireless lifeline web site

Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan

Terracom Wireless

Having been around for a while now, Terracom Wireless is still the same community-oriented company that it was when it started. They are also a sister company of Yourtel Wireless. They were one of the first firms to offer Lifeline to low-income residents of Oklahoma and continue to be a leading provider in this state.

Terracom Wireless does not pull your credit or require down payments or contracts. Under their Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited plan, you get an unlimited number of call minutes per month for a monthly fee of $4.58 plus fees and taxes. Take note that this plan does not apply to text messaging and data.

Similar to other unlimited Lifeline plans, this one from Terracom expires on a given service expiration date. Nothing rolls over. To apply for this plan, simply provide documentation that you are an eligible aid recipient. Applications can be submitted online.

As required by law, you will have to be certified every year for Lifeline eligibility. Terracom Wireless will proactively contact you a month before your signup anniversary for this purpose. 

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Assist Wireless

Presently providing service to eligible Lifeline residents in Oklahoma, Maryland, and Arkansas, Assist Wireless is another small regional provider of free government phone service. Like other providers, they require that you are an eligible recipient of any government aid or have a gross monthly household income of 135% or 150% (or under) of the national poverty level.

Under their Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited plan, you get unlimited call minutes, and those expire on the predetermined service expiration date, which is usually 30 days after you started the plan. The monthly charge for this plan is $5.00 plus taxes and fees.

Like most other unlimited Lifeline packages from various providers, this plan does not cover text messaging and data. Other features that come with this product include voicemail, call forwarding, three-way conference calling, call waiting, and caller ID.

This appears to be quite a good plan, especially considering the exemplary track record that Assist Wireless has had so far. If you are an eligible Lifeline subscriber in Oklahoma, you may want to hit these guys up to know what exactly the required documents are. Here how to get Assist Wireless Free cell phone


Another regional Lifeline provider, DartPhone was originally started to make residents aware of the benefits offered by Lifeline and provide affordable cell service. They have three Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited plans. These packages all offer unlimited call minutes and text messages. They vary by data allowance and fees.

The first one comes with 500 MB of data. This costs $1 per month plus fees and taxes if you reside in Tribal Lands and $26 per month plus fees and taxes if you are in Non-Tribal Land.

The second plan comes with 1 GB of data and costs $5 per month plus fees and taxes if you reside in a Tribal Land and $30 per month plus fees and taxes if you are in a Non-Tribal Land.

The last one offers 2 GB of data and costs $15 per month plus fees and taxes if you are in a Tribal land and $40 per month plus fees and taxes if you are in a Non-Tribal Land.


Communication is vital to daily life, especially in emergencies. This is why you need to make sure that you are fully taking advantage of Lifeline as an eligible citizen. If you are in Oklahoma, check these plans out and start making the most out of your Lifeline phone.