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How to Apply for T Mobile Insurance Claim Lost Phone

T Mobile Insurance Claim Lost Phone

Losing your phone is the worst thing next to the apocalypse. It is a good thing that T-Mobile offers device protection insurance. They call it “JUMP! With Premium Device Protection” or “Device Protection”. Take note that you have to file your claim within 90 days of the loss or theft of your phone. Unless state law requires an extension past the first 90 days, T-Mobile may not honor your claim if reported too late.

Here is how to apply for T-Mobile insurance claim lost phone. If you are the primary account holder or an authorized user of the lost phone, get in touch with T-Mobile right away for this.

Be ready with certain information for T Mobile Insurance Claim Lost Phone

T Mobile Insurance Claim Lost Phone

Ensure that you have these details ready before filing a claim on the T-Mobile website to avoid delays and possible connection timeout. You need to type in your mobile number, the make and model of your phone, the name of the insurance company handling your device, and the date of loss or theft. T-Mobile may ask for proof that you own the device and/or any government-issued ID. If you reported your phone stolen, you need to input the police report number.

Go to the T-Mobile website

Log in to your account at My T-Mobile, and select “PHONE” at the top of the page. If more than one phone is linked to your account, then select the one for which you are filing a claim from the drop-down menu that appears.

Then, select the option that allows you to file a damage claim. This appears differently depending on what device you are accessing the website through. On mobile, you can see “File a damage claim” right away after scrolling a bit. On a desktop computer, you need to select the line of service first before you can find the option that says “File damage claim”.

T-Mobile will then take you to the website of your insurance provider. They work with Asurion and Assurant, and the website will take you to whoever is the provider for the lost device. However, to make sure that you are taken to the right portal, it helps that you know who your provider is.


Check the information shown on the website for accuracy. If you notice any discrepancy, go back to the T-Mobile site and input or select the right information. Pay attention to the mobile number of the lost or stolen device. Then, follow the prompts on the Assurant website. If you have questions specific to coverage, filing, and tracking, reach out to Assurant at 1-866-866-6285. You can also visit their website,


On the Asurion website, click the big green button that says “File Claim.” You will then be asked to input your name and wireless number and verify yourself using a security code that will be displayed. Then, select the “Continue” button. Asurion will ask you to complete a few other steps to file your lost phone claim.

You may contact Asurion directly to track your claim status or ask questions about filing your claim and other concerns related to coverage. Their number is 1-866-268-7221, and their website is

Questions about T-Mobile Claims

T-Mobile Customer Service does handle claims and answer claim-related queries. However, these are only claims for mechanical breakdowns, manufacturer defects, and warranty claims.

T Mobile Insurance Claim Lost Phone

Claims for lost, stolen, and accidentally damaged T-Mobile phones are processed by their so-called claim center.

Found Phone

If the lost phone is found after it has been blocked by T-Mobile, contact T-Mobile customer service right away and follow the instructions closely. Unblocking normally takes around 24 hours to process.

If you find your phone after a claim has been filed, contact the applicable insurance provider right away. Asurion will need your Claim ID or the phone number linked to the lost phone. However, the cancellation process of a claim will depend on the terms and conditions of your policy. Most of the time, a policy can only be cancelled if reported within a few days of filing.

Assurant has different procedures and terms for cancelling claims for found phones. It is best to contact them immediately right after calling T-Mobile.

Meanwhile, if you find a T-Mobile device that you believe has been misplaced by its owner, return it to the nearest T-Mobile retail store. If you are not sure where the nearest store is, visit and check out the branch locations.

Unauthorized Charges

It can take you hours or even days to realize that your phone is missing. During that delay window, your phone may incur charges for various reasons. You may have left your data on or an unauthorized person may be using it, just to name two scenarios.

This is why it is important that you check your bill right away, especially the one that covers the loss or theft. If you notice anything incurred between the time of loss and the time of reporting, you can contact T-Mobile to dispute those fees.

A case will be opened, and T-Mobile will investigate your account activity. As part of the procedure, they may ask you to provide information relevant to the account and the incident. It will help if you have any documentation proving that the phone was not with you when the charges were incurred. This is difficult to obtain (Really, who documents their daily lives for potential disputes?), but having it is a big help.

As part of the investigation, T-Mobile will compare your normal usage versus the usage between the time of loss and the time of reporting. According to the company, all facts and circumstances are considered during such cases.


Losing your phone can be very stressful, but you need to remember to file an insurance claim for it right away. Fortunately, T-Mobile makes this process quick, simple, and easy. Bookmark this guide so you know what to do in case you lose your T-Mobile phone.