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Metro Pcs Free Phones With Activation Complete Guideline

Metro Pcs Free Phones With Activation

If you are looking for one of the best mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) in the country, and know more about Metro PCS free phones with activation, then you could be in the right place. We will be talking about Metro PCS in general and the special schemed they have offered. Metro PCS is considered to be one of the most reputed, trusted and perhaps even the largest virtual network operators in the country. It is a part of the popular T-Mobile brand name and uses the most advanced 4G LTE network for offering their services. The virtual network operator market is quite competitive and therefore choosing the right service provider is confusing and difficult to put it mildly.

However, those who have used Metro PCS have reasons to believe that it could be one of the best in the country. It is quite possible that many of our readers would have come across Metro PCS because they have quite a few brick and mortar stores across the country. It has quite a few thousand retail outlets across the country and some estimates suggest that it could be around 11,000

What Makes Them So Special

Metro Pcs Free Phones With Activation

Apart from offering some of the best prepaid talk time and text plans, there is no doubt that Metro PCS free phones with activation is an exciting new offer. It is catching the attention of thousands of customers. This is because of a range of prepaid plans. The plans are tailor made to cater to your specific needs and requirements of data. You could get up to 2GB at $30 and could even get unlimited data at $50. The offers quoted include taxes and other fees and therefore there are not hidden costs involved.

Additionally what is exciting about Metro PCS is their much touted and much talked about free phones with activation plans. Yes, you can walk into any of the Metro PCS outlets and get a new phone of your choice ranging from Samsung to Moto and also some models of LG mobile phones. We will look at how the scheme actually works on the ground and what are the modalities that one needs to follow.

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Signup For The Various Offers

This offer of free phones with activation is a limited period offer and therefore customers would be advised to make hay while the sun shines. All the plans are low cost and they come with some of the most attractive unlimited talk and text plans. This is being offered to customers who would like to port their existing numbers to Metro PCS. They would be eligible for two months of free service which is amazing according to many customers. This special service will be given in the form of prepaid $100 Mastercard. You will become eligible for this plan, once you pay for the first two months of service. This is a huge rebate because just by paying for two months of data cost, you could enjoy freebies worth around $100. This would be suitable for a four-line family who keep in touch with one another regularly.

What Else You Can Expect

The above is not the end of the deal. To make it even more attractive, customers will also have a chance to become proud owners of five models and makes of mobile phone as part of the special signup offer. They have on offer LG Aristo 2, Moto E4, Samsung Galaxy SJ3, ZTD Avid 4 or the CoolPad Defiant. Hence at the end of the day you can be sure that you will be walking home with any of the above models of phones and in addition you also will be able to enjoy some of the greatest prepaid talk time offers and also text message offers.

How Much Would You Save

There is no doubt that if you get hold of this plan you would be benefitted in more ways than one. First and foremost, you will save handsome money on the various prepaid talk and text options. If you go in for a family of four offer then the savings will be higher. But what is more stunning and impressive is that just by bringing in your number to any Metro PCS outlets and agreeing to port it, you will end up having any one of the five different models of smart phones. The details have been mentioned above. The phone which you would be eligible would depend on the prepaid plan which you choose. The higher the value of the prepaid plan the better will be the model of the smart phone which you will be walking away with. Therefore at the end of the day, there is no doubt that the Metro PCS free phones with activation is certainly a bargain deal in more ways than one.

Activation Guideline

Metro PCS offers very attractive and time bound activation plan. There is no activation fee involved if you are already a customer of Metro PCS and are choosing a different plan. However, if your mobile number belongs to some other carrier and if you decide to port it to Metro PCS, you will have to pay a onetime fee of $15. This charge is also applicable only when you go for an ESN exchange in any of the outlets of Metro PCS. If you can do the ESN on your own by visiting the website of Metro PCS you can save this $15 also.

If you do not want to visit any brick and mortar outlet, you can still activate your new Metro MCS sim. You could speak to the customer care executives or get in touch with an activation specialist. You will be asked for some details like the SIM number, the plan that you have chosen, the IMEI details and other necessary required for activation. Of course you will have to pay for the offer you are selecting failing which the new SIM will not be activated.

The Final Word

Hence at the end of the day, choosing Metro PCS is a wonderful decision. With this ongoing free-phone with activation offer, you stand to gain even more. However, there is a word of caution. Do not procrastinate and get going immediately. Even a days’ delay could be expensive because the offer is being lapped up by thousands of customers and you might find that the offer stands withdrawn.