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Switch To Boost Mobile From Metro PCS – Complete Guide

Switch To Boost Mobile From Metro PCS

Over the years the boost mobile has become the most famous carrier in the world. The major advantages of opting for the boost mobiles includes its ability to bring the sprint phones to the network, the option for the customer to save 5$ each month by means of the Boost Deals and the huge advantage of unlimited data and the prices with inclusion of taxes and fees. The boost mobile carrier service offers fast internet through the network and is considered to be 4th best. In this guideline help you to switch to boost mobile from metro PCS. Keep reading continue and knows why you need to switch to boost mobile. 

If one has to experience a very productive global mobile service it is advised to opt for the boost services. The Boost mobile will be making a biggest push to gain the new customers. The operated brand has come forward with various several promotions. The biggest promotion for the customers was launched and one such was aimed at the people who crave for an iPhone. They have come up with a whopping offer that when one gets a boost mobile now will be getting an iPhone 6 for $50.00

The features of Boost mobiles while switching from metro pc’s

Switch To Boost Mobile From Metro PCS

Just like how all offers, this special offer also possesses some constraints. It has been stated that for starters it will be available for price of $50 and later they have to update. Another major thing which everyone has to be noted is that these Boost mobiles phone plans mostly will include around 50 minutes of domestic roaming. Switching to this service is a very simple process which can be followed by people of any age. The conversion can be done online. 

Follow the Guidelines when you are switching to boost mobile from metro PCS

  • Foremost one should make sure that the device is compatible with Boost. The compatibility of the boost services with their mobile can be checked out online. There is a variety of mobile phones that support the boost technology. It is widely appreciated if the user first creates a profile amount of his own and then gets the SIM card ordered.
  • Then the customer can choose a cell phone plan through the means of whistle out and also fill out their basic profile information on the Boost’s portalSwitching to this service is a very easy process and needs only a few steps in order to start the process of shifting to boost services.
  • One would need a device such that it has the ability to run on the Sprint network
  • PersonalDetails and customer’s account number on the user’s carrier bill will be needed
  • The IMEI number of the phone and the corresponding pin number of the current carrier will be required.
  • One important note to the people wishing to transfer is that if the transfer of the mobile number is needed, one has to ensure that it is not canceled. The boost mobile service will be completing the process of number porting.The preface detail which every user must know before shifting is as follows.
  • Only the mobile phones that are compatible with the boost technology and certain sprint devices will be able to work. The compatibility of the mobile phones with the boost services can be checked online
  • The next step for the users would be to select a plan that would suit their needs. The boost mobile will be offering a range of mobile plans and also a very good additional plan of one multi lines family plan. The presence of these plans made this trade to this service a big hit among the odds. The former plan ranges in price from $35 for the very famous unlimited talk/text as the users will also be provided with 3gb of data
  • Two important facets of switching to boost services from metro pc’s are the great pricing are included .

The customer needs to sign up online. This is done after the users select their plan. Now after the selection of the plan the user needs get the Boost SIM card kit.

Once the user gets the kit the simple steps below must be followed to start the boost mobile services

  1. Enter the Boost’s activation page and select the option of new customer and that the users wants to use this service.
  2. Now the user should select the option of either to bring the current phone they have to trade to this service. The number porting option also has been enabled so that the customers don’t have the pressure of getting a new number.
  3. If suppose it is the transferring of the current number then one has to enter that particular number and their corresponding zip code
  4. The next page will ask for the mobile sensitive information like the phone’s ESN/IMEI
  5. After which the customer has to enter their details which will be found on the kit bought
  6. This particular step can be skipped if the customer needs a fresh phone number. If the customer wishes to port the current phone number, information’s like account number, pin number, personal details like the first name, last name and the address and the social security number.
  7. Now the customer has to set up the boost mobile account with the details and then admit to their rules and the conditions
  8. The plan and add-ons get listed and once can enter their promo code if they have any
  9. Review the order and click submit. Now the customer has to wait while the account gets created.

If the customer has to enjoy the great advantages of truly unlimited data, great pricing wonderful 4G LTE network, no contracts or any overages, one has to opt for the boost mobile. The boost mobile service is definite to reach great heights and reach the top spot in eh prepaid mobile service very soon. They have got a wonderful set of mobile plans catering to all people in the society at great pricing. Their technical specifications of the plans and offers are very objective in nature and the steps of switching to boost mobile from the metro pcs have been made very precise and simpler.