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The 5 Best Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers

Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers

Metro PCS is the regional wireless carrier based in Dallas, Texas but it is still the fifth biggest among prepaid wireless carriers in the United States. Metro PCS provides one of the excellent mobile phone end-user experiences in the United States with more than 8 million customers. The company has been operating since 1994 and is one of the worlds leading communications services that use CDMA technology instead of GSM. CDMA technology can support better voice quality and data transfer, but mobile phone users do not have the freedom of switching their phones occasionally.

However, this is no longer a problem because many leading phone manufacturers support both GSM/CDMA features in their phones. If you are looking for a great Internet scheme, the company offers a wide range of unlimited and time-based Internet options. The company has many wireless broadband connection options for you to choose from. Today, Metro PCS offers a wide range of plans to cater to every customer’s needs. If you are looking to use their services, knowing how to choose the best deals is essential for you to avoid paying for services that you do not need. Here are some metro PCS phone deals for existing customers.

Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers

Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers

1. BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphone

Let’s start with the MetroPCS BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphone. It was offered to subscribers before any other wireless carrier in the US. This smartphone is fully integrated into RIM’s BlackBerry service and provides everything that is expected from a BlackBerry handset, without going through all the contract hassle related to BlackBerry services.

The phone looks sleek and professional. Full QWERTY keyboard with soft keys enables quick typing, but also fast typing is possible because of this phone’s dimensions, which are 106.6 x 61 x 15 mm. Its size makes it feel comfortable in any hand. It has very easy to navigate interface. It uses the CDMA 1900/800 MHz Network Technology and 1xEV-DO rev.0 CDMA Data. This smartphone offers 2 megapixels camera with digital zoom unlike on most other Blackberrys that have a 3.2 megapixels camera. But this is still a good offer considering that this smartphone goes with Metro PCS Unlimited plans. Unlimited talk, text, web browsing, MMS, and BlackBerry email access through BlackBerry® Internet Service or on BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. Internet browsing is pretty good considering its high-speed EVDO data. Integrated GPS and memory card slot (microSD), video, music and all other additional features make this smartphone nearly perfect for Metro PCS existing customers.

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2. Samsung Code SCH-I220

Samsung Code SCH-I220 is another smartphone available among MetroPCS Phones. Features that this phone has to offer makes this phone very practical in our busy lives. The first Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone on the MetroPCS network, running the superseded OS, will provide you with a virtual office. Windows Mobile Standard 6.1 feature makes it possible to read and edit Microsoft documents through Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and MSN Messenger. For many users, this is a beneficial option.

As with all the other features available: full QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixels resolution camera with digital zoom, microSD slot content with up to 32GB cards and 94 MB built-in memory, stereo Bluetooth, full HTML Web browser but slow 2G Internet speeds, Microsoft Direct Push e-mail and free GPS navigation service, this smartphone comes as the cheapest smartphone in America but still, it has all the features you could ask for.

3. Samsung MyShot SCH-R430

Another type that stands out among Metro PCS phones as one of the well-balanced, reliable midrange phones is the Samsung MyShot SCH-R430. This is the stylish, folder type phone, 3.6-1.9-0.8 inches small and 3.2 ounces light. This phone does not offer features as previous smartphones but what it does offer is the clear sound, with no distortion even at top volumes. The phone gets little over 3 hours of talk time. It is Web-enabled and runs Metro’s standard e-mail and IM applications. With its 1.3 megapixels camera, you can take stable pictures but cannot record video. The phone has a Bluetooth wireless technology, and it is one of the first phones to support the CDMA 1700MHz band. Considering the features that this phone offers, we can conclude that it is the best choice for the voice-centric and value-conscious MetroPCS customer.

4. LG Esteem Smartphone

Now we know that there are other more powerful smartphones on the market but what makes LG Esteem Metro PCS different are the accessories that are developed for this Smartphone. The most common accessory for smartphones on the market is the Bluetooth headset. But LG Esteem Metro PCS offers much more. Let’s start with the basics; the package comes with a micro USB cable, charger and memory card.

The Bluetooth headset experience is also more enhanced and closer to perfection is LG Esteem Metro PCS because it supports Bluetooth 3.0 which means better quality for voice calls and more efficient battery usage. LG esteem also supports USB charging so you won’t have any trouble charging your phone via your USB cable.

5.  Samsung R910 Metro PCS

Samsung R910 Metro PCS also known as Indulge is the LTE capable variation of Sprint’s Samsung Transform, which features Android 2.2, QWERTY keyboard, 1GHz processor, front facing camera, TouchWiz user interface, and Bluetooth with stereo audio support. The handset currently runs on Android 2.2, but analysts expect that it will be upgraded to Android 2.3 with time.

Final thoughts

If you’re a customer who is looking for an attractive Internet scheme, there is no doubt that metro pcs is the best company that will give the best deal that is within your budget. You should shop at metro PCS because the company has phone deals and multiple wireless broadband connections planned for you to choose from.

With the extensive coverage of Metro PCS phone deals, you will never find a problem in connecting between you and your favorite website. It doesn’t matter which part of the United States you are in. The company is continually updating their networks, and many remote locations are always added to their existing network. With the rapidly increasing customer base, the company can provide you with the most exceptional customer service.