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The 5 Best Free Landline Phone Service for Seniors

Free Landline Phone Service for Seniors

Over the last century, copper wires were used in the transmission of phone calls between offices and households around the whole world. It was a system that was much more complicated and technical compared to the soup cans that could be attached to a string. These expensive complex systems and wires were owned by well-established phone companies. It is hard to find free landline phone service for seniors, though your provider may not have the control over the industry, there is a possibility that it is a good stronghold on business within your locality.

We are no longer comfortable with phone services demand since these companies raise their rates regularly on long distance calls and they are enjoying increasing fees and charging every small feature you want to bring to your service.

Free Landline Phone Service for seniors

Free Landline Phone Service for Seniors

Though it is rare to hear of thriving upcoming companies, established companies are experiencing challenges with the development of new technology and new industries which have lowered the necessity for traditional phones and networks from copper-wire at the same time. If you are tired of paying for caller ID, voicemail or long distance calls, this is the high time you lower your commitments to the phone company or abandon it entirely by going for other money-saving alternatives. Here are five alternatives and best free landline phone service for seniors.

1. Magic Jack

Magic Jack is a landline service that can be compared to the olden VolP providers, though with a few exceptions. It allows one to attach their VolP adapter directly to the computer. This USB adapter supports the connection of your phone cord into the computer, importantly utilizing your computer in place of the VolP router. This, therefore, means you will have to keep your computer in operation every time in order to ensure your phone line is live, although you will not require any additional clunky devices.

The charges for the adapter are $20, and the yearly cost of the MagicJack service is barely $20. This price covers service to Canada but can facilitate calls to other nations with a moderate charge per minute. The biggest challenge alongside this system is that it does not allow you to port your existing home telephone number. MagicJack has been able to address this concern as they have come up with a matchbox-sized device that plugs directly into the electric socket. You only need to provide a connection for the internet, and it will relay the dial tone to any standard telephone.

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2. Ooma – Office

The Ooma’s router cost utmost $200, though you’re likely to face very few costs after the initial investment. They market their services as free, but if you go through the fine print closely, you will realize that you’ll be responsible for payment of around $3.47 worth of “fees and taxes” every month. Well, their fees still total to less of an expense compared to the monthly costs of most of the phone companies or the first generation of VoIP providers. The annual fee of $41.64 still results to be double the annual cost of Magic Jack.

Unlike the MagicJack, Ooma will effectively port over your original home number, although you will be charged a one-time fee of $40 for the service. The Ooma’s international rates though reasonable, they are subjected to connection fees of at least 3.9 cents and another 15% to 18% as a tax. Nevertheless, this is far less expensive landline phone for seniors compared to traditional landlines. You can check to know whether it blends well with you.

3. Skype

Skype is beyond a computer to computer calling service. The service has come from far and it provides a good number of solutions that allow you to link your home phone with the Skype to hook up with your friends on their landlines or computers.

The Freetalk appliances supported by skype allow having a connection with any traditional phone in your home all the way to the broadband internet connection. For a small fee, you can easily use SkypeOut service to enhance calls from your computer to a telephone number. You might not be ready to say quit to your phones and solely rely on Skype, but the good news is that the company’s mobile application is making it be a highly attractive option for minimizing long-distance fees and the expenses of your minutes. Just like MagicJack, this is another wonderful way of facilitating home calls from abroad by using your laptop.

4. Vonage

Vonage is among the first VoIP services that have made big marketing campaigns and a huge VolP solution that enables you to use your home phone and stay away from long-distance charges. Unlike other competitors in the same lineup, Vonage does not provide a one-time purchase. You will be allowed to be on own if you want other premium services.

Vonage focuses on using your current internet to provide a plug-and-play solution that does not necessarily need on-site installation and provides a 14-day trial. Its plans are well priced following the number of users. For example in a case of 1 to 4 users the run mobile plan begins at $19.99 per month, this covers the SMS messages and unlimited calling, and applications for both mobile use and desktop.

It comes with premium features that include a call log, a virtual receptionist, and an administrative portal. The next premium plan goes at $29.99 per month and it covers file sharing and video conferencing hence making it convenient for business dealings.

5. Phone.Com

The is landline service provides affordable VolP service for business use and comes with a pay per minute plan that begins at $9.99, and so it offers the best competition at the low end when considering cost terms. The trade-off is the plan that provides a limited 300 minutes voice every month alongside 5000 SMS.

It also comes with premium features that include voicemail to email, call queuing and call blocking. It is compliant to HIPAA in order to meet privacy standards for healthcare-related conversations. The more realistic option about landline service is the unlimited number of extensions and unlimited minutes. It can cover up to forty features of premium and a cost of $19.99 which is paid every year. It is an amazing deal considering the whole package.


Phone bills are expenses that have been accepted as part of daily life. The phone seems to be a basic need and most of the households choose to have an open traditional phone line. As more exciting options of telecommunications become easy to access, phone companies are going to face still competition than before. And, therefore, will give an opportunity to negotiate better rates or use your consumer dollars in setting up a modern system.

By looking at your home telephone necessities, costs and features of different providers, you will be able to lower down your costs and at the same time improve your personal system of communication.