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The 5 Best Boost Mobile Family Plans

Boost Mobile Family Plans

They give the freedom to use your phone without having to check the credit balance every time or worrying about some extra charges or hidden fee. The plans also offer unlimited data that is genuine. Maybe you have expression I am talking about boost mobile family plans. When they tell you it is unlimited, they mean exactly that. You get to enjoy surfing the internet entirely free and with the same high speed that you started with. The package also includes unlimited talk time and texts. Most of the other providers fool you by calling their data plans unlimited, but the truth is usually that they only allow you some specified amounts of data for which the internet speed is high. After the threshold it’s surpassed, the speed becomes too slow to the point it seems useless to the user. But, the good news is that Boost mobile unlimited data in the mobile family plans are truly unlimited, the speed doesn’t vary from the start to the end. Isn’t that every one of wants? Definitely, that’s all we want from our providers.

Boost gives you the option to choose the mobile family plan that perfectly fits your needs. You are the boss here, you decide what you want, and Boost gives you precisely that. Boost is famous for their low-cost plans that are of high value and the Boost mobile family plans are a perfect example. For just a few dollars, you get to enjoy unlimited data for 3-4 lines. The mobile family plans are divided further to give you more freedom. They are subdivided further into – family mobile promotion for three lines- family mobile promotion four lines – Unlimited Family with 3 GIGS and another with an extra feature of HD all available for four lines. Another beautiful thing about Boost mobile family plans is that the prices are inclusive of everything. All the taxes and fees are included in the prices. Once you purchase your plan, you will not worry about having to pay an extra fee. The prices are also low and it’s for sure the best plan available in the market.

About Boost Mobile and boost mobile family plan

Boost Mobile Family Plans

Since its establishment in 2002, Boost Mobile has been the leader in providing cheap and valuable connectivity to wireless consumers in the United States and also in Australia. It has gripped its position in the top as being the best option loved by many Americans due to its friendly plans. It is an award-winning mobile carrier that has endeared itself to its loyal customers. Boost Mobile operates on the Sprint Nationwide 4G LTE Network that has proven itself to be very reliable and dependable. It has been the backbone of the company that has made it to be very reputable in the mobile industry.

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Best boost mobile deals for existing customers

It is known for offering its customers unlimited plans that don’t have annual service contracts. It has grown over the years and is regarded as being the best option for a contract-free prepaid carrier. It also has a wide range of premium and cheap smartphones and offers great deals on the devices and its data and talk time plans. For the people looking for unlimited data plans, Boost Mobile has been their number one choice since it offers unbeatable data solutions. For just a few dollars, the subscribers are given the freedom to surf the internet as much as they want without extra charges. Since the Boost Mobile is built on 4G network, the users are assured of enjoying high speeds that don’t decrease after a certain threshold as observed in most service providers. The company has remained true to its policy of providing cheap services that are of great value. Boost also has a very responsive customer care service. They have a well-established call support system and are also active on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.How To Get Boost Mobile Free Phone One thing that makes Boost Mobile a favourite of many people is its numerous promotions and great deals. This has played a vital role in giving it an edge of its competitors since it has so many promotions. They are targeted either for new users or the existing customers to make them more loyal to the mobile carrier.

For new customers, Boost Mobile is the best option that can help them save a lot and cut up to almost 50% of their current phone bill. There are loads of promos meant specifically for new users that keep on getting better every day.

One exciting offer is their free mobile phones that are made available to their customers. Boost Mobile understands that you need a phone to use their services and they want to make sure that they even give it you free of charge, yes without paying a single dime!

The offer is available for any new customer that is bringing their number to Boost Mobile (line porting). They are then required only to activate it using $50 0r $60 plan before 10/1/2018. After activating their line, the customers are given a free smartphone that will enable them to enjoy the excellent and cheap services offered by Boost.

The phone offer is available in select markets and retailers excluding their official mobile store and national retailers. Potential customers should hurry up and grab this fantastic offer while the stock lasts and start enjoying great connectivity with their free smartphones. It is important to note that the offer applies to only selected models and that substitutions are not allowed after the transaction takes place. Cashback and rain checks are also not supported in this free phone offer. The offer is also limited to one device per line.

For the people who want to do porting, this is the best time to do so. Not only do you get to enjoy the cheapest and the most reliable mobile service provider, but you also get a welcome gift of a free smartphone. There has been no better time to join Boost Mobile than this time.

Breakdown Of Boost Mobile Family Plans

Choosing Boost Mobile for your family plans is one of the most profitable decisions one can ever make about their mobile plans. Boost mobile family plans makes you keep off the worry about checking your credit balance every time. Once you buy them, you become free to use your mobile phone for anything you want without worrying that maybe you have gone too far. You can call for as long as you want, send as many messages you want, watch Netflix, stream games, play online, watch your favorite tv channel, pretty much everything you need to with your without incurring extra charges.

Other good news is that the prices are inclusive of taxes and all fees. Nobody will come knocking at your door or sending you a message reminding you to pay some extra fee or a tax. Once you purchase a plan, you get a complete package. There are no hidden charges at all. Most of us are used to data de-prioritization thresholds after which the speed of the internet connection slows down. But, with Boost Mobile family plans, you never need to worry about such incidences occurring. The network is built on the reliable Sprint Nationwide 4G LTE Network and ensures that you keep on enjoying high-speed connection from the start till the end of your plan. You will also be pleased to hear that Boost Mobile is contract free. It is a universal truth that most people don’t enjoy the idea of entering into contracts concerning their data plans. At Boost, they understand this concept and they want to keep it that way.

The Boost Mobile Family Plans

Boost offers its customers the chance to increase their savings by creating family plans. By default, Boost has single line plans and gives the subscribers a choice to make to create or join families to form multi-line plans that are more economical.

The charges of the family plans depend on the number of lines to be included in the family, the amount of data and the number of hotspot gigs. We shall be giving analysis based on the number of lines to be included in the family plans since it’s the key factor influencing the others.

A Single Line

When using only one line in the plan, there are three options available.

  • For $35 per month you get:   -3 Gigs 4G LTE – Hotspot – After the 3GBs end, the speeds reduce to 2G until the end of the monthly plan cycle
  • For $50 per month:  – Unlimited data, talk time and text  – Eight gigs for hotspot
  • For $60/Month you get:  – Boost unlimited data, talk time and texts plus free HD streaming  -20 Gigs for hotspot

For More Than One Lines

  • For The $35/Month Plan every other line added to the family is paid $30 instead of $35. In this case, The primary account holder will be required to pay $60 for two lines, $90 for three lines, $120 for four lines and 150 for five lines.
  • In the second plan of $50 per month, the primary account holder will pay $80 for two lines, $110 for three lines, $140 for four lines and pay $170 for five lines.
  • For the $60/ month plan, two lines will cost $100; three go for $140, four cost $180 while five lines cost a total of $220.

The family plans give you a discount for every additional line you add to become part of the family. For example, as illustrated above, for the $35/Month deal, you are given a $10 discount off the second line and a $5 discount on any other additional line.

If you add a total of 5 lines into the family, you end up making a saving of $25 on discounts. Undoubtedly, that’s a great deal that makes Boost mobile family plans the best. They are very cost effective and provide you with all the services you ever need in your mobile family plan. Some Important Things To Note About The Boost Mobile Family Plans

  • The primary line is considered to be the first line to be registered on the family plan.
  • All the subsequent lines(2-5) are regarded as secondary lines.
  • The primary line holder bears the responsibility of making the monthly payments of all the other lines in the family plan.
  • If you are an existing customer and you have already paid your monthly charges on your single line, if you want to join a family, it is advisable to wait for the current cycle to end since you will not benefit from your paid funds in the family plan.
  • If the primary line holder leaves the family, the monthly cycles of the remaining secondary line holders remain uninterrupted until the period ends. A secondary line holder can decide to become the primary line holder or choose to leave the family for a single line plan.
  • Nobody can add you to a family plan without your consent. You have to approve before anyone adds you to their family plan.
  • If the primary line holder changes his/her plan, the family plan becomes dissolved at the end of the month.

Final Observation

This article has given you a well-detailed explanation on Boost Mobile family plans. It has given you more profound insights on why Boost mobile family plans are the best solution to wireless consumers. Boost company has dedicated itself to ensuring that they continue serving their customers with affordable and reliable plans and the family plans are the best deals ever.

New users are also presented with the amazing offer of getting a new smartphone just by porting their lines to join this amazing mobile carrier. It is undoubtedly a clear sign that Boost Mobile knows the best ways of attracting new customers while still maintaining the loyalty of the current ones.

The Boost mobile family plans are great in many ways. They neither have annual service nor taxes or fees included. The users also get to enjoy unlimited music streaming as well as mobile hotspots. The plans grant the subscribers unlimited data, talk time and texts. Its nationwide coverage ensures that users can enjoy the services wherever they are located in the country.  Without any notion of doubt, the Boost mobile family plans are the best deals for any mobile user who wants an affordable, fast and reliable mobile plan.