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Verizon internet for low income families

Information technology does not work without internet connectivity and, without wireless internet, smart technology is unthinkable. The problem is affordability.  Not everyone has the means to provide this service that most of us take for granted. Verizon wireless, the world’s largest internet and telecommunications company, has taken steps to assist those unable to afford regular service. Verizon, through a government program called Lifeline has created a multitude of offers such as Verizon internet for low income families.

U.S. residents who fall below the governments accepted standard of income are eligible for Lifeline discount from Verizon. Lifeline is a government assistance program that helps customers get discounted home phone service and broadband internet. Verizon handles the offer via the Verizon Fios internet service. Outside of Verizon internet, there are several low income internet service providers such as Access from AT&T, Internet Essentials, Cox low income internet, and Spectrum internet assist. However, Verizon internet is the main focus of this article simply because the Verizon is the most powerful and  most internet service provider on the market.

Verizon internet for low income families

Verizon internet for low income families

After getting lots of positive feedback from the Verizon wireless free government phone program, the world’s biggest telecommunications company took action to share high-speed broadband internet service with low income families. The Universal service fund (USF) is an affordable right hand of Verizon. Verizon wireless, as we’ve mentioned before, is superior to other low income internet service providers. You might at this point be asking how or why is it better? Through research and personal experience, we’ll share the facts as to why this is true.

History of Verizon Internet Low Income Service

Unlike most other internet service providers, you are required to fulfill some basic requirements before you enroll in Verizon’s internet service. This eligibility criteria has undergone some transformation in recent days with small changes introduced in the terms and conditions. We will first look into the services offered by Verizon and then weigh both the pros and cons of Verizon’s internet service before giving our final verdict on the matter. Instead of clearly stating the advantages, a comprehensive review will be provided about the service offered.

In order to qualify for Verizon internet service, a household must be located in a region where Verizon gives access to its services. Furthermore, it was previously ruled that the families that used the Verizon free internet service must have a child who receives a lunch through the National School Lunch program. This proved to be a little harsh for families that lacked a child and the plan was later revised. The revised scheme allowed families without a child to also get enrolled in the company’s free Internet services. People who supported the poor stood for the cause and persuaded the Verizon executives and decision makers to make better decisions in the future.

Along with the other two requirements, Verizon also put a restriction on families who did not have a subscription to a low cost internet service. Thus, people who were already using some Internet service were not eligible to apply. Restrictions were imposed on the families who had unreturned Verizon equipment. Verizon, after putting the amendments in place, decided to allow the elderly in a household to have access to the Internet. The computers are supposed to be preinstalled with the Windows 7 operating system and should have Norton security installed in their system. 

Subscription to Verizon’s low income Internet Service 

For families to subscribe to Verizon’s free low income internet service, an application form concerning personal details is required to be filled out initially. The entire application form contains vital information about the family’s income and other information related to the internet subscription. The application form is then to be sent for review at Verizon headquarters where all personal details will be thoroughly checked and verified. This is an important step in the overall subscription process as many families may take advantage of this scheme to enjoy cheap, high speed internet. Families are then sent an approval email that informs them about the status of their application. Applications will be rejected if any mismatch is found between the information provided in the application form and the actual documents.  

Families can also be provided with a contact number that would connect them to a representative in Verizon who will initiate the registration process. Enrollment can be granted at the onset of every school year. The final stage of the verification includes a third party agent calling on the family to check whether they indeed have a child who receives free lunch. Overall, the entire registration detail is conducted by highly secured machines that do not allow any data to be leaked to the outside world.

Requirement for the Verizon Wireless Lifeline Program Participation

Hopefully, you understand that a few requirements needed to get the discount from several internet providers. Here are a few requirements for Verizon internet for low income families. You must qualify based on one or more of the programs on the list. If you or your family members are included in any of the programs below, then you can apply for the discount.

    • Medical
    • Supplemental security income SSI
    • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food Stamps)
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • Federal Veterans pension
  • Eligibility based on income

Verizon Wireless Low Income Internet Plans and Speeds

Currently, Verizon offers two kinds of broadband internet and voice calls offers. If you’re applying for the low income discount offer, you can subscribe 10Mbps and download limited 250GB at $9.25 per month. Voice calls on a wireless phone at 750 minutes is the same price. These deals are current through 2024.

Compare with top three low income internet provider

Verizon internet for low income familiesAccess from AT&T
Nowadays AT&T has become the premier low income internet service outside of Verizon and is starting to provide AT&T high-speed internet for low income US customers. Anyone who qualifies as a low income customer can use AT&T broadband internet by paying a monthly premium of just $5. Before making deals with the AT&T low income internet, you should understand AT&T’s internet speed. To get further information, check out our article on AT&T internet speed reviews. If you subscribe to the $5 monthly package, you will get 3Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds. Continually, if you subscribe to the $10 monthly package, you will get 10Mbps download and 3Mbps uploading speed

Internet Essentials
Internet Essential is an internet program which works with the biggest low-income internet service, Comcast. You can get internet service with Internet Essential for only $9.95/month.  Compared to the $40 to $60 monthly fee the company charges for its standard plans, this is a great value if you stay in the areas which are served by Comcast. Besides the low price, you will enjoy a superb 10 Mbps download speed. On top of these great savings, qualified families will also be able of buying a computer for just $150. Also, there are no activation fees and no additional fees required for this internet service. You can also purchase the world-renowned Norton Security for only $160.

Cox – Communications
If your the above mentioned solutions just won’t work for you, Cox communications may provide a better fit for high speed internet service. Currently cox communications provides 5Mbps high speed internet for low income households. This is more than adequate for streaming videos, online games, internet browsing etc. But one thing keep in mind is that Cox communications allows only one single internet connection for every household. If you are a low income family and try to use multiple low income internet connections, cox communications will disqualify you.

Terms And Condition For Verizon Lifeline Program

In a life where internet is a necessity, not everyone is financially capable of affording high-speed internet. With a desire to solve this matter, Verizon has decided to provide high speed internet for low income families. As is the case with purchasing any low income internet, terms and condition are the main focal point. To quickly recap terms and conditions, let’s talk specifically about Lifeline. Lifeline is a government supported program which provides discounts to only qualified low income customers. If you are capable of qualifying for the Lifeline discount, then you will be able to get a lower rate on your Verizon monthly bill. Lifeline is a non-transmitted discount service. Only one Lifeline discount will be granted for per family. One family is not allowed to get different Lifeline discounts from different internet providers. Verizon offers different Lifeline plans for home phone service and/or broadband internet service. The discount plan for the broadband is restricted to Fios internet service with a speed of max 10 Mbps or can go above as per connection speed.  

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