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Best Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone Program

Verizon internet for low income family

The U.S. government has recently introduced a program that will help low-income families own cell phones. This program, Verizon Wireless Free Government Phones, has enabled people earning low income to call and text their friends and loved ones at any time. More so, this program is critical as it provides low-income families the ability to contact someone in an emergency situation.

In the current century, being without a phone can be disastrous in an emergency situation . For this reason, the U.S. government saw it necessary to start the Lifeline Verizon wireless program that can accommodate the people who cannot afford to own a phone.

The U.S. government has authorized Phone companies to offer free cell phones for low-income generating people. Therefore, individuals who are financially disadvantaged are now able to own a cell phone and live a better life.

If you feel that you cannot afford a mobile phone or you are not able to pay for a cell phone plan, this government back Verizon Lifeline program will be of great help to you. The Lifeline program provides  Verizon wireless free phones to qualified low-income individuals, as well as those living in tribal lands. Therefore, the Lifeline federal program gives discounts to qualified customers monthly on their Verizon wireless bills.

Participate with free government phone if you have low income

Low income is the main point of eligibility to this program. The Universal Service Fund (USF) initially defined “low income” as the following: Must be a U.S. Citizen and participate in any single kind of following assistance programs such as Food Stamps, SSI, Home energy assistance program, Medicaid, etc… After a few years, USF included more assistance programs such as: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Food Distribution programs.  All of these assistance programs can make one eligible for a free government cell phone through Verizon. The service provides you 250 minutes and 250 texts every month. Verizon also provides different kinds of service plans but user must pay fees for customized plans.

Lifeline Wireless Phone Service Program

Verizon internet for low income family

Customers can also access the best free government cell phones style=”font-weight: 400;”> by participating in Lifeline Program. Lifeline is a federal program which provides a monthly commission of Verizon internet for low income families. Customers can save minimum $9.25 per month on their Verizon Wireless monthly bill by becoming eligible for the Lifeline discount. The Tribal Link Up co-operation offers suitable Tribal Land subscribers a discount of 100% in one-time customary activation fees if someone is a member of Lifeline Program. However, it’s important to note that this program is restricted for one time use per home address.

Verizon Wireless is the biggest telecommunication company in the U.S. and it has a government approval to offer Lifeline-supported services in some states of the United States such as North Dakota, New York, Wisconsin and Iowa. The Lifeline Program is not applicable to all areas of these states, only for some parts, as there are some conditions in this program. Only qualified customers will be enlisted for this Lifeline Program and the program is restricted to one discount for per family. 

Unfortunately there are a few drawbacks of this program. Only one member per household can be eligible  for a Lifeline discount. A family is not allowed to take different Lifeline benefits at the same time. For example, if a customer accesses a Lifeline discount for his wireless service, he is not allowed to access this discount for his home phone service. If a customer breaks the rule of one discount per household, they iare sure to find themselves de-enrolled. Remember, Lifeline is a non-transferable benefit. So, the subscribers are not allowed to transfer their benefit to another customer.

Lifeline candidates have to show two forms of identification and have to certify according to the punishment of perjury that they take part in an Lifeline-eligible program . Clients who provide a false information to claim the benefit can be punished by disbarment from the program or legal action.

A Lifeline client’s present address has to be in an area where Verizon is permitted to provide the Lifeline Program.