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Setup Hotspot on LG U Smartphone; Here I am ready to discuss the hotspot setup tips for LG U cell phone. I think you know that what is the hotspot? If you don’t know this don’t worry I will tell in brief. Usually, we use a cellular data internet for share our opinion on facebook, Twitter etc. social media. Not only the sharing but also we can know something on the internet which we need. The internet service is not small it is the worldwide based. Nowadays we find a lot of information on the internet like environment news, sports news, and political news etc. and a lot of information. Okay, now I am going to the topic. Our topic is hotspot setup guideline on the LG U phone. if we use a cellular data net we cannot share this  connection with others or cannot share with our other device like the laptop, iPhone etc. device. But it is so graceful news for you the Wi-Fi or hotspot connection has the ability to share your internet connection with another phone. You are able to share at least five devices if you use a hotspot internet. I think you will not miss the chance. So, friends don’t late try to make a hotspot on your dear LG U cell phone.

Setup Hotspot on LG U Smartphone

Setup Hotspot on LG U Smartphone
Setup Hotspot on LG U Smartphone

Turn on portable wifi hotspot in LG U mobile

Step – 1: Tap the Home screen.

Step – 2: Tap settings and click in wireless & network.

Step – 3: Tap the Tethering & portable hotspot. Tap on portable wifi hotspot Settings.

Setup portable wifi hotspot on LG U
Setup portable wifi hotspot on LG U

Step  4: If you needed to configure wifi hotspot. So, type a network SSID and select security. If you thing you need password so, type a password and tap on save.

Share your phone data connection as portable wifi hotspots.

Setup portable wifi hotspot on LG U
Setup portable wifi hotspot on LG U

Step – 5: Tap the settings and click on Wireless & networks. Tethering & portable hotspot.

Step – 6: Now mark portable wifi hotspot checkbox. The phone starts portable hotspot.

Now you can enjoy up to eight wifi device in the personal hotspot.

Note: For more benefited from the service you should purses unlimited data plan.

The work is done, Now you can use portable wifi hotspot with joyfully.

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