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Qlink Wireless Phone Replacement- Complete Guide

Qlink Wireless Phone Replacement

Lifeline is a government sponsored free benefit program. Qlink Wireless is a provider of this program, giving users a free cellphone, with free calls and texting every month. A QLink wireless phone comes in the form of a smartphone and is given to users free of charge, provided that they are under the Lifeline program, and are deemed eligible to take advantage of it. The models may vary depending on their availability. However, the moment you sign up for a free phone, you will be provided with a basic phone, with a model that depends on what is available.

However, you are not limited to keeping the original basic phone given to you, as you also have the option to upgrade it to the latest model of smartphones. These phones may come from big names such as Blackberry, LG, Samsung, Kyocera and more. For upgrades, there is a need to pay a small upgrade fee in order to change your phone.

QLink Wiress offers users a free smartphone which includes free calls, unlimited texting and free data through the government program called Lifeline. Under this free government smartphones program, there are no credit checks required, no bills to be paid, and no fees involved, and signup is also easy and fast. QLink Wireless has the capacity to offer free, as well as discounted services to users because they are considered as an approved provider under the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program. This program allows individuals receiving low-income, most likely not able to afford their own mobile phone to have one at a very affordable rate, making sure that they are provided with basic communication services, allowing them to live productively and safely as like as verizon internet for low income families. This program is being funded through collective fees constructing the Universal Service Fund (USF).

Qlink Replacement Phone Guideline

Qlink Wireless Phone Replacement

QLink Wireless offers these free cellphones as well as Lifeline service to all eligible citizens of the USA who are actively and currently enrolled under a government benefit program. They may also include those who meet a certain criteria for income within their state. You may be able to qualify for this program if you participate in Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Survivors Pension Program, Veteran’s Pension, as well as Section 8. Take note that the specific eligibilities may vary depending on the state. The services under the Lifeline program is only limited to one account for every household. At the same time, individuals should not be under any Lifeline, or Link-Up subscription. Under this program, there are three options on plans. This includes 250 monthly minutes, 125 monthly minutes, as well as 68 monthly minutes. You may also be able to purchase additional talk minutes from $10 to $60. Aside from minutes, there are also other benefits that you can take advantage of, including services such as local calling, nationwide long distance, domestic text messaging, voice mail, free domestic roaming, call waiting, caller ID, free 911, 411 Directory Assistance, as well as carryover minutes depending on your plan.

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Top 5 QLink Wireless Phones

One thing that needs to be understood at this point is that the availability of models highly depend on what is available at the time of sign-up or replacement. For new users, a basic phone will be given for free, while smartphones are available for upgrade replacements. However, there were some models that were given in the past, and were considered as good phones.

QLink’s ZTE Legacy

The Legacy (N817) model from ZTE come with a processor speed of 1.2 GHz, along with 510 MB of RAM. This means that it is enough to give you the basic necessities and features of a smartphone. For display, it uses the TFT color technology, allowing you to view good quality photos using this phone. In terms of design, it offers a classic look, which means that it does not have all the complexities of more advanced models of smartphones. You can also add apps, though the storage may not allow you to have a lot.  As such, this is what you really need for basic communication purposes.

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Alcatel OneTouch Elevate

Alcatel is another brand that is known to create quality, yet highly affordable phones. The OneTouch Elevate model is an Android 5.1 Lollipop smartphone that comes with a 4.5 inch FWVGA display, as well as 4G LTE connectivity. As such, this is one of the more advanced smartphones offered by QLink. Photos may be captured either by using the 5MP rear-facing camera, or its 2MP front-facing camera. One of the positive aspects of this phone is that it is very lightweight, allowing you to conveniently use it whenever you want to. You may have to expect, however, that it only has 1 GB RAM, which means that you may not be able to pack it with a lot of apps.

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Blackberry Curve 8330

The Blackberry Curve 8330 boasts of good quality, as well as reliable messaging capabilities. As a smartphone, it offers features such as Bluetooth technology, EV-DO support, as well as a 2MO camera that includes video recording. As it is a model under the famous Blackberry bran, you can also expect the best mobile e-mail option available, with its capacity to deliver push e-mails. Among the voice features that you can expect out of this model include voice dialing, speakerphone, voice command, conference calling, multimedia and text messaging, as well as call audio enhancement, allowing you to improve the treble or bass of sound.

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HTC Desire 626

Another model offered by QLink Wireless is HTC Desire 626. In terms of style and appearance, this smartphone comes with an attractive design, with a strong call quality. Among its hardware features include a mediocre 8-MP rear camera, as well as a lower performing processor. Among its greatest strength includes its different color choices. You will certainly love its sharp, big screen display, customizable interface, and of course, colorful design. You may find some challenges in using the camera, and it is also reported to have a poor battery life. But this phone will give you enough features for communication.

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Kyocera HydroEdge

Kyocera also offers one of their phones to users from QLink Wireless. Kyocera is known for creating handsets that are designed to stand up to common wear and tear. The Hydro Edge smartphone comes with a normal look. This phone is water resistant, and are generally bulky, or fitted with port covers in order to ensure that water is kept out of sensitive areas. Its black plate has to be locked in order to protect its battery, though its headphone jack and Micro USB require no protection. As suggested by its “Hydro” name, the manufacturer claims that this phone can be submerged in water up to 3.28 feet for 3o minutes. This model also runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, allowing you to add a number of apps easily.

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How to Qlink Wireless Phone Replacement

Qlink Wireless Phone Replacement

There are different possible reasons why you may need to replace your QLink phone. If you are planning to replace your phone, you can take note of these following things.

Why Get Your Phone Replaced

You may want to replace your phone if the one that you have was lost, stolen or broken. You may also do so if you are dealing with problems with the phone charger, and this accessory will be replaced at no extra cost. You may also consider an upgrade, especially if you notice newer model of phones available to take advantage of. Regardless of the reasons, your goal is to have a different phone that will replace the one that you currently have.

Aside from replacement due to your phone being lost or stolen, you may also be able to replace your phone in the form of an upgrade. As mentioned, upon signing up with QLink Wireless, you will be receiving a basic phone. If you do not like the features of this phone, and are capable of upgrading to a newer, and more advanced model, you can do so. The models will still be depending on availability of phone models, and there may also be a replacement fee that you need to pay, depending on the model that you choose.

When doing so, it is best to contact QLink right away so that you can also take advantage of potential bonuses and freebies. From time to time, the company presents some limited offer, such as allowing those who upgrade to enjoy bonus minutes for free. The availability of a certain model is not guaranteed, as it is dependent on what is available at the time of upgrade. You may want to follow their social media accounts for the latest updates, as well as the company’s official website for further details. For a replacement transaction for upgrade, a replacement fee of $25 is included. This is because you are shifting to a newer, and potentially more advanced model than the basic phone you got for free.

How to Get Your QLink Phone Replaced?  

If your phone is lost or stolen, it is very important to contact Lifeline immediately so that the device will be reported as such. If it is stolen or lost, it is important to understand that as the owner, it is still your responsibility to pay for all the charges incurred from your phone number until you report it to Lifeline. After reporting, the service on the device will then be suspended to prevent further use. This is done free of charge. There is also a replacement fee that you need to pay, but it is at a reasonable replacement fee of $20.

The replacement phone will be shipped in just about 24 business hours upon the receipt of payment. After repotting loss or theft, you are also responsible to comply with other obligations, including, payment of monthly service fees whenever applicable. Just like the process involved in getting a new phone, the model of phone that you will get as replacement for lost or stolen phone depends on what is available. If you do not want to get model with advanced features, you can expect to get a basic phone.

However, if the replacement is for an upgrade, the model in which you will be upgrading into will also depend on what is available. However, you may want to check on QLink’s official website in order to have an idea of the models which were previously given to customers for their replacement. The services that you had before will also be continued, unless you also want to upgrade them. If you decide to do so, you may need to pay more as part of the plan and package upgrade. However, this can mean more services to be availed of.


As we live in a world wherein communication has become a “need” rather than a simple “want”, having a device that will allow you to be in contact with your family and other people around you is very important. However, this may not easily be availed of by individuals who may be having some difficulties in life, whether it has something to do with the fact that their income do not allow them to freely choose what they want. By availing of Lifeline services, you can get your own QLink Wireless phone for free.

This is a government sponsored initiative with the goal of giving people the liberty to enjoy modern methods of communication at no cost. Upon registration and approval, you can expect to get a basic phone that will give you the basic services every month. You also have the option to upgrade your phone, and/or plan at an additional discounted price. With services provided by QLink, you will no longer have to worry about potential emergency situations that may arise, as you now have a tool to communicate effectively. All of these can be availed of, provided that you qualify for the program. You may also visit the official website of QLink Wireless and learn more about this initiative.


QLink Wireless Phone Upgrade

One last item to cover is the phone upgrade process with QLink Wireless.  Obviously, being able to replace your phone in the event it is lost or stolen is incredibly important.  However, it’s also important to know how/when you can upgrade your phone if you keep tabs on it.  With QLink, the good news is that upgrades are possible, but limited in nature.  Since QLink doesn’t offer many options to start with, they also don’t provide many options on upgrade.

Currently, existing customers looking to upgrade are eligible to do so only up to the most recent model, the Android ZTE N818S.  While the lack of selection may be disheartening, QLink has attached a special offer for upgrading customers in the form of a $50 discount and an additional $25 talk/text plan.  Meaning you get a new phone for only $25 as well as additional texts and minutes as an added bonus.  For more info, click here for additional details about phone upgrades with QLink.