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KeepGo vs Skyroam – Compare The Both Hotspots

KeepGo vs Skyroam

Internet is the only way to reduce the biggest world and keep in your hands. When you much busy with your TO-DO list and you have to find out few extra moments for your families. High-speed broadband connection is not essential to this right time? Yes, it was last few years ago and nowadays people are not happy with the cable internet service. They are going to pick up those devices for their lifestyle which will present them high-speed internet connections without facings any problems like cable internet.

You may be like to hear what is the best ways, yes the right solution is a hotspot device. A small hotspot device is able to provide internet connection for your all wifi enabled devices. I am going to share with you two hotspot devices and compare the best one for yourself. This is the best time to compare KeepGo vs Skyroam

KeepGo vs Skyroam

KeepGo vs Skyroam


KeepGo is one of the recent mobile broadband service providers among a tuft of mobile hotspots which offers an international sim choice for international travelers. The company was established in 2009 and headquarter is in Ramat Gan, Israel. Its brand is submitted in Australia, United States, Japan, Russia and Netherlands. The company was earlier called iPhone Trip. KeepGo delivers two type of option for worldwide customers. The first one is a data SIM card for active phones and the other one is a mobile wifi hotspot. Both of the services maintain coverage in 64 countries in the Europe, Asia, and Americas. Yet the data revenue doesn’t over for an entire year. Furthermore, they will launch the SIM card or hotspot to 30+ countries free in entire of the world.

Thing to realize that this is a data only SIM card and you will require an unlocked phone to use it. The SIM card performs well in case of calling home on Skype. But it won’t provide you a number if you wish to make calls to one of your friend as it is a data-only SIM card. The SIM setup is quite easier. There is a SIM card bearer like a shape of credit card and an ordinary user’s guideline included in the SIM package. There are also some extra accessories like as few adapters and empty slots with a view to use in phones. Installation of the SIM is quite easy. First, you have to dig into the phone settings to originate an APN which means Access Point Name. Basically, you must need to generate a way with your phone by which you can connect with KeepGo cell network where you want to access. The APN creation is simply very easy and for this KeepGo included a brief instruction in the user’s guide.

The Keepgo hotspot is like a shape of a mobile phone. After powered on, you can connect to it like a wifi hotspot in your home, office or coffee shop. You can also take it with you wherever you want to go. It is an indicating thing that if you don’t have an unlocked phone then you can use it as mobile hotspot. The hotspot contains a few things by which you can use it easily. It includes a power button, a few lights for some information, a charging plug for using micro USB and a sticker which shows the hotspot SSID and password that you’ll need to connect with the device. You will get 3-6 hours power active of the hotspot. The charging cable and plugs for Europe And North America is added to the package. But you can use any charger and micro USB cable for it.

KeepGo vs Skyroam


Skyroam is a global wifi hotspot which stays you connected all over the world without giving worry of roaming fees and connection security. If you read the below description, you will realize that Skyroam is quite different from all of the hotspot device. The hotspot provides a coverage of 100+ countries of the world especially in the western part of the EU, Russia, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and recently added some Caribbean countries. But it covers most of the place of the United States. There is a slight difference between KeepGo and Skyroam. KeepGo needed a SIM card but there is no SIM card included in Skyroam. Skyroam provides unlimited data hotspot for the worldwide user at just $8 per day. It offers 4G LTE network but once you completed 500 MB in 4G, the hotspot will automatically force you to get down in 2.5G.

For using the hotspot, first push on the power button on the side of 1.5-inch color LCD screen and power will automatically on. There are four simple buttons included in the hotspot – up, down, home and ok. The first thing you will see when the hotspot is on, the home screen indicates your wifi, connectivity and battery options. Press the home button and it will show you wifi network name and its password. Choose the start option then it will notify you to activate a day pass to start the service of 24 hours. The battery life is quite a lot reliable than the other hotspot. Battery life normally performs 3-4 hours in 4G LTE without any hesitation.

Final Verdict

As per above description, both of the hotspots performs pretty well in all network. The hotspots provide best feedback position as per customers choice. Now it’s your turn to choose the right option. I think you will surely choose the best option that performs well both in battery and network