The 5 Best Safelink Compatible Phones 2018

Best Safelink Compatible Phones

Behind AT&T and Verizon, the world’s biggest wireless provider is Safelink Communications. There are a bunch of wireless internet providers like Verizon that provide only broadband internet and/or wireless internet data connectivity. However, Safelink, along with providing both broadband and wireless, include free phones and voice call minutes. Let’s take a look at what phones are compatible with Safelink.

We’ve taken the time, done the research, and put together what we believe to be the best 5 Safelink compatible phones on the market in 2018. What have we taken into consideration when finding these Safelink wireless phone models? Our criteria is very simple: functionality, accessibility, and ease of use. 

5 Best Safelink Compatible Phones 2018

Best Safelink Compatible Phones

iPhone 6 LTE

Apple iPhone is easily the most easily recognizable brand in the world. If you have a the budget, the iPhone 6 LTE is the way to go. Safelink currently offer iPhone 6 at $399.00 and you can get a discount from your nearest Safelink store. You can enjoy Safelink iPhone 6 with Verizon network. As an added bonus, now Safelink compatible smartphones are being can be operated on  Verizon, t-Mobile or AT&T networks.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 LTE

If you’re an Android lover, then the Samsung Galaxy J5 LTE is our first choice for you. The Samsung Galaxy J5 LTE is a Safelink compatible phone and they offer you the ability to subscribe at $179.00. This phone and plan are incredibly budget friendly and can be taken advantage of by all members of society. To learn more, check out the Safelink shop.

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The HTC one M9 LTE is the most user-friendly smartphone on our list. Nowadays Safelink wireless offers the smartphone for all kinds of networks subscriber. The HTC One M9 LTE can be purchased from the  Safelink store for $229.00.

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Alcatel ideal LTE

Safelink specializes in helping those on a budget.  That’s why the Alcatel ideal LTE made our list. It offers the basic functionality of all the other phones on the list without the big price tag.  Of course the biggest drawback here is that the phone doesn’t have some of the “bells and whistles” that something like the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 6 might have. However, if getting an entry level smartphone is your goal, you can’t go wrong with this Safelink compatible smartphone at the low cost of just $39.00

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LG Google Nexus

Last, but not least, is the Google Nexus from LG. LG is an established brand with a great track record and this phone shows it.  The Nexus gives you much of the functionality you would get with a more expensive phone, but for half the price. You can buy this smartphone at $99.00 on Amazon today.  

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These are our choices for the 5 best Safelink compatible phones for 2018.  All smartphones support Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile network.

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