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How To Stream To Multiple Platforms At The Same Time

How To Stream To Multiple Platforms At The Same Time

If you are a YouTube sensation or a TikTok creator, you want to share your videos across as many platforms as possible to build an audience. This is called multistreaming – you upload the video you want to share to a streaming software, and that device will send it out to every live streaming site – such as YouTube or Facebook Live – you desire. So, how do you accomplish this?

Purchase Streaming Devices

There are multiple ways you can stream to multiple platforms.

You can purchase your streaming software from popular companies like Wowza Media Systems or Dacast. However, if you’re trying to stream to more than two or three platforms, a live streaming software like Streaming Hardware may not cut it. In this situation, purchasing hardware such as URayCoder and the Teradek Cube 605 Professional Broadcast H.264 Video Encoder is a great choice.

Secondly, there are streaming companies that allow you to download live streaming software for free, but users beware.

Lastly, cloud streaming services are one of the more popular social media streaming choices. Places like Switchboard Live can take your uploaded videos and broadcast them to any platform.

Create Your Content

Create Your Content

Plan your streaming strategy. Make sure you know which platforms are best for the topics you’ll be streaming about and be sure you’re addressing the topics you’re advertising.

Use the live production graphics and tools to your benefit to create ways to add business brands, sponsor logos, and helpful snippets to your shows to give your audience more.

Keep your viewers safe

Make sure your streaming videos are secure and private. Your customer’s privacy should always be maintained.

Multistreamingisn’t necessarily only used to spread videos quickly and abroad, it can also be used when attending virtual events and meetings. Keeping this information safe and protected is vital.

Reach Out

There’s a better way to promote yourself and your brand than by reaching as many followers as possible. Set up your videos to be flexible to every platform. Just because it looks good in a TikTok clip won’t necessarily mean it will look good in a full-length youtube video. Consider making a webpage where every video can come together into one location, offering replays, product information, questions and answers for your viewers, etc.

Having the ability to multistream gives you a way to reach out to audiences you’ve never been able to connect with before. Using these programs can help you localize yourself so that your content is easy to find.


Streaming to multiple platforms at one time can be a great way to widen your range of viewers, and with all of the programs and devices available, there’s something for every type of video content creator.