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How to Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot on T-mobile G2x

Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot on T-mobile G2x

When you need to use portable wifi hotspot into your mobile then you can follow an article and make a wifi hotspot easily like yourself. We know that day by day increased the whole world even developed internet technology. The same orientation is wifi hotspot that is make internet with your computer of the mobile without cable or internet modem. However, The T mobile G2x is a part of best t mobile cell phones, in the below that I started to talk about hotspot there is a t mobile g2x model. Under you can see t mobile g2x review for understand easily.

Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot on T-mobile G2x
Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot on T-mobile G2x

NETWORK: There has network HSPA/GSM with high speed packet access network that is speed highest 21.10Mbps and lowest 5.70Mbps.

DISPLAY: The display resolution 480×800 pixel. On the other hand there liquid crystal display is capacitive touch screen even display size 4 inches.

PLATFORM: The mobile is published by android operating systems OS 2.2 Foryo upgrade version is 2.3. Central processing unite that is called by (CPU) dual core 1GHz cortext A9.

MEMORY: There has microSD memory card up to 32GB otherwise internal memory is 8GB and RAM has 512Mega byte.

WLAN: That is wireless local area network called by (WLAN). After the below we able to view how to setup portable wifi hotspot, there wifi hotspot 802.11b/g/n.

BATTERY: There has battery lilon 1500 mAh as a result talk time up to 7 hours 30 minute.

However, there we had knew what is condition of the mobile now we will know how to setup portable wifi hotspot in the mobile. Otherwise, if the mobile view a more problem then you can follow a link for hard reset a mobile and start anew. So visit a link for know how to hard reset you’re mobile.

Steps for Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot in T-mobile G2x

To use mobile hotspot and confiner hotspot over Wifi you should follow these steps below.

  1. Tap the T-mobile G2x Home Screen and tap the Menu Key.
  2. Now tap on android systems Settings;
  3. Now see Wireless and Networks; tap more to expand the menu.
  4. Tap the Mobile HotSpot where you find it.
  5. Tap the Mobile Hotspot Settings.
  6. Tap the Mobile Hotspot Configure
  7. Update the settings below;
Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot
Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot
  1. Tap to Save When done.

Turn off and Turn on mobile hotspot

Now I will be showing how to use mobile hotspot

Turn On

  1. Tap the Home screen T-mobile G2x
  2. Tap System settings; then
  3. Wireless and Networks, Tap the menu more to expand.
  4. Tap Mobile Hotspot
  5. Tap to OK
  6. Tap Ok to confirm
  7. The mobile Hotspot check box shows selected see my images belows
Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot
Setup Portable Wifi Hotspot

Turn off

Now I am talking about how to turn off personal wifi hotspot.

  1. Tap on Home screen from T-mobile G2x
  2. Tap System Settings;
  3. Under Wireles and Networks tap more to expand the menu.
  4. Tap Mobile Hotspot
  5. Clear the Mobile hotspot check box.

All the work has done, Now you can use portable wifi hotspot with joyfully.