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The government of the U.S of America has introduced a program that will help low-income families to own cell phones. This program, Verizon Wireless Free Government Phones, has enabled people earning low income to call and text their loved ones at any time. More so, this program is critical as it is a very crucial way of contacting your doctor in case of medical emergencies.

In the current century, being without a phone is disadvantageous because there might be emergencies and you fail to get or provide help in time. For this reason, the U.S government saw it necessary to start the Lifeline Verizon wireless program that can accommodate the people who cannot afford to own a phone.

The government of U.S has authorized Phone companies to offer free cell phones for low-income generating people. Therefore, individuals who are financially disadvantaged people are now able to own a cell phone and live a better life.

If you feel that you cannot afford a mobile phone or you are not able to pay for a cell phone plan, the Verizon wireless plan that is backed by the government will be of great help to you. The Lifeline program that is supported by the government thus provides phones to qualified low-income individuals as well as those living in tribal lands. Therefore, the Lifeline federal program discounts qualified customers monthly on the Verizon wireless bills.

Participate with free government phone if you have low income

Low income is the main point to eligible to this program. The Universal Service Fund USF fined the people who have low income and obviously he/she is USA citizen. They also participate in any single kind of following assistance programs. Like as; Food Stamps, SSI, Federal Public, Low-income, Home energy assistance program and Medicaid. The following assistance will eligible to the free government phone. After a few years, USF included more assistance programs Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Food Distribution programs. The all of the assistance programs can make the free government phone call without pay any fees. The service provides you 250 minutes phone call and 250 texts every month. The service only provides Verizon Wireless USA. Verizon also provides deference kind of call plans but user need must pay fees for the customization plans.

Lifeline Wireless Phone Service Program

Verizon internet for low income family

Customers can also avail best free government cell phone by participating in Lifeline Program. Lifeline is a federal program which provides a monthly commission of Verizon internet for low income families. Customers can save minimum $9.25 per month on Verizon Wireless monthly bill by becoming capable for the Lifeline discount. The Tribal Link Up co-operation offers suitable Tribal Land subscribers a discount of 100% in one-time customary activation fee if someone is a portion of Lifeline Program. And remind that this program is restricted for one time in per home address. Verizon Wireless is the biggest telecommunication company and it has an approval to offer Lifeline-supported services in some states of the United States like as North Dakota, New York, Wisconsin and Iowa. Lifeline Program is not applicable to all areas of these states, only for some parts. There are some conditions in this program. Only qualified customers will be enlisted for this Lifeline Program and the program is restricted to one discount for per family. If you read the below description, I think there will be no hesitation to understand about this Lifeline program.

If you ask me is there any restriction for purchasing this program, then I will say yes there are some restrictions. One household can avail one Lifeline discount. A family is not allowed to take different Lifeline benefits from the providers. I will explain it if you don’t understand this point. As an example, if a customer avails a Lifeline discount for his wireless service he is not allowed to avail this discount for his home phone service. If a customer breaks the rule of one discount per household, he is sure to be enlisted in the subscriber’s de-enrollment program. Remind that Lifeline is a non-transferable benefit. So, the subscribers are not allowed to transfer his benefit to another customer.

Lifeline candidates have to show two evidence of identification and it has to certify according to the punishment of perjury by which they can take part in an eligible program. Clients who will provide a fake presentation with a view to getting the benefit can be punished by penalty or judgment or even can be banned from the program.

A Lifeline clients present address have to be in an area where Verizon is permitted to provide Lifeline Program. The supports of Lifeline can’t be appealed hugely.

Verizon Wireless free government phone “Verizon Home Phone Connect”
Verizon Wireless free government phone

1. Verizon Home Phone Connect

Nowadays; Verizon Wireless provides a Home phone connect the device to get the free government call from the USA. Anyone can able to buy the free government cell device from Amazon at low price $13 only. The Verizon Wireless home connect device already get 42 Best reviews from USA Customer. Here you can check out the 5/5 reviews about Wireless home phone. There is one more good site of the phone is Verizon Home Phone Connect moistened on the well easily. The device you can set on any place on your home.

2. Access Wireless

If you are eligible for the Lifeline federal program, the Access Wireless assistance provider can be of great assistance to you. This is because you can get a free phone and up to 750 talk-time minutes every month. More so, you will be provided with unlimited texts as well as 200MB data. With these offerings, you can go through the month without having to worry about airtime or data.

People who qualify for the Access Wireless free phone units are mostly from Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi, Nevada, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Connecticut, California, Columbia, Missouri, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South California, and Virginia.

Therefore, if you happen to reside in any of the above states, and you qualify for the Lifeline program, you will get a free phone and free minutes. People living in California get up to one thousand talk-time minutes, texts and 200MB data.

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3. ASTAC (Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative)

People who live in very remote places like the North Slope Coast of Alaska are unable to benefit from the Lifeline free phone Assistance companies. The ASTAC thus offers free phones as well as other related services to the residents of this area. Also, ASTAC provides for people living on the West Coast of Alaska, Kotzebue, Noorvik, and Selavik. If you live in these states, you will need ASTAC for you to be able to call your loved ones as well as your workmates.

However, ASTAC can only provide local unlimited texts or calls for individuals living along the North Slope. Therefore, if you want to call someone on long distance, you will be required to pay a deposit of two hundred dollars. More so, roaming calls are unavailable thus every minute you spend on the line will be charged 0.25 dollars for 411 calls.

4. American Assistance

The American Assistance offers you five hundred talk-time minutes as well as five hundred free texts every month. This Lifeline Company supported by the government of the United States is also known as American Broadband and Telecommunications. However, this company offers half voice minutes as well as texts compared to other Lifeline Assistance Companies.

Nonetheless, American Assistance offers free features to make up for the half offerings. For instance, people who subscribe to the American Assistance services get a free caller identification, voice mail, 3-way calling and call waiting.

This service is available in Illinois, Indiana, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Utah, Nevada, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. However, the downside is that this service doesn’t provide free data bundles thus people who may want to access internet on-the-go might be disadvantaged.

5. Assurance Wireless

With this Lifeline Assistance Company, you will be lucky to get a free cell/Smartphone, free calls of up to 350 minutes, free unlimited texts and data bundles of up to 500MBs. People who live in California get free 500MB data, free unlimited texts and voice calls.

The Assurance Wireless service provider is from Nextel/spring. It is available in Arizona, Alabama, Oregon, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Utah, Virginia, Tennessee, South California, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kansas, Nevada, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, Louisiana, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Lowa, Indiana, Idaho, Minnesota, North California and New Mexico.

The Assurance Wireless Lifeline services will soon be active in states that have not been mentioned above. This service will provide you with a new model few Android powered Smartphone. In case the 350 minutes are not enough, you use the Virgin cell phone top-up cards to top up.

Where the Assurance wireless service is the available USA

Currently, Assurance Wireless service is available in 30 states in the USA where the Verizon wireless device also gets the connection. Here I provide you the list of states that I was found on the Assurance Wireless website. Arkansas, Connecticut, Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky,  Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington. If you are here on the list of stats you are able to include the Verizon Wireless free government phone call service.

Verizon Wireless Government Phone Number

Here I provide the Verizon wireless Government phone number 1.800.417.3849. Everyone can call the Verizon hotline 24/7 , 9am to 5pm.

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