What is wireless internet service network and how does it work?

Wireless Internet Service

Wireless internet service and wireless network connections have, over time, drastically changed our social and political environment. While some homes are still connected via dial up or LAN, wireless routers are becoming the norm across the world.  Even rural areas, once unable to access this service, are now being afforded plans that allow them to enjoy the same high speed internet as those in booming cities. At the present time, people are also able to share their wireless connections with others through the use of hotspots and wireless extenders. Mobile phone carriers have also been taking advantage of this technology for several years now by offering their own private form of wireless internet, 4g or LTE. To get technical, the wireless WiFi hotspot signal is 802.11 b/g/n or a/b/g/n, but really all you need to know is that wireless internet is essentially a web of interwoven signals sent through cables and satellites. This is what allows us to search funny cat videos on YouTube, or figure out exactly what the lyrics are in that Eifel 65 song with a simple Google search.

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)

So, now that we’ve got a very fundamental understanding as to what wireless internet is, let’s jump into WISPs. A WISP (as you can see from the subject heading) is a Wireless Internet Service Provider.  These WISPs have obtained and secured access to that complex web of signals we discussed in the previous section, and offer you the ability to purchase that access from them.  For anyone confused as to why you would need to use a WISP, you cannot (legally) access wireless internet without one.  WISPs pay a lot of money and dedicate a lot of resources to access and maintain the connection for their customers. Once you have purchased service from a WISP, you will be granted access to their server through an access point.  Generally speaking, there are 2 access points, one physical and one theoretical. The physical access point is either a phone line or cable connection within your home that attaches to the modem/router that provides the signal.  The theoretical access point is in that complex web of signals which tells the main server to grand you access.  Think of this as needing a password to get into a secret club.

Wireless Internet For Everyone

This article is intended to start a conversation centered around wireless internet service. It is astounding how even today there are a large number of people throughout the world Googling “what is wireless internet?” as well as “how do I get wireless internet in my region?”. To be at this point in society where living without readily available internet is unthinkable, there are still so many who are unable to access it. This is a big problem.  Here at hotspotsetup, we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding solutions for all users at affordable prices.  As you read through the many articles on this site, you’ll find that our goal is to help everyone access the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Wireless internet service
Wireless internet service

Wireless internet service
Wireless internet service


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