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How To Solve The Biggest Mobile Broadband Problems With Hotspot Setup

With the increasing usage of data and internet activity, we see ourselves relying heavily on our mobile devices. These devices support a connection through mobile broadband and limit our connection to the area coverage and reliability of mobile broadband providers. This coverage can vary as do the providers, with your area one could be better than the other. The issue is, take one step out of that designated area or go over your data plan and you’re out of luck. That’s where a portable wireless hotspot comes in.

What is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile broadband is a wireless internet access point usually providing service through a portable modem, USB wireless modem, tablet/smartphone, or mobile device. In other words, a wireless hotspot or a wireless connection to the internet. This is a simplified description of what a mobile broadband is, which saves all the extra bits for those who wish to do some deep research.

Sometimes mobile broadband problems occur, messing up our plans or adjusting your entire day in an attempt to find a solution. As it sometimes feels like in these situations, the solution is not always to call the service provider, change your modem, or trash your smartphone. Hold onto what you already have as the solution could be as easy as adding a wireless hotspot  to your normal provider plan.

Why Should We Use A Mobile Hotspot?

What is Mobile Broadband

A frequently asked question is: What is hotspot internet and why do we need to use it? Hotspot internet is a system that allows you to share your mobile broadband internet with others through Wifi or wireless devices. Example: If you have five to ten wireless devices in your home, a singular wireless hotspot device would be able to provide internet connection to all within range.

It separates itself from classical Wifi connection by introducing mobility. With a hotspot, you can easily move the device outside with you to get a better connection, or move it to the middle of the house to get the broadest connection. It does not require constant power and often runs on a singular charge for up to 10 hours.

Investing In a Simple Hotspot Device Could Save You $100 Per Month

Is this real? How is this possible? A portable wireless hotspot is a simple, and depending on provider, unlimited data device. It does not require maintenance or repair and comes as a small unit for easy use. No spare battery packs for your phone, no ethernet cables, no routers. Only a simple device designed to provide you with wireless internet service and as a bonus, saves you money.

To explain, first buy a dual band wireless repeater with a Wifi hotspot. To purchase a hotspot, you can check on your service provider’s website or find a wide variety on Amazon.

After purchasing the device, now you find the right contract with any ISP (Internet Service Provider). Each ISP normally has an assortment of data plans for your home network, ranging from a set amount of high-speed data or to an unlimited plan. For some ISP, you may need to sign up with two or three other plans for cellular devices or additional hotspot devices. You only need a singular data plan for you at home network.

Once done, your hotspot device provides a visual wireless network. The device often shows data usage, battery charge, password, and when the plan is set to reset. Whoever sets up the account also has remote access to password setup, usually through your account with your provider. With the monitoring of data, if you didn’t need unlimited, and the increased variety of provider plan type, you could save a $100 or more each month.

A Wireless Hotspot To Support Your Android Or iOS Devices

As an Apple user, I suffer from the occasionally large system updates. These updates often require connection to a wireless internet separate from their own mobile broadband service. Similarly, Android suffers from the same connection requirement when downloading system updates. Both also have the suggestion to connect to a wireless service before downloading certain large games, sometimes even requiring it as well.

Having a wireless hotspot to provide an internet connection for the intermittent updates and large downloads is much easier than having to search for an open, reliable, and trustworthy wireless connection elsewhere. With this way, you also cut the possibility of connecting to a wireless network and having your information stolen and abused.

Unlimited Mobility

Instead of having to rely upon your mobile broadband service to support you everywhere,a wireless hotspot can often pick up a stronger signal. It is like having a backup for when you go on long trips or traveling in an unfamiliar area. Instead of putting all the stress on your smartphone, share it with the hotspot.

This is especially useful if the devices are with separate service providers. When one provider may be experiencing issues like lack of coverage, a downed tower, technical difficulties, the other may not. If you have a job or a large family that requires constant, reliable communication then this could be extremely beneficial.

Mobile Broadband Is Not The Only Solution

Relying solely upon your mobile broadband can leave you in a sticky situation. You can be forced into a contract that has unexpected conditions, limits to your data usage, the inability to expand your plan, restricting your data sharing, the list goes on. There is no denying that mobile broadband is useful, what this means is that you should not depend only on mobile broadband.

Back-up support is always helpful and you never want to be in a situation where you need access to a wireless data connection and your main connection fails. A wireless hotspot is there to support your mobile broadband when it’s own service fails. Nothing is foolproof, maintaining reliability for those who frequently communicate and work from home or travel is important and necessary. When you invest in a wireless hotspot, you are creating this plan, the failsafe for when the world is not on your side.

What Now?

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or would just like to attempt having a wireless hotspot, there is a large selection of companies that now provides trials or rentals. A wireless hotspot does not need to become a replacement for your normal internet or for your mobile broadband, it is there to support and aid your connection. The increasing necessity of wireless connectivity forces you to look into alternative options to maintain communication and the wireless hotspot is number one on that list.

**Article originally written May 2015, Updated June 2024**