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How to Get Free Cell Phone without Credit Check?

Free Cell Phone without Credit Check

Credit checks are a hassle. Dealing with cell phone bills every end of the month is something we always tend to hate with. No matter how we don’t like it, we don’t have any choice. Cellphones are vital in this generation’s daily living. We should maintain constant communication to address emergencies at work and to connect with our friends and loved ones. That is why a lot of people save a large sum of money and prepare out to pay these bills.

Not just those credit checks, it’s sad that purchasing phone plans isn’t as free as it should be. You’ll have to look at credit checks again with monthly payments for which you’ll have to endure out.

But nonetheless, you don’t have to mope around when these bills to rack out at the end of every month. There are few cell phone financial for bad credit strategies to purchase a phone without having to stick with checks every month. If you’re interested, then here are some tricks that you should do.

Guideline for Free Cell Phone without Credit Check

Free Cell Phone without Credit Check

Find a No Credit Check Existing Services and Plans through Companies

There are some companies that will get you a no credit check plans to phones that you’ve purchased. This means that you’ll be paying the phone in a monthly installment basis. It does not add out the credit checks for which leaves only of your choice whether you’ll avail to it or out.

Make sure that you’ll able to understand out the contract that you’ll be signing. Ask and confirm with the service operator that the phones could be availed out without any credit checks.

As noted, one of the companies offering such services includes T-Mobile for which plans start out at $45 per month which they advertised out on their website. There are also existing promos such as family plans for which could cost you as low as $80.

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Avail Services through a Prepaid Carrier

If you’re not comfortable to use out these credit checks, then you could easily switch on to any prepaid carriers. Through this, you don’t have to pay a large number of bills at the end of the month. Though, you’ll still pay a few dollars since you have purchased a cell phone along with you. Considering this, it’s quite intuitive and saves you a lot of money to purchased phones through prepaid carriers.

As of now, there are four companies who offer prepaid plans including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Among these four, AT&T is the cheapest with as low as $45 payment. Aside from that, you could avail only prepaid services through other companies like Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Virgin Mobile, and Straight Talk Wireless. These companies offer nocontract plans while you paying out in a cheap and efficient price.

Consider Paying through a Security Deposit

Another option is to pay out directly the phone that you’ll be purchasing. You could fully pay it out or deposit just partial amount of money depending on the carrier’s decision. Commonly, most carriers will evaluate your paying capability based on your previous credit check or financial background. Thus, it’s important that you’ll not leave a bad credit check so that any carrier would allow you to pay out in a minimum amount.

Look for a co-signer

If you really have a bad credit or if you want to justify yourself more to the company, it is efficient that you’ll find someone who will serve as a co-signer having a good credit. Similarly to how a bank loan works, the co-signer will pay out and take consequences once you will not be able to pay the required amount of money per month.

Nevertheless, you could use anyone either family, relatives, or friends as a co-signer for your purchase. Thus, it will be a risk to any co-signee upon agreeing to terms and conditions. This will not just make him vulnerable to financial liability but also destroys his credibility and reputation. Thus, its important for a co-signer that he/she will truly trust you to pay out things every month.

Try Enroll into a Family Plan

Many companies offer family plans to purchase cellphone deals at a cheap price. The more lines you’ll use, the less money is needed for you to pay the plan. This is a convenient option especially to large number families who want to save a great deal of money. To avail out this plan, the main account holder should have a clean slate credit check. Also, he or she will be liable for payments into the plan monthly as needed.

Consecutively, premiere telecommunication companies such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile are offering these type of plans to their customers. Through availing this plan, you’ll be able to save as much as $30 as compared through individual and traditional plans running at a minimum of $40 to $50. Nevertheless, family plans could enjoy as much as less than $20 depending on how many lines are using the plan.

Determining Your Credit Score

Its repeatedly mentioned above that you should have a good credit score in order to apply to any plans or discounts. The good news is that you don’t have to go to any service provider to estimate out if you have a good credit score or not. By yourself, you could estimate out if you’re liable for any of this discount or plan. At this part of the article, we will explain how most companies compute the credit score.

How do They Evaluate out the Credit Score?

Usually, companies refer out the credit scores by classification the users into five ranges. This classification is calculated by three main credit bureaus, respectively, the Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. These scores are referred to as FICO scores for which will be used by companies to know your credit level. The five classifications with its scores are indicated below;

FICO Score

Credit Remarks




Very Good





Below 620


Factors for Evaluation on FICO scores

For you to have an approximation on your FICO score, then there are five parameters that you should remember with its respective percentage or criteria;

Payment History

35% of the overall evaluation, this refers to the every single billing account information that you have. It includes loans, cell phone bills, and credit cards. It will also include the delayed and late payments that you’ve done.

Amounts Owed

The amount that you’ll be paying is also a factor. It comprises the total money you’ll be required for a car loan, credit card mortgage, and etc. Subsequently, this is 30% of the total points that they’ll evaluate out.

Length of Credit History

The duration of your credit also matters. It is important that you’ll never hold out any credit and debt for a long amount of time. This comprises 15% of the total evaluation.

New Credit

This refers to the number of times that you’ve applied for a credit. The less it is, the more desirable it should be. This information is about 10% of the overall evaluation.

Types of Credit Used

The type of credit could be car loans, credit cards, or mortgages matters on the overall rating. It is about 10% on the evaluation.