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Setup Hotspot on ZTE Zmax Pro; In this article, you will show how to setup hotspot on ZTE Zmax Pro. Hotspot connection setup is not a difficult thing. If you use hotspot connection you will be able to share anything in other hotspot support device. These thing you can share are music, video, file, text, document etc. file and you can share this internet connection with another device like laptop, computer, iPhone, Samsung etc. device. The hotspot connection data cost is lower than a cellular data connection. The hotspot connections popularity grow up because of this opportunity. I am also a hotspot connection user. So, I suggest you use this connection. But you should know how to setup this connection. I will share the hotspot setup trick for ZTE Zmax Pro. First for your knowledge, some description for ZTE Zmax pro phone. The ZTE Zmax Pro phone is the best phone in the ZTE brand. Its features are good. Peoples want these features. Android Marshmallow 6.1, 13MP+5MP, 2GB RAM, GSM/HSPA/LTE, Wi-Fi signal 802.11 etc. latest opportunity.

Setup Hotspot on ZTE Zmax Pro

Setup Hotspot on ZTE Zmax Pro
Setup Hotspot on ZTE Zmax Pro

Turn On your ZTE Zmax Pro of portable wifi hotspot

  1. Tap the Home screen ZTE Zmax Pro
  2. Tap System settings; then
  3. Wireless and Networks, Tap the menu more to expand.
  4. Tap Mobile Hotspot
  5. Tap to OK
  6. Tap Ok to confirm
  7. The mobile Hotspot check box shows selected see my images belows
Setup Hotspot on ZTE Zmax Pro
Setup Hotspot on ZTE Zmax Pro

Turn off ZTE Zmax Pro portable wifi hotspot

Now I am talking about how to turn off personal wifi hotspot.

  1. Tap on Home screen from ZTE Zmax Pro
  2. Tap System Settings;
  3. Under Wireles and Networks tap more to expand the menu.
  4. Tap Mobile Hotspot
  5. Clear the Mobile hotspot check box.

All the work has done, Now you can use portable wifi hotspot with joyfully.

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