How to setup hotspot on iPhone 5 in iOS 7.0

When you want to control your full house via wifi you should know how to setup a portable wifi hotspot in your full house. I have a shop and full day I worked there. In my shop I use wifi hotspot for share internet connection with my five laptops. Full of my shop I control via wifi. EX My black and white printer, Cannon IR 2318L, Epson R230 printer, wifi camera and also use LAN, WLAN via wifi router.

So, Today I want to show you how to setup hotspot on iphone 5 in iOS 7.0

Setup hotspot on iphone 5
Setup hotspot on iphone 5

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Steps on setup hotspot on iphone 5 in iOS 7.0

Step – 1: Take an iphone 5 and Tap on settings.

Step – 2: Tap on cellular data and make sure you should create a portable hotspot Network provide name.

Step – 3: Tap on cellular data and select personal hotspot. Now the personal hotspot wants user name and password. So, type the name and password there.

Step – 4: Now tap on cellular data and tap on personal hotspot. Just scars the hotspot open. The hotspots ask you fro type password now type the password tap on ok.

Step – 5: Come back your wifi device and find wifi network in a moment you are able to see your personal hotspot wifi network. Select the network type the password and accesses the wifi internet. Make sure you no need to use wifi booster for personal hotspot.