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How to use ZIT Mobile hotspot device and where you can buy it

Sprint has released the ZTE branded international mobile hotspot device. The ZTE access for up to 5 of wifi enabled device. You can use fast broadband internet connection on GSM or CDMA. In USA and Canada you can connect up to 5 Wifi devices on the device. You can use it to provide wifi connectivity to 1 Mbps device via GSM. You can easily shear internet with your friends and family. And most important thing when you traveling as a time you can enjoy the mobile broadband internet. The device supported universal wifi compatibility and wifi 802.11 b/g. Its have settings and security options and external display that displays data transfer rate and battery life. The Wifi range of this device is up to 131 feet and it also come pre installed with unlocked SIM compatible with both GSM and WCDMA.

ZIT Mobile Hotspot Device

How to use ZIT Mobile hotspot device and where you can buy it.

How to use ZIT Mobile hotspot device

The ZIT mobile hotspot device is easy to use. I just explain here how to use the device.

Step-1: Open the back cover of ZIT mobile hotspot device.

Step – 2: Open the battery and put the GSM SIM and again put the battery, put the back cover.

Step-3: Power up the device and wait about 30 sec to 50 sec. Now see the indicator Red and Green. When the indicator shows Green single you are ready to use the device.

Step -4: You should buy unlimited 3G or 4G data plane. That is benefited for you.