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Setup Hotspot on Huawei Honor Holly 3; Today I will give you the hotspot trick which is very important to know. Our today topic is hotspot guideline for Huawei Honor Holly 3. The Huawei Honor Holly 3 is the new android phone which included on hotspot connection. But do you know what is the hotspot or wifi? If you do not know this I will tell it. Listen to me hotspot is internet connection but it is so different you are able to share your using the internet with your friends and family, also you can share document files but the wifi provider give you the limit of internet speed some provider give 128kbps, 256kbps and 2Mbps etc. speed which depends on your paying cost. I hope you understand it clearly. Now the setup process below. Hotspot or wifi connection setup may be difficult for someone. But when you acquire the basic knowledge of setup a wifi connection you can easily create your own wifi connection without fear. Today  I will discuss the hotspot guide, if you do not know how to setup a hotspot connection you can follow it. Suppose you are staying in a local area there has a wifi connection which is protected by the password. The wifi owner gives you the password for use internet. If you don’t know the full process for setup it, you are not able to do this. If you want to use a hotspot connection, the article is needed for you. Just follow it.

Setup Hotspot on Huawei Honor Holly 3

Setup Hotspot on Huawei Honor Holly 3
Setup Hotspot on Huawei Honor Holly 3

Steps for Setup wireless network on Huawei Honor Holly 3

Step – 1: Tap your Huawei Honor Holly 3 mobile home screen and touch settings. Now touch a more setting tethering and portable hotspot.

Setup hotspot on Huawei Honor Holly 3
Setup hotspot on Huawei Honor Holly 3

Step-2: Tap the slider next to portable wifi hotspot to turn in feature. Tap accept to continue.

Step-3: When you are use hotspot in your Huawei Honor Holly 3 mobile you need to disconnect your current Wifi access point.

Step-4: The portable hotspot icon is displayed at the top of your mobile screen if the portable hotspot is activating in your mobile.

Step-5: Tap a portable wifi hotspot.

Setup hotspot on Huawei Honor Holly 3
Setup hotspot on Huawei Honor Holly 3

Step-6: Tap a configure its help you to adjust the settings.

Step-7: Now edit the network SSID and select the security for secure your wifi hotspot.

So, type a password and save it. you should get strong password into the systems.

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So, all work is done! Now come back, your any kind of wifi device. Such wifi in a moment you are able to see your portable wifi network on your wifi device.

Select the wifi network and type your password and enjoy internet.

Note: If you are a client of unlimited data plan then the wifi hotspot are more benefited for your.

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