How to Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo A916

Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo A916

What is mobile hotspot and how to setup in lenovo A916 mobile phone? The article will be showing how to Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo a916 mobile. You will found more answer from Google with a site. You will need a mobile where has supported a wifi hotspot and you can use that usable like yourself. This is a wireless wifi hotspot network that’s make a connection one device from another device. If you want to know how toSetup Personal Wifi hotspot then you can follow our arrangement for your success. After we will know how to setup personal wifi hotspot before we should know about the mobile. So you can see below about a lenovo A916 mobile.

How to Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo A916
How to Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo A916

Network: In the mobile has supported GSM/HSPA/LTE network that is high speed network in whole the country otherwise taken a general packet radio serves (GPRS) and High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network and Long Term Evolution(LTE).

PLATFROM: The mobile published from android operating systems OS 4.4.2 Kit Kat. Central processing unit Octa core 1.4 GHz context a7.

DISPLAY: There screen is In Plane Switching (IPS) for use liquid crystal display (LCD) capacitive touch screen into size 5.5 incase that is so longest mobile phone then others lenovo mobiles.

MEMORY: There has slot memory card up to 32GB otherwise has 8GB internal memory card and Random Access Memory (RAM) taken 1GB place.

WLAN: Our current location setup personal wifi hotspot there has supported wireless local are network (WLAN) that you can make easily wifi hotspot in a mobile device.

BATTERY: The battery is Lipo 2500 mAh that is good backup when use.

will you can hard reset your mobile if you start setup wifi hotspot it clearly and without any trouble, you can follow a link How to hard reset Lenovo A916 for make yourself.

Step by step tips for make a personal wifi hotspot on lenovo A916

Step – 1: Tap on your lenovo A916 mobile home screen and touch settings. Now touch on more setting thentethering and portable hotspot.

How to Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo A916
How to Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo A916

Step – 2: Tap the slider next to portable wifi hotspot to turn on feature. Tap accept to continue.

Step -3: When you are use hotspot on your lenovo A916 mobile you need to disconnect your current Wifi access point.

Step – 4: The portable hotspot icon is displayed at the top of your mobile screen if the portable hotspot is activating on your mobile.

Step  -5: Tap on portable wifi hotspot.

How to Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo A916
How to Setup Personal Wifi hotspot on lenovo A916

Step – 6: Tap on configure its help you to adjust the settings.

Step – 7: Now edit the network SSID and select the security for secure your personal wifi hotspot.

So, type a password and save it.

all the work has been done! Now come back on your any kind of wifi device. Such wifi in a moment you are able to see your portable wifi network on your wifi device.

Select the wifi network and type your password and enjoy internet.

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