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How to Get Time Warner Cable For Low Income Families

Time Warner Cable For Low Income Families

It’s a tradition for some families to watch television or enjoy a movie together once a week or so. That’s why a lot of people tend to subscribe to cable TV services in order to widen out options on what to watch during those times. Unfortunately, getting cable TV isn’t that cheap. You have to spend a great deal of money in order to have cable in your home. Thus, a lot of people look to cable for low income families as a viable option to save money, while at the same time enjoying cable TV.

In this article, we will examine some ways to get time warner cable for people who only have low income. But before that, let’s look into Time Warner Cable to give you an idea as to why their services are popular for millions of Americans.

About Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable For Low Income Families

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is an American cable television company that caters to roughly 29 states in the USA. It is considered to be the second largest cable television company in the USA. Interestingly, it is one of the oldest cable television companies in the U.S., having been founded in 1962. Currently, the chairman and CEO of Time Warner is Robert D. Marcus. It has multiple corporate head offices in Stanford, Connecticut, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Virginia. However, the main headquarters is located in the Time Warner cable building in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Beginnings and History:

Its parent company named Television Communications Inc. was founded in 1962. At that time, the company provided only the actual televisions and eventually evolved into providing cable services as they were developed. The biggest turning point for this company was its merge with Warner Cable in 1992, thus being relabeled, Time Warner Cable.

In 1995, the company launched the Southern Tier On-Line Community, a cable modem service, which was later known as Road Runner HighSpeed Online. After that, Time Warner Cable had begun to make acquisitions from few cable companies including Paragon Cable and the Comcast Corporation.

Aside from that, the company continued to develope its services through the launching of DVR into various places in the USA. Also, the company introduced the “TV Everywhere” concept wherein users have multi-platform access to live and on-demand content from the television channels.

By 2009, the Warner Cable had finally become the largest cable operator in the USA owned by a single group of proprietors.

By May 18, 2016, Time Warner Cable had been acquired by Charter Communications along with the Bright House Network in a $90 billion deal. Later on, Time Warner Cable was re-branded into Spectrum.

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Spectrum Cable TV Offerings

With its re-branding as Spectrum TV, Time Warner Cable has brought changes to its scope and number of channels being offered. Presently, the cable TV service is divided into three types of plans or tiers that you can purchase at different prices;

The Triple Play Select

This plan features 125+ channels including CNN, HGTV, ESPN, and A&E. You’ll be enjoying this large number of channels for $29.99 per month as a part of the 12month must-have bundle.

The Triple Play Silver

This plan includes 175+ channels still counting all the channels incorporated in the Select plan with additional channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. Nevertheless, you’ll get this offer at a convenient $49.99 per month with a contract deal for 12 months.

The Triple Play Gold

You’ll be enjoying more with this plan for which includes 200+ channels. Aside from channels that are subjected with the Silver plan, you’ll have the opportunity to look into more such as Starz, StarzEncore, and the Movie Channel. This plan will costs you $69.99 per month with a 12month contract deal as needed.

**Note: Different than the other plans, the package also includes a fast 100 Mbps internet service and unlimited nationwide calling.

What’s the Deal for LowCost Income Users?

With those numbers written above and knowing how expensive it is, you’ll never expect that every family is going to be able to afford that. Aside from being very costly, a lot of subscribers find cable TV a necessity. That is why Charter Communications has multiple ways to ensure that their services will not just be accessible to the upper and middle class but also to low income generating communities, as they believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their services.

In the last quarter of 2016, the company introduced the low cost, high-speed broadband internet called Spectrum Internet Assist Service which aims to help seniors and underprivileged families to have the opportunity to gain knowledge and more information through the use of this service.

However, as you’ve noticed, Spectrum Internet Assist doesn’t include cable. But nonetheless, upon purchasing any Triple Play Bundle, you’ll be getting a big discount which means you’ll be able to spend less with what you have.

What Does Spectrum Internet Assist Offers?

The Spectrum Internet Assist offers low broadband services. This includes the following; 

$14.99 per month will be allotted for the standard internet packages with speed 30/4 Mbps including the modem and installation fees.

$5.00 per month is paid for WiFi, the router, and the activation fee is waved.

Additional Fees:

If you want to purchase the Triple Play Bundle (TV cable, internet, and call), then you’ll be able to get discounts that you’ll qualify for with the Spectrum Assist Internet system.

Eligibility for Spectrum Internet Assist

While Spectrum Internet Assist was created for low-income families, you’ll have to meet some qualifications or criteria to be able to qualify for it. This includes the following;

Your family should be involved in a program like the National School Lunch Program that is assisted by the Federal Government, providing meals to the public and few private institutions in the USA.

This is also true for seniors aged 65 and older who have Supplemental Security Income program benefits.

However, it is important to know the following upon subscription;

One cannot enroll or subscribe to any other Charter related broadband subscriptions and plans.

Applicants for this program will be carefully screened. You should not have any incurred debt with any related plans in any of Charter Company subsidiaries.