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How to get no Contract Home Internet?

How to get no Contract Home Internet

Perhaps, everyone you’d known has their mobile phones or computers contracted with an internet connection by a company. It’s a way to secure ourselves that we’ll be able to live without losing the internet at any minute as needed. Nevertheless, we all live now in an internet generation and every day in the course of our lives, wetend to use the internet as a means of communication, leisure, and even as part of our work. That is why it’s really difficult to not commit with an internet contract. We always get tempted to have one, knowing that it’s a necessity nowadays.

But nonetheless, there are ways for you to have high speed internet without a contract into your phones or computers without contracting to any company. You don’t have to get tied to any of these companies if you feel uncomfortable with it. There are few options that you could choose in order to live without thinking about paying next month into these internet bills. You don’t have to get stuck with these companies for a year or more. By using these options, you’ll have the freedom to try one from another. These are the most efficient ways to get internet reliability and quality without getting into contracts.

Best Ways To Get No Contract Home Internet

How to get no Contract Home Internet

If you’re interested in how to do these things, then better tune in and scroll down below to find out more about no contract home internet.

1. Pay as you go Internet Service

This is the most basic plan that you could go when you don’t want to go with contracts. Primarily, the concept of this is that you’ll buy and pay a credit before you text, call, or nowadays use also the internet.

As the introduction of this service in the 1990s, mobile phones have drastically change the life of a lot of people. The pay-as-you-go service has become more popular with people use it for text and call, for easy communication.

But nonetheless, with the eruption of smartphones and internet, the pay-as-you-go has much less known and replace by the internet plans making communication easier and more convenient through not just text and call but also internet.

While a lot of people love the package deal plan for this, there are still some who aren’t convenient with this option. They felt like its too expensive as compared to just the regular prepaid service for which you will just pay directly and use it. Aside from that, there are users who do not use frequently the internet. Thus, they prefer to use this option for them to avoid costly and unnecessary contract internet plans.

How does it work?

Depending on the telecommunication company that you’ll avail with, you have to pay a required amount of money to start out the credit. Then, the operators will give you a text message to confirm the starting credit that you have. After that, you’ll be able to start texting or calling someone until your credit will lose out. Nevertheless, you will easily check over the recurring balance that you have easily by texting a specific number or by using the application of the telecommunication company into your phone.

All you have to in order to enjoy the text, call, and data is to regularly pay credits as needed. This means that the number of data you’ll spend will be the amount you’ll be paying.

In the USA, current services offering PAYG are EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone. The Virgin Media, Tesco Mobile, iD Mobile, Asda Mobile, and giffgaff are the mobile network operators for which these services are in connection with and also, for which you’ll be paying with. Coverage and signal capability differs to what company and service you’ll apply with. Its best to check what company has the strongest signal and connection into your place so that you’ll get easily know what service to apply with.

Not only from mobilebased services, there are also PAYG services that use laptop and computers as its medium. However, telecommunication companies offering such services are not common and most likely, go for internet or broadband plans for convenience.

PAYG Bundle Deals

There are current bundle deals that few telecommunication companies offer to prevent you from paying repeatedly just to call, text or go for data. All you have to do is pay a required amount of money and enjoy everything in a month. By this, you don’t have to get hassle with regular checking the ongoing balance as needed.

Perhaps, the only downside with this service is that after a month of the bundle, even if your credits are left unused, it will all lose out and by then, you should apply for another PAYG bundle again.

But nonetheless, these PAYG bundles are said to be cheaper than any other internet plans or broadband existing today.

2. USB Internet

If you are using your smartphones, then you’ll just have to a specific center and earn a credit before you’ll access the internet. However, if you are trying to access the internet using your computer or laptop, then the most convenient option is to use a USB-like modem. These type of modems have builtin internet, usually sold in stores for anytime access into the internet. You’ll just have to plug it in with your laptops and computers then connect to the internet. By using this USB-like modem, you could stream through movies and videos or search on the internet without getting hassle with the plans you have.

Step by Step Guide on Connecting to the Internet Using the USB Internet

If you want to connect with the internet using the USB, then you’ll primarily have to apply for a mobile internet plan. This could be different or similar to the mobile plan you have right now. But nonetheless, its expected that the USB internet comes with coverage, quality, and price as it is. Make sure for a careful evaluation of signal capability into your area with the service provider you’ll apply with. Signals may differ to every service provider. It’s best to ask with friends or to all service provider before buying or purchasing anything.

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After securing for an internet service, then you could buy now a USB stick or modem. These USB modems are available at a cheap and convenient price from $5 to $10 respectively. However, nowadays, there are laptops who are incorporated with modems into their systems. Thus, its best to ask the laptop manufacturer, seller, or check the product’s specifications if you should buy or not.

And lastly, directly just plug in your USB modem. Ask your service provider how to install and connect it. They’ll give you further concrete instructions on how to do it. Different service provider requires a different way of installation and connecting. Its best to contact your service provider ahead before doing anything.

Aside from that, you should be able to have a grasp with data allowances. For some internet plans, the amount of internet data you’ll spend will correspond to amount that you’ll be paying. Usually, the price will depend on the amount of internet data usually in units’ megabytes or gigabytes correspondingly. Thus, whatever you’ve spent on is what you’ve paid. Unlike contracted home internet services for which comes in bundles or monthly plans accordingly.

Using Android Phones as a Modem

Other than USB modems, you could also use smartphones as a modem for you to connect to the internet. Users call this function tethering.

What is Tethering?

This term refers to sharing the internet using a mobile, laptop, or tablet compatible for such connection. In such way, you’ll be able to access the internet and create a wireless connection by using a smartphone as its primary medium.

How to Tether an Internet Connection?

Make sure that you have sufficient credits to apply for a mobile internet plan for hotspot or tethering.

After you’ve subscribed and activated the plan, then look into your phone’s connection settings. Check on the Tethering and Mobile Hotspot menu and click on it.

Check for any active mobile hotspot and activate it.

Now, you could link in and connect your other devices to the internet as needed!

3. No Contract Internet Plans

As the competition for internet service exists, providers have been employing marketing strategies in order to attract more customers into their services. Nevertheless, there are a lot of companies cater nocontract plans for their users. This means that any user will have the choice to end out the internet service after a month of full subscription into a plan.

Respectively, this plan allows the user to be able to freely choose whatever service is flexible for him. And thus, not getting tied or locked over with a particular internet service for a year or more than to it as we’ve known through contact internet plans.

With no annual internet plan, you’ll be able to not pay for extra fees whenever you wanted to switch to another internet plan. Additionally, you don’t have to endure out a crappy internet service for a year or more.

Advantages of No Contract Internet Plans

  • You won’t be tied into a particular service for a long time.
  • Cancel anytime with no hefty cancellation fees
  • Test out multiple service providers until you’ve found the right one for you
  • Still, access internet and download as needed.
  • Disadvantages of No Contract Internet Plans
  • In most cases, you’ll have to pay for the installation for which is expensive.
  • Shifting from one internet plan to another is costly
  • Regularly priced subscription to nocontract plans are more expensive
  • Additional payments for the router and car rental
  • Differences between No Contract and Contract Internet Plans
  • Contract deals are cheaper than non-contract deals.
  • Contract deals are less hassle. You don’t have to regularly renew and shift upon one service provider to another.
  • Discounts are available for contract internet plans.
  • No Contract Plans don’t have any bonuses or add-ons such as TV subscriptions and unlimited streaming on Netflix

How to Apply for No Contract Internet Service?

The sad thing about no contract internet plans is that only few internet service providers allow it. That is why it is essential that you should be able to evaluate well in your area which internet service providers allow these nocontract services.

Aside from that, evaluate also the speed and signal that it caters. Nevertheless, no contract service employ limited internet connectivity. Thus, it’s essential that you’ll be able to take note of that also.

After that, you’ll be ready to apply for the particular service. Take note of the plan you’ve entered and be ready to note all the installation and bonus fees that the package includes. Unlike a contract internet service, its expected that you’ll pay more on installation as a consequence of not to get tied out with them.

What if I’m just Travelling?

Temporary residents or those who are just here for vacation could also enjoy internet service by applying to some non-contract internet service. Mostly, travelers enjoy the air-card rental services. This means that you’ll just rent out the internet service for a certain period of time. Through this, you’ll avoid not spending a lot of money and time with equipment installation or effort of any applying any credits or charges as needed. 

Things to Consider with Wireless Broadband Rental Options

The Network Preference

Evaluate where are you now located. There are networks and services that have strong signal connections. Its intuitive to ask and check what service provider works best.

Shipping Cost

There are internet service providers who have costly shipping fees as compared to others. It’s important that you’ve spent time in researching which service provider works best for you.


Evaluate also the availability of insurance with the service that you’ll be employing. There are companies who don’t have any insurance if it gets stolen, damaged or lost as needed. These equipment are quite expensive and you will perhaps be having a hard time paying on it, in case something will happen.


Make sure that the modem that is being rented will be compatible to your computer or into your phone.

For more details, you could check on the internet as related to the existing services for traveling and air card rented services.