Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming – The Ultimate Guide 2024

With more people staying at home this year, there are more opportunities to be on the internet browsing through videos, working from home or gaming at home. For gamers, this means plenty of time spent online playing games on your own, with friends, or with your guild, taking on new challenges or games together.

Unfortunately, however, with home internet and Wi-Fi comes more problems. Often, Wi-Fi can only handle a certain bandwidth connection speed until it caps out. This is fine for video calls or regular web browsing, but playing video games through Wi-Fi significantly slows down your internet connection. This is why most gamers opt for connecting their computer straight to the internet using an ethernet cable.

An ethernet cable offers better speed and bandwidth capacity to stream graphics and live gaming action to your desktop or laptop. It offers a significantly better gaming experience without lag. In this article, we will go through some of the best ethernet cables for gaming in 2024 that are available to purchase online.

What to Look for in an Ethernet Cable

When you’re looking for the right ethernet cable for gaming, it is best to look for a long cable that isn’t prone to breakage. There’s no need for industrial-style cables since your cable will most likely be used in your home. However, it’s best to shell out a little more for a sturdier cable made with a thick plastic coating or braided material for durability.

Cat8 technology can reduce signal interference to the full extent. This means you can stream videos in high definition and music, surfing the web with ease and playing games at hyper speed.

Make sure that when you are looking into these cables, your internet plan can offer the bandwidth you want. Compare the videogame you want to run with the bandwidth needed and the speed your internet provider offers for your plan.

If you have unlimited internet, check to make sure what your bandwidth speed actually is. Often, just because there is unlimited internet data, providers will place a data cap, and once you have passed that, the internet speed will slow.

Ideal Internet Speeds for Gaming

For gaming, you want to make sure your download speed is at least 3Mbps (megabits per second), and your internet upload speed is anywhere from 0.5 to 1Mbps. For the ultimate gaming experience, your internet connection should have a download speed of 300Mbps.

Streaming your game via Wi-Fi may work, but if other people are using your local Wi-Fi, it can bog down your internet speed. This is why using an ethernet cord is the best choice for gaming, as it offers a stronger, more consistent internet connection speed.

Our Picks for the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming in 2024

Cat8 Ethernet Cable by DbillionDa Store

Not only is this cable the number 1 best seller on Amazon, but it is also highly rated by customers and is very affordable for under $10. This cable comes in 3-foot length all the way to 100-foot length. A longer cable is especially helpful if your internet modem is across the house, and you need it to reach a different room. With a long ethernet cable, you can snake it up on the ceilings or down in the corners of the wall and floor to hide it in plain sight.

This is a heavy-duty cable that is made of 4 shielded, foiled, single-strand wires that are twisted together, offering durability and strength. It supports a bandwidth or up to 2000MHz and boosts the speed of data transmission up to 40Gbps. It’s also UV-resistant and weatherproof to humidity and cold weather.

Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 25 by Jadaol Store

This is another best selling, quality ethernet cable that is trusted by Amazon customers, with a 5-star review average by over 6,500 reviews. If you’re trying to decide between Cat 7 cable and Cat 8, it may not always matter as long as your internet connection has the right bandwidth and download speeds. This is a great cable for either your computer or gaming console.

This SSTP shielded ethernet cable provides up to 600MHz performance, and its contact pins are gold plated to prevent rusting and breakage. It is a flat cable, which allows it to be hidden along a wall or corner, which allows you to hide it in plain sight under a carpet or along a wall edge.

Cat7 Ethernet Cable by MATEIN

This Cat7 ethernet cable from MATEIN is another flat cable that comes in 25 ft or 50 ft lengths as either a black or white cable. It can transmit data at 10,000Mbps (or 10 Gigabit per second) and has a bandwidth of up to 600MHz. High speed allows for high definition videogame streaming.

Longer cables are best used for your gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox One. It can easily run down from the modem through the house to your gaming console, and flat cables allow for more flexibility while remaining unnoticeable.

This model is made with 100% bare copper wire, which provides a high-quality cable with minimal interference from other people trying to connect via Wi-Fi. This particular product comes with 20 cable clips so you can install it on your wall as well.

Ethernet Cable by VANDESAIL 

This Cat7 ethernet cable is gold-plated for durability, and its cable core is 100% copper to prevent any damage. Their oxygen-free copper allows for a higher transfer speed than a regular copper wire that is exposed to outside elements. VANDESAIL offers this cable in multiple lengths, from 3 feet to 65 feet, and currently has a 4.5-star rating by almost 5,000 customers on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the right ethernet cable, make sure to read customer reviews and do your research prior to buying. Online marketplaces like Amazon have thousands of reviews from customers, so seek out reviews that have similar needs to yours.

For instance, look for reviews from other gamers who are looking for fast connections and bandwidth high speed. The products we have linked in this article are the best cables available on Amazon and there are plenty more.

Look for products with at least a 4-star rating and be sure to compare them to the internet speeds your provider offers you.