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AT&T Internet Speeds Review – Compare The Top 3 Service Providers

at&t internet speeds Review

Slow internet is the worst. In a life where internet is essential, you can’t afford to have a choppy and turtle-like internet experience. You don’t want to miss your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, or compromise your regular news and email updates with sloppy and buzzy internet service. If by any chance you can relate to this experience, then you better change your internet service. You don’t need to suffer unsatisfying internet service and speed if you don’t have to. By clicking on this article, we feel pretty confident you’re on the search for the best internet available. You’re in the right place.

AT&T Internet Optic Fiber Service brings color to your internet experience. This internet service has been known for delivering high quality and ultra-fast internet service that will keep you surfing, streaming, and even downloading at the highest rate available. It has been developed and created for wide-ranging internet users from businessmen, students, even recreational users who just want to casually surf the internet.

AT&T Internet Speeds Review

at&t internet speeds Review

If you are curious enough to try this internet service, then check out this AT&T internet service review. This will give you a detailed review regarding the specs, technicalities, and speeds as related to this internet service. This will also give you comparison among some other known internet service providers across the town. This AT&T internet service review will change your perspective towards the fiber optic and DSL internet world.

Unbelievable 1 Gbps maximum speed Speed Depends on Location
Reasonable pricing Overages to Ads and Supplemental Charges
Additional Privacy and Safety Controls
Comes with DIRECT TV Package

AT&T Internet Plans, Prices and Upload-Download Speed

AT&T has been known for giving a reliable and internet service to various states. They have own hundreds of phone lines and have recently upgraded their internet service operating with a fiber optic service plan. They are offering a maximum whooping internet speed of 1000 Mbps or 1Gbps that you will rarely find any internet service providers available in this country. Through this, it’s a guaranteed that you could download your favorite music and movies in less than a minute without delaying or buffering out. If you are thinking that 200 or 500 Mbps is quite fast, then this internet service will keep you gape-mouthed.

Additionally, if you wanted for unlimited data usage for your plan then you need to pay out an additional charge for it. Also, installation and an activation fee will be charged upon registration of your plan. But nonetheless, this is all worth knowing that at the end of this, you’ll be enjoying a stable internet connection.

Aside from its internet services, AT&T includes also television cable and telephone as part of its package. DIRECT TV, AT&T’s television experience incorporates almost 300+ channels for which like its internet services ultra-fast and reliable. You’re NFL, NBA, or Game of Thrones experience will never be the same through this cable service.

The table below lists some of the internet plans that AT&T has currently offered. A few of these plans could not be available in your area. Also, speeds could vary from reality and could influence several factors like site traffic, internal network, user device technicalities and specification. To check on this, contact any computer or internet specialist to maximize out the internet performance of your system.

Plans Download Speed Upload Speed Data Capacity Prices
Internet Basic 1.5 1-1.5 Mbps 0.384-1.0 Mbps 1 TB $30/month
Internet Basic 3 1.56-3.0 Mbps 0.384-1.0 Mbps 1 TB $30/month
Internet Basic 5 3.0 -5.0 Mbps 0.6-1.0 Mbps 1 TB $30/month
Internet Basic 6 3.1-6.0 Mbps 0.512-1.0 Mbps 1 TB $30/month
Internet 10 6.0 -10.0 Mbps 0.6-1.0 Mbps 1 TB $30/month
Internet 12 6.1-12.0 Mbps 0.512-1.5 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 18 12.1-18.0 Mbps 0.768-1.5 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 24 18.1-24.0 Mbps 0.768-3.0 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 25 15.0-25.0 Mbps 1.0 -5.0 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 45 24.1-45.0 Mbps 3.0 -6.0 Mbps 1 TB $50/month
Internet 50 30.0 -50.0 Mbps 6.0-10.0 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 75 55.0-75.0 Mbps 6.0-8.0 Mbps 1 TB $60/month
Internet 100 80.0-100.0 Mbps 12.0-20.0 Mbps 1 TB $60/month
Internet 5 (5×5) 3.0 -5.0 Mbps 3.0-5.0 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 10 (10×10) 6.0-10.0 Mbps 6.0-10.0 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 25 (25×25) 15.0-25.0 Mbps 15.0-25.0 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 50 (50×50) 30.0-50.0 Mbps 30.0-50.0 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 75 (75×75) 55.0 -75.0 Mbps 55.0 -75.0 Mbps 1 TB $40/month
Internet 100 (100×100) 80.0-100.0 Mbps 80.0-100.0 Mbps 1 TB $60/month
Internet 1000 (1000 x1000) 500.0-940.0 Mbps 500.0-940.0 Mbps Unlimited $80/month

AT&T Speeds Compare With Top 3 Internet Service providers

Verizon Internet

These two telecommunications and internet service providers are updated with the trends in modern technology. These companies have been known to provide excellent service to its customers. But despite that, they share numerous differences. Among these, include advertising tactics to lure out customers into buying their product.

AT&T has taken its leap towards a 1 Gbps internet speed with various DSL and fiber optic internet plans while Verizon is limited up to 500 Mbps with two DSL internet and five fiber optic plans. Like AT&T it follows a TV cable and telephone bundle, through FIOS double play giving it a lot of channels.

You’ll never get worried about data usage because Verizon goes unlimited with it. While AT&T limits such data usage, a 1 TB data consumption is quite large for internet data utilization within a month. It is somehow unlimited unless you’ll go for internet business where a lot of people are going to use the internet service.

Also, Verizon offers a wireless free government cell phone to its service. Verizon partners with Lifeline Eligibility assistance that enables low income and incapacitated families to have discounted and even free telephone services within their homes. But nonetheless, this government’s communication assistance is only limited to four states including Iowa, New York, Dakota, and Wisconsin. This makes the service good but very restricted to certain areas.

Though AT&T does not have that type of service, the product still values its customers because it is cheaper than Verizon’s internet service. For example, a 100 Mbps internet service costs about $60 only for AT&T as compared to Verizon with $69.99. Some are saying that $9.99 will not make any difference but if you come to think of it there are a lot of things that you could do with $9.99.

T-Mobile Internet

Both brands have been known in the telecommunications industry for giving premium services to its users. Likewise, both have its own advantages and disadvantages that we’ll go through in order to weigh in on what service you are going to benefit from the most. Each service provider has its own branding and targets a different audience which makes each of them quite unique. But nevertheless, let’s examine each service provider’s technicalities and features more in depth.

At first glance, you’ll notice a big difference between the two service providers. Upon looking at just the name of “T-Mobile”, it’s prettily obvious that it does not offer DSL or cable services to its users. The company’s coverage is limited only to mobile and smartphones. This is really the largest disadvantage compared to its competitors like AT&T who offer both DSL and TV cable services.

Also, the company is not as reliable as compared to a stable, multi-branch AT&T. Though T-Mobile has an edging internet speed when you are using it through your phone, it does not offer consistent data coverage as compared to AT&T who has a more stable connection. The service is not dependable. Especially to areas with weak signals such as mountains and to rural areas. Thus, this service is not ideal for utilization during travels and business trips.

But then, T-Mobile offers a cheap, at the same time quality, service as compared to AT&T. There have been multiple tests related to it. Almost all android phones are compatible and work well for this service. Generally, this is T-Mobile’s main advantage as compared to all the other internet service providers out there.

Furthermore, assistance is being rewarded by T-Mobile to military branches and government agencies through its T-Mobile Advantage Program. This program allows entitled government and military workers to access discounts on mobile internet services.

Overall, AT&T is still much more diverse, wide-ranging, and reliable as compared to T-Mobile. Though it shares significant benefits and advantages, taking out the pros and cons will make AT&T a clear choice.

Clear Wire Internet

Generally, it seems the battle for internet superiority is really between broadband internet service and 4G wireless service these days. Compared to DSL internet service a.k.a. AT&T, 4G wireless offers internet access to every user’s mobile android phones and tablets anywhere and everywhere they go. This is likewise a disadvantage with any DSL broadband package, which has a limited range of utilization.

But be careful, because AT&T has its own version of the 4G wireless technology. Though not as strong and clear internet service as Clear Wire, AT&T is in the process of improving to generate flexibility to its customers.

Also, though Clear Wire is cheaper than AT&T, the company proudly offers wide-ranging services from Cable TV and telephone, to a reliable internet connection that you are going to love.. This is quite an investment as compared to a one-dimensional mobile internet phone service. Additionally, AT&T is powered by DSL and internet services that could reach up to 1000 Mbps. If you want an ultra-strength internet connection for your family or for your business, AT&T has the bigger deal.

Aside from that, Clear Wire has been facing multiple criticisms and lawsuits through the course of its history. It’s somehow discouraging to trust your internet to a company with multiple unresolved scandals.

But then obviously, both companies have their own target markets. Nonetheless, AT&T delivers versatility to your internet experience. AT&T has multiple branches scattered across the country and has been in the business for quite a long time. AT&T has built its own reputation to the telecommunications and internet service industry. If you want to be all secured, then AT&T is a great choice for you.

AT&T Internet Hotspot And Wifi Coverage Of California, USA. 

Residents of California will definitely enjoy the wide coverage of AT&T internet technology through its advanced GigaPower Speed. So much so that you’ll never think twice about getting it. To prove it, here are screenshots were taken from AT&T Maps based on the internet data and audio quality distribution in the state of California.

Internet Data Distribution

at&t internet speeds reviewThe figure on the left shows the map of the distribution of mobile internet and WiFi distribution in the state of California. As you could see, a dark orange dominates for most areas in California. This indicates a strong and fast 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile internet connection towards those areas. Additionally, there are minimal places that share 3G and 3rd Party 4G mobile services (medium and light oranges) for which still supports WiFi and internet browsing but not as fast and as reliable compared to 4G LTE – Mobile Internet Data Distribution in California



Voice and audio Quality Distribution

AT&T Internet Speeds ReviewThe figure on the left is a map of the audio quality coverage employed by AT&T in the state of California. As you look through it, the dark orange color prevails within California. This signifies an HD quality audio phone and internet calls so it’s a guarantee that you’ll never have a delayed audio during video conferences or calling your loved ones residing in California. Likewise, there are at least 30% of areas in California experiencing Voice coverage which excellent audio quality but very few minimal noises and distortions due to traffic and some external factors. Also, there are areas with 3rd Party network affiliation colored in tan. At these locations, signals could not be that strong and do not work well when riding in vehicles or streets. The signal could be unsteady from time to time and  audio quality Distribution in California 

AT&T Internet Customer Service

Every telecommunication and internet service provider should value their customers to the highest level. Customers are the root and the key to every company’s success. That is why AT&T comes with excellent customer support, exceeding the average of most telecommunication companies in the USA. As surveyed by the American Customer Satisfaction Index and JD Power, AT&T DSL and broadband users are satisfied with the company’s performance in terms of bringing a quality and reliable service to its users. The big telecommunication company is proud to announce the availability and upgrade of fiber-optic networks to its almost 12 million patrons all across the USA. This is a big leap towards developing a quality support and service to its customers.

Also, they’re making customer support accessible anytime and anywhere within your reach. You can contact AT&T customer service through email, mobile phone, or through visiting their stores in your area. The company’s customer support is available 24/7 so you’ll never get worried about getting lost with your internet service during emergencies and rush deadlines in work or projects in school.

To get help with their service in California, you can reach through their multiple local stores in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Burbank, Anaheim, and San Francisco. Likewise, you could get assistance through email by signing up to their website at to get updates, queries, and even secure easy payments online through it.

For customer support in California, you can contact or call 1-888-364-9551 to get more details regarding installations, maintenance, and malfunctions regarding your internet connection within the area. For specifics, you can call or message on the following numbers to get through it.

Customer Service Task Phone Number
Purchasing (U-Verse/DSL equipment) 1-888-573-4147
DSL Technical Support 877-722–3755
U-Verse Technical Support 800-288-2020
AT&T Related Products (e.g. Battery, Telephone Cords) 800-222-3111 or 877-902-6350 (International)
Shipping and Handling 888-573-4147

Bottom line of AT&T Speeds Review 

AT&T is a telecommunication and internet service company that serves almost 21 states in the USA including California, Texas, and Georgia. Its versatile services range from cable and digital TV, mobile internet, DSL, and telephone services. This company has established a reputation in the telecommunication industry and has great reviews coming from millions of its users all over the USA. The company values its customers and has been constantly been finding its avenues towards the development, improvement, and expansion of its internet coverage not just in the USA but to the international arena.

Your internet experience is guaranteed safe, secured, and fast by using AT&T packages. With its astonishing 1Gbps download and upload speed you’ll never get to blink twice on listening to your favorite music and watching out your favorite shows and movies on the internet. This internet service expands way beyond your reach and is highly reliable during travels no matter where you are located in the USA.

However, this internet service is not quite perfect. Wireless connections can vary within some areas as to what it is advertised. Likewise, there are a few charges being spent during upgrades and installations. But nonetheless, the company is still cheap and affordable, even to low income families across the USA.

Overall, AT&T is an excellent service provider, and a great option for people who are sick of getting delayed and slow internet speed. This will allow streaming, downloading, uploading, and video calling with the high speed you require.