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Top 5 Benefits Of A Hard Reset On Android Smartphones

Top 5 Benefits Of A Hard Reset On Android Smartphones

A hard reset or factory data reset on an Android smartphone is a feature included by the manufacturer that can erase all device settings, third-party applications, application and user data from the internal flash storage. To simplify, it resets the device to factory settings, the settings that originally are on the device when purchased.

Understanding the benefits of completing a hard reset or factory data reset on your Android phone is important before attempting it on your own and like all things, there are some negatives as well which you can find in the Top 6 Bad Effects of A Hard Reset Or Factory Data Reset. The hard reset or factory data reset is an essential part of understanding how your Android smartphone functions and how it affects you and your information. So, to assist you in your search for answers, here is a list of the top 5 benefits of completing a hard reset on your Android smartphone:

Top 5 Good Effects of Hard Reset android phones

1) Resets The Pattern Lock Code And Password

Pattern lock is one of the most prominent problems and annoying issues on Android smartphones. Android’s have a tendency to immediately direct you to entering your PIN code instead of giving you a chance to enter your pattern, taking away the ease of access of this nifty addition. Even when creating your pattern, your phone may direct you to creating a PIN. For those who remember patterns easier than numbers, this can be troublesome and infuriating, especially when you don’t want to keep the same PIN for everything and memorizing multiple PIN numbers can become confusing.

After the hard reset or factory data reset, you can reset the pattern and PIN code once again while keeping in mind that the PIN may be more important than you thought when initially setting up your phone.

2) Keeping Your Data Safe

If you’re like most people living in the 21st century, your phone contains a lot of your personal information like passwords, PIN numbers, credit cards, photos, and more. Unless you plan on keeping the same phone for the rest of your life, which is not likely with an upgrade being released each year, you need a way to erase all of this valuable information. Once this information is removed it is safe to trade in or sell without worry.

In either of those situations, it is best to first look into backing your data up online for ease of access for your next device. After backing up your data you should then do a hard reset on your mobile to remove any and all personal information from the smartphone itself. The hard reset or factory data reset prevents a new user on your smartphone from gaining access to your personal information and sets the phone up as if it were brand new. This is one of the biggest benefits of completing a hard reset or factory data reset on Android smartphones.

3) Troubleshooting The Android Hanging Issue

The most annoying issue on any smartphone is the hanging problem. Android smartphones just so happen to be one of the worst at freezing up and hanging. It is infuriating when you attempt to use your favorite app and all the sudden your phone freezes, or worse, crashes, taking all your current progress with it. The frustration of constantly having to restart your phone just so that it can function semi-properly. Sometimes it makes you want to trash your smartphone and start over with a brand new one, costing upwards of $400.

Before buying a new smartphone, there are two possible solutions. One, attempt to do a simple troubleshooting of the problem, or two, do a hard reset of your phone. The simple troubleshooting is sometimes enough to solve the issue and, unforchunately, this means that a hard reset or factory data reset is necessary. When you wipe your phone with a hard reset, it deletes those apps that may be unknowingly taking up your RAM, allowing you to have a fresh start on your smartphone.

4) Getting A Fresh Start On An Old Smartphone

For those of you who like keeping a clean memory, or maintaining an organized app library, sometimes you need a good, complete wipe. A hard reset is not always reserved for when you’re trying to sell your phone or when your phone is acting up. Every now and again, when your apps start building up, you have way too many photos in your library, you’re overloaded with old accounts, a hard reset is what you need.

Along with deleting the old malfunctioning apps and all the unnecessary, extra information collected in your smartphone, this is the fresh start that you deserve. It can be overwhelming when too much stuff overloads your smartphone. To some, this might be the biggest benefit of completing a hard reset or factory data reset on your Android smartphone.

5) A Solution To The Portable WiFi Hotspot Setup Problem

In our current technological phase, the world is developing by information technology. This portion contains the idea of the portable WiFI hotspot as part of the wireless internet connections available on your smartphone. So if the smartphone user wishes to provide connection to multiple phones, he could do so using the portable WiFi hotspot on his own smartphone. With this type of connection, issues can arise that may not seem to have an origin, making it difficult to solve the problem.

A hard reset or factory data reset may be the solution to your problems, it is not guaranteed, but it could solve some of the issues you’re experiencing with making connections and setting up your mobile hotspot. If the hard reset does help or fix any of the problem you’re experiencing, then the problem could lie with your provider or a more complex issue within the phone itself, requiring to replace one if you wish to browse peacefully on your hotspot without any complications.

Understand What A Hard Reset Or Factory Data Reset Can Do For You…

Not everyone will benefit from attempting a hard reset or factory data reset on your Android smartphone. It does not solve all problems, nor does it correct internal damages that may have been inflicted. That’s why it is important to understand what is wrong with your phone and why you want to try to do the hard reset, otherwise you might end up worse than when you started.

If you are hesitant about initiating a hard reset on your phone you can attempt other reset options. You can do a network settings reset, which will reset your Wifi, mobile data, and bluetooth settings. Or, included in some newer Android smartphones, you can try smart cleaning.  This option allows you to see exactly what is affecting your battery usage and memory, as well as testing your hardware and optimizing phone usage. This is a newer option and is still unavailable on older Androids, so the hard reset might still be the best option.

For those who need a little more information about the negatives of attempting a hard reset or factory data reset, check out the Six Negative Effects Of A Hard Reset On Your Android Smartphone.

**Article originally written August 2015, Updated June 2024**