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Setup Hotspot on LG L Prime; this is the perfect way to setup a Wi-Fi hotspot on your LG L prime android smartphone. You may know that LG is the smooth android smartphone. In this smartphone program is nice so that you can use the smartphone program frankly. Hotspot is an aspects of the android smartphone. If anyone want to setup this section on their smartphone they can setup easily via using few method for setup their smartphone. Example, it not easy at all their have some trouble to setup the Wi-Fi hotspot. Actually, when a user want to setup, they can but they don’t get access to use the internet with this. So it is a problems for them. I hope, you can use this feature and you can troubleshoot the process easily after following our formula.

Setup Hotspot on LG L Prime

Setup Hotspot on LG L Prime
Setup Hotspot on LG L Prime

This smartphone feature is available for November, 2014 even nowadays this smartphone popularities increased hugely. The Display is capacitive touchscreen IPS. This smartphone size is 5 inches. The centeral processing unite CPU quad core 1.3GHz and the operating systems (OS) with the version 4.4.2 Kitkat. The memory card is slot up to 32GB on the other hand, internal memory 8GB with 1GB RAM. The Camera is 8 Mega with LED flash. There has behind camera 1.5 mega picture. Supported Wireless wifi hotspot 802.11 a/b/g. so this LG L prime is a good android smartphone to use always. Now setting your hotspot connection.

Turn on portable wifi hotspot in LG L Prime mobile

Step – 1: Tap the Home screen.

Step – 2: Tap settings and click in wireless & network.

Step – 3: Tap the Tethering & portable hotspot. Tap on portable wifi hotspot Settings.

Setup portable wifi hotspot on LG L Prime
Setup portable wifi hotspot on LG L Prime

Step  4: If you needed to configure wifi hotspot. So, type a network SSID and select security. If you thing you need password so, type a password and tap on save.

Share your phone data connection as portable wifi hotspots.

Setup portable wifi hotspot on LG L Prime
Setup portable wifi hotspot on LG L Prime

Step – 5: Tap the settings and click on Wireless & networks. Tethering & portable hotspot.

Step – 6: Now mark portable wifi hotspot checkbox. The phone starts portable hotspot.

Now you can enjoy up to eight wifi device in the personal hotspot.

Note: For more benefited from the service you should purses unlimited data plan.

The work is done, Now you can use portable wifi hotspot with joyfully.

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