How to Choose a Long Range TV Antenna – 7 Great Options to Consider

Many major television networks broadcast through signals that we can access at our homes. All you need is a long-range TV antenna to receive these signals, and you can cut the cord with your current (and probably overpriced) cable or satellite provider.

Before Getting Started…

Before getting started, you must know which television networks you will be able to receive where you live, as not all areas of the country will have access to the same networks. Additionally, you will also need to know the direction in which you need to place your antenna for the best results.

To find out what networks you have access to and how strong the reception will be, use a tool like TV Fool. TV Fool will tell you the channels you can receive just by putting in your home address. It will also tell you which direction to place your antenna and how likely you are to receive the transmission of the networks based on the placement of the antenna.

How is a Long Range TV Antenna Different from an Indoor Antenna?

An indoor antenna can only detect signal reception at very short ranges. It can access these television networks as long as there is no interference from outside sources, such as trees, hills, or other electronic devices. Often, indoor TV antennas are sufficient in signal reception, especially in metropolitan cities where there are nearby towers for transmitting signals.

A long-range TV antenna is exactly that: long-range. A long-range TV antenna will receive the signal transmission from towers that are farther away, or that may be obstructed by hills or trees. This means that rural areas outside of metropolitan cities can gain access to major television networks through a long-range TV antenna.

Instead of installing the antenna indoors as you would an indoor TV antenna, the long-range TV antenna will be installed outdoors, most likely on a roof or a clearing where signal reception is the strongest.

7 Great Options for Long Range Antennas

1. Five Star Outdoor HD Long Range Antenna

This model was created in 2024 and is still one of the most popular options today. The antenna receives the broadcast signals in HD so that you don’t lose any resolution on the picture you receive from the network.

five star outdoor hd long range antenna image

Included in this antenna kit are one long-range 360° TV antenna, one 40ft x 4ft coax cable, one 4-way splitter (allowing four different TVs to access the antenna), 15-piece cable clips, and one infrared remote.

In addition to TV, you can also access FM radio stations with this long-range TV antenna.

Users give this long-range TV a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

2. pingbingding HD Long-Range TV Antenna

With 4.4 out of 5 stars, users have continued to purchase this long-range TV antenna for both its price and its functionality. The antenna reaches 150 miles and rotates a full 360°. You can watch two TVs with each TV receiving signals in high-definition.

pingbingding hd long range tv antenna image

The antenna is also lightning protected and grounded so that it does not get destroyed during bad weather. There is also a wireless remote control that is included with the kit for easy control.

Other equipment included with the remote are a power supply adapter, 40ft RG6 coax cable, and a mounting pole.

There is a 45-day money-back guarantee and a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

3. McDuory Long-Range TV Antenna

The McDuory model of this long-range TV antenna allows you to connect two TVs to the antenna with no additional splitter necessary. The antenna reaches a total distance of 150 miles and rotates a full 360°. The antenna is HD compatible, so any signal that is received in high-definition will be displayed as high-definition.

mcduory long range tv antenna image

Included with this long-range antenna are an infrared remote control, 40ft outdoor TV antenna coax cable, and snap-on brackets for easy installation.

McDuory offers a one-year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Users have rated this long-range TV antenna by McDuory at 4.3 out of 5 stars.

4. RCA Outdoor Long-Range TV Antenna

The total distance of this long-range TV antenna by RCA is 70 miles. If a network broadcasts signals in HD or 4K, you will receive the broadcast through this TV antenna in the resolution that is transmitted.

Assembly is easy as the antenna is pre-assembled. There are snap-on brackets for easy installation, as well as an included mount, pole, and mounting hardware.

rca outdoor long range tv antenna image

The only piece of installation that is not included with this antenna is the coax cable. This means you will have to purchase the coax cable separately, such as this 30-foot coax cable by Bolton Technical.

Users have given this long-range TV antenna 4.4 out of 5 stars.

5. GE Pro Long-Range TV Antenna

This long-range TV antenna by GE reaches a total of 70 miles and has a built-in reflector to enhance signal reception. The antenna receives signals that are broadcast in HD and 4K and displays them accordingly on your TV.

The antenna includes a weather-resistant mounting bracket for easy mounting and installation to the side or roof of your house.

ge pro long range tv antenna image

Not included with this long-range TV antenna is a splitter or coax cables. The splitter is what will allow the TV antenna to connect and broadcast to more than on TV.

For its price and functionality, users have given this long-range TV antenna by GE 4.4 out of 5 stars.

6. Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Long-Range Multi-Directional TV Antenna

Channel Master calls this long-range TV antenna the EXTREMEtenna because it reaches a total distance of 80 miles and can turn 180°. The compact size allows the antenna to be installed to chimneys, rooftops, eaves, balconies, or walls.

channel master extremetenna image

Included with the antenna is preassembled mounting hardware, making assembly and installation quick and easy.

There is no splitter or cable included with the TV antenna, so these will have to be purchased separately.

Users have given this long-range TV antenna 4.4 out of 5 stars.

7. Winegard Platinum Series Long-Range TV Antenna

The last long-range TV antenna option to consider on our list is this 65+ mile radius antenna by Winegard. Not only does the antenna reach over 65 miles, but it also receives signals that are broadcast in HD or 4K. This means you do not lose out on quality being broadcast simply because you are using an antenna to watch television.

winegard platinum series tv antenna image

You will need to purchase coax cables and a splitter if you choose to connect the antenna to more than one TV.

Users are happy with the antenna for the quality reception they receive and have given the antenna 4 out of 5 stars.