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Control CC camera with Lava X10 Smartphone

Control CC Camera with Lava X10 Smartphone

Control CC Camera with Lava X10 Smartphone; Smartphone is a control box to the world. Nowadays; we can control the world with our Smartphone. Today here I am going to provide you a complete guideline how to control CC Camera with Lava X10 Smartphone. I just use CC camera on my shop security and I control the CC camera from anywhere. The mobile technology provides us the future of control the CC came from anywhere anytime. When I live at home with my family at a time if I want I can monitor my shop and another work place with my Lava X10 Smartphone. Any android user who like to monitor their workplace, home, and others everything via Smartphone devices. Here I going to provide you a step by step guideline for making your Smartphone like as a monitor for your CC camera. If you follow my step by step guideline then you also can use your Lava X10 Smartphone like as security control box.

Control CC Camera with Lava X10
Control CC Camera with Lava X10

Setup CC Camera and control with Lava X10 Smartphone

First of all; set up your CC Camera on the suitable place where you want to monitor from anywhere. After complete the installation now you should install broadband internet connection on the DVR. DVR is a system of digital video recorder. Anyone can record video with the DVR. If you install 2TB HDD then you can record more than 3 months video on the HDD. So I recommended you to install 2TB HDD on your DVR.

Setup apps on your Lava X10

Now you should good to Google play store and download the apps on your Lava X10 Smartphone. You will get a complete guideline on your DVR box. What kind of apps you should use for monitoring your security place via Lava X10 Smartphone. Download and install the apps on your smartphone. Go to the menu and tap on the icon of the app. The app won’t conform security code that you are able to find on the DVR box. Put the code on the Smartphone screen and press okay. That is enough work is done now you are online and you can monitor your suitable place where you place the CC camera.

This is a really amazing idea for a Smartphone user who like to monitor their workplace from anywhere. If you want you can install the total setup with low cost. For 2 – 4 Cameras you need to expense only 300$. The money will give you the total security of your business, home, and others.