Affordable Internet

Discounted Internet Service for Seniors


Retirement plans. Board games. Gardening. Some of the stereotypical things associated with being a senior. In the 21st century, we could include Internet accessibility, because it’s just as indispensable as any other staple that comes with the retired lifestyle.

Thanks to the internet and connectivity, there’s an exciting experience waiting right in your homes- on your PC screens to be precise. You don’t have to travel to Iceland to see the Seljalandsfoss like you’ve always wanted when your favorite travel Vlog could give you that experience and more. You can even connect with family a million miles away on various social media platforms offering the best interactive experiences. So, you don’t have to wait till Thanksgiving to see your adorable grandchildren, you could see them all-year round, right from your rocking-chair!

As much as the experience awaiting you as a senior in the modern world happens to be an endlessly vast and exciting one, perhaps you’re thinking, “How do I pay for an internet package on my retirement paycheck?”


Good question.

There are a lot of internet packages today, tailored to suit specific needs: college kids, working class, seniors, etc… Finding the perfect internet package for you means finding one suited to your needs as a senior, which is financially friendly and takes into consideration your budget. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of top 4 discounted internet packages, just for you.

1. T- Mobile

 Most internet service providers would assume seniors don’t need as much data, talk time or text as the rest of the population, but not T-Mobile. Ever heard of the Unlimited 55+ Plan?

That’s right; T-Mobile offers discounted internet services to seniors 55 years and above, while maintaining the quality of service, meaning you get unlimited talk time, text, and high-speed data, at affordable rates.  

   For a token fee of $70/mo, you get two lines with unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE smart phone data. This fee includes tax and monthly regulatory fees (so no hidden charges!). In addition, only the primary account holder needs to be eligible for the plan; meaning, you could share this plan with your favorite niece or nephew. You could also add on additional features to your plan to make your experience more worthwhile.

To be eligible for this service, all you have to do is present proof of age at your local T-Mobile store (for new customers), or, simply sign up for it on your mobile device (for existing customers), and start connecting.

2. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless offers nationwide 65 Plus Plans, available to existing customers. These plans offer packages for both single line, as well as 2-line share plans.

Pricing for these plans vary widely; a single-line voice plan is $29.99/mo for 200 Anytime minutes.

Below is a list of the plans offered and their prices.

65 Plus Single- Line Plans

Pay As You Go (For Basic Phones Only) $1.99/MB (personal email $5)  
  $10/mo. 75MB(For Basic Phones Only) $10/75MB
  $30/mo. 2GB $10/1GB
  $50/mo. 5GB $10/1GB
  $80/mo. 10GB $10/1GB
  $50/mo. 4GB (Includes Mobile Hot spot) $10/1GB
  $70/mo. 7GB (Includes Mobile Hot spot) $10/1GB
  $100/mo. 12GB(Includes Mobile Hot spot) $10/1GB

65 Plus Two-Line Share Plans

Pay As You Go (For Basic Phones Only) $1.99/MB (Personal email $5)  
  $10/mo. 75MB (For Basic Phones Only) $10/75MB
  $30/mo. 2GB $10/1GB
  $50/mo. 5GB $10/1GB
  $80/mo. 10GB $10/1GB
  $50/mo. 4GB (Includes Mobile Hot spot) $10/1GB
  $70/mo. 7GB (Includes Mobile Hot spot) $10/1GB
  $100/mo. 12GB (Includes Mobile Hot spot) $10/1GB

Verizon Wireless also participates in the Lifeline program that offers savings to low-income customers, with discounts for both phone and internet services.

3. Spectrum

With a mash up of Charter communications, Time-Warner Cable, AND Bright House Networks, Spectrum has emerged, bringing with it exclusive deals for senior citizens.

The Spectrum Internet Assist program offers high speed 30MBps internet with no data caps, internet modem, and no contracts, for just $14.99 per month. You could also include in-home WiFi for an extra $5 per month.

The service is only available to eligible customers in specific areas. So you can check out their website to be sure the service is offered in your area.

This service is available to seniors 65 years and older who receive Social Security Income.

It also comes with a free modem and self-installation kit for easy use.

4. Comcast

Rounding off our list is the innovative Internet Essentials offer from Comcast. With just $9.95 per month, eligible seniors get internet access with speeds of 15MBps.

What’s so amazing about this deal? There are no installation fees, no term contracts, and no credit checks! Plus, in-home Wi-Fi is included.

So what’s the catch? This pilot program is offered on a trial basis in limited areas. Be sure to check out their website to see if your area is included.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be 62 years or older.
  • Live in one of the current eligible areas (see
  • Receive federal or state public assistance specific to the area where you reside.
  • Not have outstanding debt to Comcast less than a year old.
  • Live in an area where Comcast internet service is available.

   With a range of service providers to choose from, you don’t have to worry about spending too much on internet, so you can always stay connected to family and friends all year round.