The Best Laptop Payment Plan No Credit Check Required – 2024 Guide

About 78% of all US households own a desktop or a laptop. When was the last time you did anything work-related or even leisure-related without logging into a computer of some sort? From your handheld devices (iPhone, iPad, and so on) to your laptop, these devices have become essential in our day to day lives.

That is why we all need a way to get out hands on new ones as the need arises. Did you know that numerous laptop payment plans require no credit check?

Numerous electronic companies are willing to give you a loan or very affordable payment plans on laptops without necessarily checking your credit score. This means that your credit history (however that may be) will not stand in the way of your getting a new laptop from these companies. Here are a few options you can consider as you search for the best laptop payment plan no credit check required.


Through their financing program, Apple lets you rent-to-own most of its devices from iPhones to MacBooks on affordable payment plans with no credit check. In fact, with Apple, you can get a MacBook for free and pay for it within an agreed period of time. This duration often falls between 12 to 24 months. The best part is that they don’t charge interest on the loan.


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a national I.D
  • Must submit a current residential address


To get a laptop on loan from Apple, you should complete the following procedure:

  • Visit any of Apple’s main offices
  • Present your request for a laptop on credit in writing (handwritten)
  • Attach the requirements mentioned above

Once that is complete, you have to wait for a notification from them to go and pick up your laptop. You will be required to make the monthly or weekly payments for you to own the laptop once the payment period elapses fully.


Just like Apple, Dell has a financing program that allows you to “rent-to-own” one of their laptops. This program does not charge any interest if the amount is paid fully within the stipulated period. The period of payment varies from price to price. For example, a laptop worth $699 will probably get you a 6-10-month payment period while one worth more than $899 will get you a 12-14-month payment period.


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • A legally registered citizen
  • Must provide a current address


  • Visit any one of Dell’s offices and apply to rent-to-own a laptop
  • Sign a lease agreement
  • Start making the payments

If you pay the full amount within the stipulated period, you don’t get charged any interest on the laptop.

Lenovo and HP also have financing programs that can be found on their official websites with the requirements being pretty much the same as Apple and Dells, with one stark difference being that both Lenovo and HP require you to have an official source of income. HP requires that the source of income be substantially more than the value of your monthly repayments.

Other Laptop Payment Plan No Credit Check Options

Apart from the major manufacturers, there are numerous other financiers available that are more than willing to rent you a laptop of your choice with no credit check required.

Here are some viable options you could consider:

Electro Finance

Electro Finance offers you a 12-month repayment period and sets up their payment structures to match up your paydays, which means that you must have an active source of income. They have a credit limit of $3,000, which is more than you need to get a top of the range MacBook Pro.

Furthermore, the company provides you with a rent-to-own option that requires no credit check, exerts no interest, and no cancellation fees. This means that should you be unable to keep up with your payments, you can cancel the loan and return the product with no additional fees.


  • Must be 18 and above
  • Government-issued photo I.D
  • Debit or credit card
  • Social security number/ITIN
  • Routing number or checking account


  • Fill out the application form online
  • Make the required down payment for the laptop chosen
  • Keep up with payments to own product

Granted, this might not be as easy to get approved for as the Dell and Apple options, but it gives you a viable alternative that offers you more brand options.


Rent-A-Center offers you easy to pay installment options when you want a brand new laptop (and almost all other types of electronics) but don’t have the money or the credit to get one. With their easy payment options, you can choose to make repayments either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. They do not carry out credit checks nor impose an interest rate on their loans.


  • Verified email address
  • Active bank account number
  • Social security number


  • Visit their official Rent-A-Center website and fill out an account registration form
  • Once you have registered and verified your account, fill out an application form
  • Find the laptop you want within their inventory
  • Make the required down payment
  • Start making the agreed payments based on the period and payment intervals you chose.

While you do have to make a down payment before getting your laptop, the laptop choices are numerous, and the payment plans are very friendly.

iRent A Mac

If you are only interested in Apple products but don’t want to go through the official Apple website and App for whatever reason, you can use iRent A Mac to get them for cheap monthly installments. This company boasts an 80% approval rate, interest-free loans, no credit checks, but they do require a down payment once you are approved.


  • Must have held your current job for at least six months
  • Must make more than $1200 a month
  • Credit or debit card
  • Government-issued photo I.D
  • Social security number
  • Valid electronic payment method
  • Valid email address


  • Visit the official iRent A Mac website and fill out an enrollment form
  • Fill out an application form
  • Once your application has been approved, shop and find the laptop you want
  • Make a down payment to get the laptop shipped to you
  • Make monthly payments to own the laptop

While there are many other “laptop payment plan no credit check” option online today, these are just a few of the most affordable, reliable, and easiest to qualify for very quickly.