The 10 Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies

Free Government Cell Phone Companies

In these days and age, only a few people who have no cell phone. Even the younger ones, parent handed them this mobile device for different reasons. Whatever your reasons for taking seriously the fact that you need a cell phone, the most important thing is to be responsible for handling it.

In life, those which are free are the most chosen things by most people. However, when talking about choosing the free government cell phones, you need to make a choice before making any step. This is because there are plans which are more beneficial than others.

Since each free government cell phone companies has its own tricks to appear more appealing, it is necessary for anyone to have an idea which one to choose. With this; we present the free government cell phone companies to be part of your choices. They are the top of the list and choosing any of them that will suit to your personal preference and convenience would be a better choice.

Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phones (California Only)

10 Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies

When talking about the Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phones, you are dealing with top 2 of the biggest Lifeline Assistant Company. Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest since it covers almost all the states of America. Aside from that, this company continues to reach out those states which are not yet reached with their services.

The requirements needed by this company for a person to quality are different regarding the state. Once you’ll receive an approval, your privileges are a smartphone which is specifically an android one, unlimited voice and text messages for 350 minutes and these are for free. Once you’ll reach the 350 minutes, you have the right to add more minutes and this is not at a high cost. Another way you can do is to buy the Virgin Mobile Top-Up Cards which are available at many retailers around the whole nation. A 500 MB of data is also added every month. Here is the more advantage guideline for Assurance wireless free phone

When applying in this company, you must also make sure that you are Eligible. Though each state has differences when it comes to their requirements, eligibility top requirement is your real participation in the different aid programs of the government.

What happens to those who are not the program of the government? Well, they have their choices as well. As long as your income meets the guidelines given by the government, you can still apply this company.

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Lifeline plans and Features

  • California Plan
  • Unlimited call and text
  • Basic plan
  • 350 minutes free voice call, unlimited free texts
  • Current bonus
  • Additional 150 minutes voice call in every month for the first 4 months
  • Additional $5.00/ month
  • Additional 250 minutes voice call
  • Additional $30.00/ month
  • Additional unlimited voice call and web

No wonder why Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phones is the top choice and the second among the top companies in this field. With the fact that they have many subsidiaries and since they have an aggressive approach in proving services to many people, time will come that Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phones will reach every nation and state of America.

GCI (Alaska Only)

GCI is known in Alaska. This is because they are the biggest communication company in this State. With this, GCI is also offering a quiet good cell phone plans to each citizen in Alaska.

Just like other companies, GCI has also certain requirements before letting anyone avail their plans. Eligibility is also the number one requirement you need to provide during your application process in this company. Once you provided the requirements for eligibility, you may then choose the plans and enjoy its benefits.

The applicant has two choices to comply the eligibility requirement under GCI. These are the income and the program type of eligibility. When talking about income eligibility, one must submit his/her household income in one year. If it will reach within the given range he/she will then get an approval. On the other hand, the program eligibility talks about your participation in one of the public assistance programs which are authorized by the government.

The plans of GCI are quite many and it totally provides many options to its consumers. Aside from free cell phone, some of their plans have Apple TV, watch, internet connection and etc. Whichever you may choose, each plan meets the different needs of different people.

Features and plans(additional offers)


  • US unlimited calls- $19.99
  • International calling $1.75

GCI is serving just a small number of consumers. However, their different offers and services are big enough that their consumers will receive various choices for their free cell phone plans.

Dart (Oklahoma Only)

Free Government Cell Phone Companies

Dart is a small type of company however, their offers are big enough that it will provide various plans for their customers.

Lifeline Services and Prepaid services are the two choices of the people who choose the Dart Company. Under the prepaid wireless, there are also different plans which the consumer may choose. Their offers vary in prices as well as their corresponding services. This gives wide choices for many people and it is a beneficial point. On the other hand, the Lifeline Service are plans which can be considered as cheaper compared to the Prepaid services. The price on each plan as well as the services it will provide will also depend on the type of plan you choose.

Features and Plans

  • Oklahoma 1000 + 1000 GB data                                                        
  • 1000 minutes voice call
  • Unlimited text
  • 1 GB data                        
  •  free                                                                                                                             
  • Oklahoma unlimited 1 GB data
  • unlimited call and texts
  • 1 GB data
  • $1.00 in a month
  • Oklahoma unlimited + 1.5 GB data
  • Unlimited call and txt
  • 1.5 GB data
  • $5.00 in a month
  • Oklahoma unlimited + 2 GB
  • Unlimited call and text
  • 2 GB data
  • $15.00 in a month                                                            
  • Reload data ( starting rate $4.00) in a month
  • 150 MB for $4.00
  • 8 MB for $250.00
  • 13 MB for $500.00
  • 1GB FOR $20.00

With their different services, the most common and mostly applied plan is the plan which offers an unlimited talk and unlimited texts which only costs $1.00 in a month. Aside from that, this plan also offers 50 MB of data and 1000 minutes of a voice call.

With all these plans available for the people in Oklahoma, Dart is a company which really provides better services at an affordable price to its people. As their commitment is more focused on the provision of affordable plans and connections to the people, this company really deserves thumbs up. Though they are not as big as other communication companies, their better services might be the main reason why this company remains as part of the top 10 Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies in the United States.

Dart may be a small company but it serves many people in Oklahoma. As they provide better communication services to many people, they also help many lives in the said state.

AT&T Mobility

AT&T Mobility Another service provider is the AT&T Mobility. This company is a provider of wireless services which is under the big company, AT&T. For 100 years, this company has soared unto high levels of providing different plans and program for many people in which AT&T Mobility is one of these. With the fact that the back of AT&T Mobility is a giant company, it is not impossible to say that they are also operating in different states offering different programs.

As long as you are an eligible citizen, you are welcome to apply and avail all the services and plans of this company. AT&T Mobility does not actually offer free government cell phones. However, they have different discounts when it comes to their services and plans for their consumers. In each state, the discount varies. These are the following:

State Discount

  • Wisconsin
  • $9.25
  • $23.99- maximum discount for tribal lands
  • West Virginia
  • $13.50- maximum discount in a month
  • Washington
  • $9.25.- regular discount
  • $13.99– tribal lands maximum discount
  • Virginia
  • $9.25- monthly discount
  • Texas
  • SOUTH Dakota – Pine Ridge
  • $9.25- regular discount
  • $13.99- maximum discount for tribal lands
  • Puerto Rico
  • $12.75- monthly maximum discount
  • Oregon Tribal
  • $23.99- Maximum Tribal land Discount
  • Oregon Non-Tribal
  • $9.25- discount in standard form
  • North Dakota Tribal
  • $13.99- maximum discount
  • North Dakota Non-Tribal
  • $9.25- discounts for non-tribal
  • Mississippi
  • $9.25- normal discount
  • $23.99- maximum discount of tribal lands
  • Michigan
  • $9.25- normal discount
  • $23.99- maximum discount for tribal land
  • Louisianan
  • $9.25- normal discount
  • $23.99- maximum discount of tribal land
  • Kentucky
  • $9.25- discount for non-tribal land
  • Idaho
  • $9.25- normal discount
  • $23.99- discount for tribal land
  • Alaska
  • $23.99- maximum discount for tribal land
  • Alabama
  • $9.25- normal discount
  • $23.99- discount for tribal land

AT&T Mobility offers wide range of plan’s choices and if you are looking for a great deal of plans and features, then this company might be the best communication company for you.

Infiniti Mobile

With only a dollar in a month, Infiniti Mobile provides cell phone for free together with unlimited talk and text. An added feature to its plan is the 2.5 data of connectivity.

When talking about the Infiniti Mobile, there are two main things you need to put in mind. First is that Infiniti Mobile is only available in Oklahoma. This means that all interested applicants must reside or residents in the said state. Second is that the state of Oklahoma are one of those states which require the companies to add fees for the service like government cell phone programs.

When it comes to their additional fees or charges, the Infiniti Mobile imposes the following:

  • Oklahoma Lifeline 1000 Plus Plan
  • 1500 minutes of talk
  • 1700 texts
  • 500 MB of data
  • $1.00 / month
  • Additional fees and taxes                                                     
  • Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan
  • Unlimited voice minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 2.5 GB of data
  • $1.00 / month
  • Additional taxes and fees

When it comes to the application of free government cell phone program, this company can provide this service to their consumers. What you need to do is to fill up an application in their website or you can visit in Tulsa which one of their retailers can be found.

Assist Wireless

This company started to provide their services in the state of Maryland, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. When it comes to the lifeline phones, are totally free and available in the states of Maryland and Arkansas. On the other hand, the state of Oklahoma offers a monthly payment of only $1, 00.

Plans and Features

Arkansas, Maryland, and Missouri

  • 500 minutes of call
  • 500 texts
  • No data allowed
  • Oklahoma                                                 
  • Free 500 minutes call and text / no free data
  • 500 minutes call, 1500 texts,/ no free data- $1.00 a month
  • 500 minutes call, unlimited texts, no free data – $5.00 a month
  • 1000 minutes call, unlimited texts, 500 MB data- $25.00 in a month
  • Unlimited call and text, 500 MB data- $26.00 in a month
  • Unlimited text and call, 1 Gb- $30.00 in a month
  • Unlimited text and call, 2Gb data- $40.00 in a month
  • Tribal Plan in Oklahoma (those who are living in tribal lands have a better choice) 
  • 1000 minutes call, unlimited texts, 500 MB data – all for free
  • Unlimited call and text, 500 MB data- $1.00 a month
  • Unlimited texts and call, 1 GB data- $5.00
  • Unlimited texts and call, 2 GB data- $15.00.                                                                                                                                                                                         

If you live in the state of Oklahoma and you are living in the tribal lands, you have many and better choice. On the other hand, though tribal lands have great lifeline plans, everyone has still numerous choices which will suit to anyone’s budget.

Easy wireless

The Easy Wireless offers services in the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, and KentuckyJust like the requirements of other lifeline companies in every state, the main requirement in the application of Easy Wireless is the eligibility. You must also check for the corresponding fees in your state and other matters about this matter. When it comes to plans and features, this company has many plans and features to offer.

Plans and features

Oklahoma tribal plans

  • Unlimited text + 2250 minutes easy + 50 MB of data
  • $1.00 a month and additional tax                                                                             
  • Unlimited talk and text + 50 MB of data
  • $4.95.00 a month and additional tax
  • Unlimited text +2250 of Easy
  • $4.95.00 a month and additional tax
  • Unlimited text + 1 GB data + 2250 minutes Easy
  • $17.95 a month and additional tax
  • Unlimited text + 2 GN data + 2250 minutes easy
  • $29.95 a month and additional tax

Oklahoma non-tribal features

  • 2250 minutes easy + unlimited text + 50 MB of data
  • $26.00 plus additional taxes                                                                                
  • 250 MB data + unlimited text + 2250 minutes easy
  • $29.95 plus additional taxes
  • 1 GB data + unlimited text + 2250 minutes easy
  • $42.95 plus additional taxes
  • 2 GB data + unlimited text + 2250 easy
  • $54.95 plus additional taxes
  • Easy unli call and text + 50 MB data
  • $29.95 plus additional taxes

Kentucky non-tribal plan

  • 250 minutes of voice call
  • 250 texts
  • 25 MB

Missouri non-tribal plan

  • 250 minutes of voice call


  • 250 texts
  • 25 MB


Fortunately, the Easy wireless provides many features and plans so that everyone will come up with the best choice.


As what its name says, this lifeline company only render their services within the state of Alaska.

Fortunately, TelAlaska offers free cell phone among its people. Aside from that, this company is also known for its generosity when it comes to this type of services.

Plans and features

  • TelAlaska plan
  • Unlimited calls
  • Free mobile phone
  • Out of the state and within the state calling for 400 distance long per month
  • Free texts nationwide
  • Additional voice mail and other calling features

This plan has several exclusions as well. Part of the excluded feature is the roaming number for distance calls. With their 40 years of performance, there is no wonder that this lifeline company has the capability to offer generous services.

Assurance wireless

The assurance Wireless is a company which operated in 40 states of America including the District of Columbia. It has the same features and plans with the number two choices.

Lifeline plans and Features

  • California Plan
  • Unlimited call and text
  • Basic plan
  • 350 minutes free voice call, unlimited free texts
  • Current bonus
  • Additional 150 minutes voice call in every month for the first 4 months
  • Additional $5.00/ month
  • Additional 250 minutes voice call
  • Additional $30.00/ month
  • Additional unlimited voice call and web

When it comes to their requirements, they have just the same basic requirements. Considering that this lifeline company is something which is powerful, it is undeniable that it has reigned all over the majority states in America.


When talking about the Safelinks, it talks about a certain giant company. This is because this lifeline company is considered as the oldest, the biggest, and the top company which offers free cell phone from the government. This is why; it cannot be deny that are countless of people in the 40 states and in the Republic of Columbia has been using the cell phones which are offered by this company.

So what are these states, this includes the following:

Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington, Virginia, Utah, class=”qowt-font2-TimesNewRoman”>Texas<span id=”E1881″ class=”qowt-font2-TimesNewRoman”>Tennessee, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, New Mexico

New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nevada, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, DC, Connecticut, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Plans and features
  • California plans                      
  • Unlimited text and talk + 500 MB of data- free
  • Unlimited text and talk + 1.5 GB of data – $10.00 in a month
  • Unlimited text and call + 4 GB of data plan- $17.60 in a month
  • Unlimited text and call + 10 GB of data – $32.60 in a month

All covered states other than California

  • Unlimited texts
  • 1 GB of data in one month
  • Free simcard
  • 350 monthly minutes for free
  • Availing the free phone            
  • Free smartphone which is compatible with Wi-Fi and data
  • 350 free in every month
  • 500 MB of data
  • Unlimited texts

The requirements of the Safelink to avail their services, one must also provide eligibility. Just like the other lifeline companies.

When it comes to the free cell phones of this life line company, there are certain features which you may enjoy. These features are the following:

  • You will enjoy the latest trend or features like the caller ID, voice mail as well as call waiting.
  • Can be used for international long distance call.
  • Those minutes which are not used can be carry over
  • The handset will remain as active
  • You may use all types of cards from TracFone Airtimes.

Aside from that, the consumers from California have the privilege to receive additional texts and even minutes. Aside from that, the residents of the state of California will also receive better cell phones. This is why; the Californian people do receive android smartphone type.

If you want to extend minutes because you are running out of it before in the end of the month, there is also a better option for that. You may use the TracFone Airtime cards which can be bought in stores like Wal-Mart, dollar general, and other retails store. You may also buy in online.

Whichever country you may belong, as long as you are living in the 40 states of America as well as in DC and Puerto Rico, you may always find a government cell phone service provider. You may check your states so that you’ll be aware about all the lifeline companies which may provide you with your cell phone needs.

Though these phones offered by these lifeline companies, it is an important thing for every owner to understand that not all about in this project is free. The fact is, if you want an improved service, you may choose the available plans in the chosen lifeline company. There are also states and companies which add fees as well as taxes in their features and plans.

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