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Top 10 free cell phones no money down no credit check

free cell phones no money down no credit check

Walking in the store of Verizon, T-Mobil, Sprint, and AT&T, you will see an array of phones you can choose and note these are free. This is a good option for many people who are on a tight budget since the phone is an important part of the daily living. Today here we discussing about free cell Phones no money down no credit check. 

What does Free Phone mean?

When talking about free phones, these are not literally phones which are offered for free. Free cell phones are the units you may buy without down payment and credit check. With this, free phones; anyone has received an opportunity to acquire a mobile phone without minding its down payment and even those which has bad credit. Thanks to the innovative minds behind this idea as these phones are for people which are under tight budget.

Best Free Cell Phones No Money Down No Credit Check

Referring to these phones, they are also called as 0$ phones. Though these phones are low labeled phones, they are still complete with different features, connectivity, and accessories. Before anything else, keep in mind that these are free phones and it will usually appear the same as what you pay for.

free cell phones no money down no credit check

However, if you are a thorough and picky buyer, you may also end up with quality 0$ phones. This is because some phones of this type are also good in quality. Aside from that, there are companies which will offer this type of privilege and discounts. This usually happens a year after a certain company made a drop in prices after released. Some companies choose to dispose of their units in this way most especially if the product is not totally popularised. On the other hand, there are also companies and brands which will offer this type of offer even if their brands already gained fame from the public. As long as you know how and where to look for it, you will end up with the best choice.

With this, we would like to share the top 10 phones no money down and no credit check. These top ten choices already gained fame in the market. This is why; if you want to find the best choice and enjoy the features and offers you can found on these phones.

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HTC One (M8) for Windows

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With its release date way back 2014, it is undeniable that this phone has still the latest trends a modern unit must have. In fact, many choose this phone with its physical look. This is because HTC One (M8) for Windows comes in a sophisticated design added with an elegant look.

Considering that this has the latest version of One M8, this is one of the smartphones which may suit any taste under the Windows phone. Though this smartphone has the almost the same features with the original variant, the enticing style of this phone is a big threat to its competitors. It is made of metal which provides the whole unit’s body protection. The sturdiness of this phone is a slow a useful features since it will provide a strong grip to any user.

When talking about its display, you may expect that this phone in 5 inches measurement will provide a high-quality display. Though it cannot produce those totally displays with great total vibrancy, this phone still provides a great display. It provides great angles for easy viewing, enough amounts of brightness, and abundant colors.

As to core components, this smartphone has almost the same specs and hardware with the M8’s original model. This phone also features important applications like Xbox, Skype, Outlook, and office. Since it uses the iOS and Android, this unit provides great features of software

With all these features you will enjoy with HTC One (M8) for Windows, its big flaws include the limited app market and its non-removable battery. Another small issue of this phone is that its photos are not that sharp and bright compared to other units.

Nevertheless, this phone is still a good choice. Its great style and design might be a good substitute to Nokia Models.

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Another good choice phone under 0$ types is the LG G2 which was introduced in 2013. Though its introduction is already a long time, you do not have to worry when it comes to its overall efficiency and performance. This is because this phone was built for at least 6 months ahead of performance. Aside from that, LG G2 has also become the TIME’s Editors Choice for Best Smartphones in 2014.

Since LG has been a threat to many huge cell phone manufacturers because of the great mobile phones they produced, you can also expect that this free phone will meet if not all at least close to your standards. This phone might be mostly made of plastic but its big size and features are its enticing factors.

One of its main features are the buttons for power and control keys. These buttons provide convenience to most users and this is a good point for LG G2. Its hardware is quite impressive too. Its chipset is Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 with quad-core of about 2.26 GHz. With this, it can be concluded that LG G2 is not a low powered phone.

Wide connectivity is also a great feature that this phone offers to everyone. Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Infrared port, 4G LTE, and NFC, you can name it all and they are all present in this phone. Its camera is also good enough to meet the basic standard.

Though this has buttons for an ease of some setting’s adjustments, its incorrect placements are something which some users consider a flaw. Aside from that, LG G2 has no microSD slot and its design is not as good with other choices.

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Amazon Fire Phone

Another free phone you may choose is the Amazon Fire Phone. It was released in 2014 and it competes with other famous smartphones in the market. Though it did not beat the world’s most famous smartphones, Amazon Fire Phone maintains its prominence in the world of mobile phones. Well, this is undeniable with the fact that Amazon is not a newbie in the industry and market of mobile units.

Looking at its design, this smartphone might be a good choice. It features a front and back glass design added with soft plastics on its edges. With its measurement of about 4.7 inches, this smartphone provides a resolution of 1280 x 720 displays. Although this display is already close to the displays in the current trends, its overall displays and effects remain as average. It’s not bad actually it’s just that it’s not good enough.

The OS of Amazon’s Fire was based on Android, however, studying it thoroughly will let you realize that they have nothing in common. Upon opening the phone, you will be welcomed with a tutorial on the proper usage of the phone. This tutorial also includes how to use two main features of this unit which are the Dynamic Perspective and Firefly.

This phone has a good performance. However, the lack of a button for back and menu is one of the greatest flaws of this product. These features are commonly present with units powered by Android. Well, you don’t have to worry how will you do it, you just need to follow the instructions of this phone to let you go along with it.

At first, Amazon Fire Phone is a bit confusing, however, thanks to the 24/7 live tech support of this unit which makes the whole learning process easier. Though this phone comes with a higher price, shopping at Amazon will become easier. its battery life is quite good too.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha is probably one of the best choices for Samsung fans who preferred to choose free phones. Way back 2014; the presentation of Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been the stepping stone in realizing the transition of Samsung mobile phones. This is because this mobile device is the first metal phone from Samsung. Its edges are made of metal and the back cover is made of plastics.

This mobile device has a quite good performance. It even sets in the middle of top Samsung products which gained popularity in the industry of mobile device. With its screen of 4.7 inches, this phone provides a 720p HD display, a quite good enough display like most Samsung phones has.

Just like the other units under this brand, Samsung Galaxy Alpha is easy to use with a great performance. Its buttons are placed in the side spot which makes it even convenient to press.

All in all, with its slim and lightweight design, this phone provides a good performance and its camera impresses anyone too. Though it is a bit expensive, this is still an excellent choice.

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LG G Flex

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2014 was the year when this mobile phone was introduced in the market. It has 6 inches of display and has quite good effects but cannot surpass the Samsung Galaxy. Though this is not as high-end as other mobile phones, anyone can consider this device as a smart choice. This is because of its self-healing property.

The self-healing capacity of this mobile device might be one of its strongest features. Well, anyone should expect it since it took 5 years in developing this feature. So what makes this property even more special? The hydrogen finish of this phone will make a way to healing itself after incidents of scratching or other forms of physical damage.

When it comes to its overall design, LG G Flex is quite big and it is a bit uncomfortable for people with small hands. Just like the G2, this unit is easy to use and it has different buttons which are located in the easy to reach the spot.

Though its quite good choice of free phones, this unit’s camera is quite unimpressive. Nevertheless, the self-healing power of this phone is its one of the most enticing features.

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iPhone 5C

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The presentation of the iPhone 5C in the public made a relief to many fans. This is because this is an iPhone device with a little bit low price. Anyone must also note that this is just an iPhone with a cheaper price not a cheap iPhone unit.

Featuring a metal body, this device captured the attention of many users especially those who doesn’t love shiny and glossy covers of the phone. However, one must also put in mind that iPhone 5C is a type of unibody phone. Basically, this type of phone will not allow you to have a full access to the inside parts of its body like the battery not unless you will take it all apart.

Though its small, this mobile device comes with a wide design and heavy in the hands too. Aside from that, it also provided different colors of your choice namely; white, blue, yellow, pink, and green. It is undeniably properly and quality made which is evident on most devices from iPhone. It has a good quality of camera effect while the quality of the screen is quite good. However, its biggest flaw and even to the other models under this brand is that it is expensive. iPhone always comes with a high price which is one of the most expensive products on the market.

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Motorola DROID Maxx

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Another excellent choice of free phone is the Motorola DROID Maxx. Released in August 2013, you must not worry about the competency of this mobile device since it has many advantages which are beneficial to the customer’s side.

The reason why this is an excellent choice is the fact that the performance of Motorola is always an interesting point. Among its properties are its various connectivity features, computing, system, good display, and so many more. With 32GB of external storage, this is quite a good choice of free phones. Another great thing you’ll like about it is that you can simply swap its battery. This feature might be common among many phones, however, considering the fact that there are also expensive phones which do not have this feature, this is already an edge.

When talking about its display, you need to consider and observe it carefully before you’ll formulate a judgment. This is because this mobile phone features a resolution of about 720p only. At first, this is a bit disappointing knowing that some units offer up to 1080p. However, the well-arranged RGB bright color effects made this phone produce accurate colors. This will give you the chance to appreciate a great feature that this phone can offer.

When it comes to efficiency, you have nothing to worry about this phone. This is because of the Snapdragon 600 configuration feature of this phone which is considered as one of the best. Needless to say, this mobile phone deserves to boost its computing system as one of its best features.

When it comes to building quality, one must also put in mind that this brand is already known for producing a device with building quality. In fact, Motorola is quite a type of tough phone and no wonder, this type of building quality deserves some commendation. The software of this phone is good too. With its touchless controls, this device is not yet late to the latest trends today.

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LG Lucid 3

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The LG Lucid 3 is an answer for people who look for free phones which come at low prices but stays reliable as well. In fact, the consistency of its 4G LTE speed is a good point to support why this is a good choice.

When it comes to its design, LG Lucid 3 is something which is moderate yet compact. It comes with great looking frames which are thin in size and its edges in the top as well as in the bottom are bit arched and the curves of its corners are soft. This mobile device is also light in weight since it only weighs about 4.37 ounces. With this, it is now easy to carry it and put in your pocket. The connectivity ports and the most used buttons are placed in the right spot for convenience in every use.

The LG Lucid 3 also shows quite good software features. Google apps are present as well as the Google play store. Aside from that, newsstand, music, and TV and movies are also part of its package.

Despite all the great points of this mobile phone, one of its flaws is its camera. Though it is good enough for average imaging, indoor usage is not a good idea in this device.

All in all, this mobile phone may not have that great camera quality especially indoors, the high quality of its connectivity is also a bit consideration why this is an excellent choice.

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Motorola DROID Mini

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The Motorola DROID Mini is a choice for people who wanted to have a phone at affordable price but has a compact design. With its lower price, it derives most of its features from the DROID ultra like long life of a battery, quality of calls, and even the fast processor.

Though it has many great features which is helpful on the side of most users, this phone will also offer you with what you paid for. This is because this phone has a low build quality and its display is not that impressive.

Though this mobile phone comes with a lower price, the basic point why many people love it is its size. This phone is actually easy to put in your pocket without any hassle. Even in jeans which are tight, this phone is still suited to put on.

On the other hand, the screen of this mobile phone measures up to 4.7 inches. Although this display is a bit higher compared to the display of iPhone 4s, it is still undeniable that it is small when you compare it most Android type of phone.

As for the software, the Motorola DROID Mini is also easy to use just like other Android phones out there. It has also many features which are helpful for your daily use of mobile phone.

In the end, despite the fact that this phone is a bit cheap in quality, its speedy processor, long battery life, low price as well as advanced features are top reasons which this is an excellent choice.

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Blackberry Z10

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Blackberry is not new in the industry of mobile device since they already gained trust and confidence from the public. However, this brand is a bit of late bloomer and it was the Z10 which contributes a lot to their evolution in the industry.

Since it has been a long time since the Blackberry or known before as RIM, the presentation of their Blackberry Z10 is quite surprising but impressive. Upon opening the box, this mobile phone will allow you to appreciate it with its good design. Its physical look is somewhat business type.

With the latest trend of most mobile phones today which are thin, the Blackberry Z10 remains to be simple yet unique. It is bigger compared to iPhone 5 and its large size is quietly noticeable as well.

Though this size is quite large, this mobile phone will not fail you when it comes to basic features. This phone features an accessible battery so that you can change it whenever it will get damage, spots for microSD and micro sim. As to its resolution, this phone also features a quite good one. Thanks to the 720 x 1280 pixels of this phone which allow it to provide accuracy, realistic, and easy to view angle of the display. This is a total package a phone can offer when it comes to its display.

However, despite the good quality of its display, this device has a low light too. Though this is a bit disappointing, the fact that this device features to ease and convenience in every use, this phone is still good enough for anyone.

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