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Sling TV Roku Deal

Sling TV Roku Deal

There are limited-time offers from Sling TV that you can take advantage of this week. These mouthwatering offers come with a free Roku player too. But before I go into that, I’d like to explain what a Roku device or player is and what it does.

A Roku device is a digital media player that streams over-the-top (OTT) contents in form of channels through wired or Wi-Fi connection from an internet router. A Roku streaming device is basically like a decoder that streams your channels from the web and displays on your TV. The data output is via an audio cable, video cable, or an HDMI connector directly on any model of the Roku device. Roku is manufactured by Roku Inc. and was founded by Anthony Wood in 2008.

So with your Roku player, you can stream Sling TV channels instantly, watch on-demand video content, and enjoy the best of Live TV. With any Roku streaming device like Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming Stick+ and Roku Ultra, you can access the Roku Store and stream over 2000 channels.

So back to the offers. Sling TV has two offers to get a Roku player free or at a discounted price. I’ll explain these offers and what it takes to get them:

Roku Express FREE with Sling TV

The first offer is a free Roku Express. All you need to get this offer is to subscribe and pre-pay two months of Sling TV service. This offer is only available to new customers and not available to customers in Puerto Rico. It is just one per customer so you cannot combine with another customer. They also limit it to one device per Sling TV account which means you can’t get two devices as a customer.

The free Roku Express offer is also not available with a free trial. After the first two months you paid for, they will charge your credit card for additional monthly subscription depending on the package of your choice until you cancel your service.

You can cancel your service by visiting Sling TV’s website at Although monthly fees are charged in advance, there is no refund if you cancel your service for partial or prepaid months.

The number of devices on which you can stream simultaneously depends on the Sling package you subscribe to.


Sling TV Roku Deal

Roku Ultra for $50 with Sling TV

The second offer from Sling TV is a Roku Ultra with a 50% discount. Roku Ultra is currently the top of the line among all the Roku devices. All you need to get this offer is to subscribe and pre-pay three months of Sling TV service. Just like the previous offer, only new customers in the US. Not available in Puerto Rico. It is also limited to one device per Sling TV account. Same conditions for both offers.

Unlike the Roku Express, Roku Ultra can offer a 4K resolution for your video contents. You can enjoy ultra HD streaming for your on-demand videos and Sling TV channels.