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How to Setup hotspot on Oppo R7 – Hotspotsetup

Setup hotspot on Oppo R7
Setup hotspot on Oppo R7

Setup hotspot on oppo R7; this is not hard to get. You may know but recently has been forgotten so that you need to setup wifi hotspot on the oppo R7 android Smartphone. If you can not make the wireless systems on your Smartphone, you can not use the internet connection properly with your oppo r7 smartphone. Here, we will know how to make the hotspot on the oppo r7 smartphone device. At the first time, you should batter to know how to work a personal wifi hotspot with the android Smartphone device. The first steps when you setup the wifi hotspot clearly, it’s will provide the wireless connection and after making the wifi hotspot, you must use data connection otherwise, you can not get access to use the connection.

Someone try to get the connection without allowing data connection. Try to look before, when you want to get data from others android Smartphone’s devices, you had been using the SHAREit apps. This is Pire connection even agonist of your Smartphone device. It also automatically connected the device with the between Smartphone but in iOS device, will not be connected as automatically. For creating an iOS device, you should manually setup the wireless wifi hotspot to get access. However, now we are going to setup oppo R7 as a wireless wifi hotspot.

Setup hotspot on Oppo R7

Setup hotspot on Oppo R7
Setup hotspot on Oppo R7

Ways to Setup Wireless WiFi hotspot – Oppo R7

1. Tap the Oppo R7 Home Screen and tap the Menu Key.
2. Now tap on android systems Settings;
3. Now see Wireless and Networks; tap more to expand the menu.
4. Tap the Mobile HotSpot where you find it.
5. Tap on Mobile Hotspot Settings.
6. Tap the Mobile Hotspot Configure
7. Update the settings below;

Setup hotspot on Oppo R7
Setup hotspot on Oppo R7

8. Tap to Save When done.

Turn off and Turn on mobile hotspot

Now I will be show how to use mobile hotspot

Turn On

1. Tap on Home screen Oppo R7 and down the slider
2. Tap System settings; then
3. Wireless and Networks, Tap the menu more to expand.
4. Tap Mobile Hotspot
5. Tap to OK
6. Tap Ok to confirm
7. The mobile Hotspot check box shows selected see my image

Setup hotspot on Oppo R7
Setup hotspot on Oppo R7

Now look at the upper screen of Oppo R7 show you wifi symptoms.

Turn off

Now I am talking about how to turn off personal wifi hotspot.

1. Tap the Home screen from Oppo R7
2. Tap System Settings;
3. Under Wireles and Networks tap more to expand the menu.
4. Tap Mobile Hotspot
5. Clear the Mobile hotspot check box.