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Setup Hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Mix; Let’s go to mobile hotspot setup solution. Hotspot Setup helps you to how to enable mobile hotspot internet on a device. With a mobile hotspot, you can connect at least six devices at the same time. Hotspot connection setup is easy to perform but if you have a mini knowledge of hotspot setting, you may failure to create this connection. The post helps you establish a secure internet connection in simply. You may be faced some issue when trying to turn on Wi-Fi for transferring data from one device to another. This problem looks some smartphone user, but I am here to brick the problem. At first, I will tell you some features of Hotspot network. Let’s see. With a Hotspot, you can be divided the internet with other devices like laptop, computer, and phone. Actually. Mobile hotspot gives you a full speed of internet so that a lot of time will be saved. Other, way transferring work will be done, if you able to create this connection. However, now come to the solution which I provide in below. You have to read this article, if you want to acquire knowledge about setup hotspot network on your device.

Setup Hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Mix

Setup Hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Mix
Setup Hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Mix

Steps for Setup wireless network on Xiaomi Mi Mix

Step – 1: Tap your Xiaomi Mi Mix mobile home screen and touch settings. Now touch a more setting thentethering and portable hotspot.

Setup hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Mix
Setup hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Mix

Step-2: Tap the slider next to portable wifi hotspot to turn in feature. Tap accept to continue.

Step-3: When you are use hotspot in your Xiaomi Mi Mix mobile you need to disconnect your current Wifi access point.

Step-4: The portable hotspot icon is displayed at the top of your mobile screen if the portable hotspot is activating in your mobile.

Step-5: Tap a portable wifi hotspot.

Setup hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Mix
Setup hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Mix

Step-6: Tap a configure its help you to adjust the settings.

Step-7: Now edit the network SSID and select the security for secure your wifi hotspot.

So, type a password and save it. you should get strong password into the systems.

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So, all work is done! Now come back, your any kind of wifi device. Such wifi in a moment you are able to see your portable wifi network on your wifi device.

Select the wifi network and type your password and enjoy internet.

Note: If you are a client of unlimited data plan then the wifi hotspot are more benefited for your.

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