Oppo F1 WiFi Hotspot – Setup Portable WiFi hotspot with Oppo F1

Oppo F1 wifi hotspot; how you will setup a portable wifi hotspot with your oppo f1 smartphone. Today, this is our guideline to you. A data where transferred one place to other is called WiFi hotspot. Without this there has more definition in Google, also you can try to find. It is an essential to know for all time android smartphone user, as a result, they can get some advantage of a wireless wifi hotspot.

The portable wifi hotspot you can setup easily if you follow the strategy clearly. On the other hand, you will be able to make personal wifi hotspot with your android device. It not all easy rather than has some hard work. So abide the instruction carefully. Now go ahead to create a wifi hotspot on your oppo f1 smartphone. If you can then it’s would be easy.

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Guideline for setup Oppo F1 WiFi Hotspot

Oppo F1 Hotspot setup

Oppo F1 – Specification

I will show there some features of the oppo f1 android smartphone. I mind that it required to you if you are a user of oppo f1 smartphone. This smartphone was published January 2016. Network opportunities supported HSPA/GSM/LTE. The operating systems OS 5.1 of Lollipop version. Camera 13MP behind camera 8MP. Supported wireless wifi 802.11 b/g/n.

Battery life of the Oppo F1 Smartphone

Battery life is most important for wireless devices. Here we found 2500 mAh battery included in the Oppo F1 Smartphone that is really important for others wifi devices. If the oppo f1 battery is not coverize for your wireless zoon you can also buy Clear spot hotspot device for use high speed mobile broadband internet.

Setup Wireless WiFi hotspot – Oppo F1

1. Tap the Oppo F1 Home Screen and tap the Menu Key.
2. Now tap on android systems Settings;
3. Now see Wireless and Networks; tap more to expand the menu.
4. Tap the Mobile HotSpot where you find it.
5. Tap on Mobile Hotspot Settings.
6. Tap the Mobile Hotspot Configure
7. Update the settings below;

How to Setup Wireless WiFi hotspot - Oppo F1
How to Setup Wireless WiFi hotspot – Oppo F1

8. Tap to Save When done.

Turn off and Turn on mobile hotspot

Now I will be show how to use mobile hotspot

Turn On
1. Tap on Home screen Oppo F1 and down the slider
2. Tap System settings; then
3. Wireless and Networks, Tap the menu more to expand.
4. Tap Mobile Hotspot
5. Tap to OK
6. Tap Ok to confirm
7. The mobile Hotspot check box shows selected see my image

How to Setup Wireless WiFi hotspot - Oppo F1
How to Setup Wireless WiFi hotspot – Oppo F1

Now look at the upper screen of Oppo F1 show you wifi symptoms.
Turn off
Now I am talking about how to turn off personal wifi hotspot.

1. Tap the Home screen from Oppo F1
2. Tap System Settings;
3. Under Wireles and Networks tap more to expand the menu.
4. Tap Mobile Hotspot
5. Clear the Mobile hotspot check box.

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