Linksys ac1200 max RE6500 review – Why Should you consider to buy Linksys RE6500?

The Strong network is essential for them, who like to use the computer and other wifi enabled devices wirelessly. Once upon a time; the wired network systems were better for everyone, but day by day technology will become updated. That’s why you might like to use most of the electronic devices wirelessly via wifi router and range extender. Right now I am going to introduce you to a new Linksys ac1200 max wifi range extender. Of course, you have basic knowledge about using a wireless router and wifi range extender devices. Isn’t it? If you say yes then, I would like to explore the unique features about the Linksys ac1200. The Linksys AC1200 max Review will help you a lot to decide and choose the best wifi range extender for sure.

The Linksys is an American company. They sell data networking hardware products for home and small businesses user. Headquarter of the Linksys in lrvine, California, United States and last year they made the Linksys ac1200 max RE6500 wifi range extender with more powerful data transfer speeds up to AC867 Mbps with 5GHz and range extend up to 150sq meter. Even maximum users of the AC1200 max up-voted as 5 stars at the various online market, but personally, I found some good, also a couple of negative issues in it. Here are the following pros and cons of the AC1200 max:

Linksys ac1200 max RE6500 review
Linksys ac1200 max RE6500 review



  1.     Easy assembly with all the required parts
  2.     Compact, handy yet powerful device
  3.     Data receiver and provider dual bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  4.     Simultaneous Dual band wifi
  5.     Wireless AC update generation supported
  6.     Data transfer speed up to N300 Mbps in 2.4GHz mode and AC up to 867 Mbps in 5GHz mode.
  7.     The AC1200 Max Range Extender RE6500 AC/DC power supply supported
  8.     No installation requires for AC1200 Max


  1.     Work slowly when enabling 2.4 GHz mode for data transfer
  2.     Not work properly if the AC1200 Max is not set proper frequency place router, gateway, and user.

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Linksys AC1200 Max RE6500 Key Features and Performance

Next generation wireless AC supported

The Linksys ac1200 max support wireless-AC, updated generation of the wireless universe. Maximum wireless device producer currently builds their wifi device using three kinds of wireless versions, such as wireless-G, wireless-N and Wireless-AC.

Wireless-G wifi network is 2X faster than wireless-N, and wireless-AC is 6X faster than the wireless-N network. But the Wireless-AC is 10X faster than the wireless-G network. The wireless-AC is more powerful and better suits for you if you like to stream YouTube or such online live streaming, even if you playing any online game live.

The wireless-ac bandwidth transfer capacity 80 MHz to 160 MHz. In the other hand wireless-N bandwidth transfer rate 20 MHz to 40 MHz. As a result; Definitely, you will get better performance from wireless-AC network compared to the rest.

Simultaneous Dual-band Wifi

Of course, you are a pro wireless router or repeater user that’s why you are in here to review Linksys ac1200 max. If I am right then you probably know about Simultaneous Dual-band wifi.

Again I want to shake your knowledge about the Dual-band wifi. The Simultaneous Dual-band Wifi support two deference kind of wifi network at once 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The network frequency not only for data transfer from the client site. It helps you to stream videos, online games, TV show and internet browsing more faster than wireless-N technology. The advantage technology includes on the Linksys ac1200 max.

Linksys ac1200 max will connect with Wi-Fi Router or Gateway

Most of the users stay connected with wifi network via router or gateway. Basically what kind of device you use to connect to the repeater? If you use the router or another network gateway to connect with the repeater, undoubtedly Linksys AC1200 max RE6500 will be the best deal for you.

Connect a stereo system or audio speakers

Nowadays listing is one of the best habits for most of the users, basically, if you like traveling or even a freelancer. The Linksys RE6500 developer built in an upgraded stereo audio system into the Linksys AC1200 range extender device to get you pro feelings while listening to the audio-video or to get the real life experience of your gaming console.

What user saying about Linksys RE6500 range extender

The Linksys AC1200 is user-friendly and already catching user hearts by the EYE catching design. Honestly, the extender gets a lot of 4 to 5 Star reviews from such kind of online marketplace. Most of 5 Star reviews came from Amazon and eBay. Maximum user talking about data transfer and internet browsing speed. In fact, they enjoy connectivity with the Linksys range extender.

A few user talking about long distance wireless range and they don’t get the proper frequency while tried to connect with the Linksys AC1200. To avoid this issue, Here I highly recommended you to configure AC1200 settings properly and follow the troubleshooting for better result and for highest frequency.

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Compare and consider your best range extender

However, here we compare the range extender to similar wifi extender devices and the information probably help us to find out the best wireless range extender which one is better for your home and small business solution. We might choose the nearest top two similar wifi range extender to find out the best ones.

The NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender is the most user-friendly and getting lots of user 5-star reviews but has something problem, there is not update versions of Wireless-AC support interface. The N300 wifi range extender works slower than Linksys AC1200 Max range extender. With the user opinion, N300 range extender price is comfortable for everyone.

The Amped Wireless REA20 one of the best wifi range extender available an online marketplace. Amped Wireless include the update generation feature on the range extender. But the most of the user talking about a high volume of the price. The manufacturer group of Amped Wireless REA20 undoubtedly use more powerful interface with the range extender that way they made the high volume of the budget.  

Range Extender Price
NETGEAR N300 Range Extender Check Price
Amped Wireless REA20 Range Extender Check Price
Linksys AC1200 Range Extender Check Price

Why should you consider to buy Linksys AC1200 Max RE6500

If you want to start your wireless network range extender without any risk, the Linksys AC1200 max RE6500 is a better solution for you. Isn’t my opinion right? Honestly, the Linksys range extender designed for you to move anywhere in your home and small office to set up into the proper place. Before taking action to money investing for the wireless range extender, I hope it is the best information for you. That’s why you expand your most valuable time here.

Best time to buy the Linksys AC1200 Max RE6500

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Final Verdict

Stay online 24/7 days with your Linksys AC1200 Max range extender. You will not be disconnected from the world due to the bad wireless connectivity. Just make sure you set up the Linksys AC1200 configuration properly and you’re done. You will never regret the bad wireless connectivity anymore.

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