Huawei E5220 Wireless Router For High Speed Mobile Broadband Internet

Today we are locking a unique little device the Huawei e5220 mobile wifi router and what does like to insert a data enable SIM card on the device and create a wireless network to use wireless internet with wifi enable others devices. The device is very useful for him who travel a lot no need to lose their valuable time for broadband internet services. So, right now we are going to know everything about the device. I hope everyone should read the reviews before buy the device from Amazon.

Basic important about Huawei E5220 Mobile Router

Huawei e5220 wireless router

Here I show the Huawei E5220 Mobile wifi device that is an unlocked broadband version of the world. In the world, anywhere the device will be working with any kind of GSM carrier network. The device almost uses 2G, 3G carrier network but at this moment does not support any 4G network. On the outside of the device out locking rectangle plastic round and so nice locking. There is a single power button and also have a few electronic indicator in front of the devices. I will tell you more about the indicator how to power the devices within the minute. On the other side of the device has micro SD port to charge the devices properly. The device is really very simple out locking. The device midpoint property of the corner you can insert a SIM card. For inserting the SIM you should open the back cover of the device. One more think when you open the device back cover you will able to find a very useful importation. Just keep and save all information for future use the device. That is the device network name user ID and password this is most useful for the user.

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When you will divide the battery now you can see the SIM slot of the device. Here you can put the SIM card. At this time you should put the battery and back cover again and before you power on the devices keep in mind you should fully charge the battery. Otherwise, the device really fails down the battery as soon as possible. For the battery charge, you should plug in the device micro USB cable and mobile USB adapter wall charger. The battery indicator shows red color signal when the device is charging and it will show solid green color when it will fully charge. When the device is fully charged you can go ahead and power up the device. When powering up the device all the indicator show you solid green light. Wifi Signal, battery, network and power indicator. When the battery will be dining charge this will show you red single.

Now we can connect the device to Windows PC, Laptop, Mac, and others wifi enable devices. So, turn on the device and click on network manager, you will see the Huawei E5220 network signal. Click on connect it will ask you to network password. The password you will find on the back cover of the device now type the password and enter. Right now it will be connected to your computer and you are able to browse the internet. However; a few cellular network not able to connect to the internet automatically. As a result, you should manual setup the APN for browsing the internet.

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Huawei E5220 cellular network manual setup

Right now open any kind of web browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla and internet explorer. Type the IP and enter. Now it will ask you to admin and password; type the admin, and password also admin. Now go to profile dialog box and create a new profile. It will ask profile name, I just write “Skyinternet” and APN you should write the internet. Now, you should save and try to connect the device online. Right now you will able to browsing internet.

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