How to setup hotspot on ipad mini

Wifi connection is a system that gives you a way to share your internet connection with your friends. I hope today I will show you how to setup your own wifi hotspot via ipad mini. Apple ipad mini is a great device that has very power full data communication service. So, you can enjoy your mobile internet connection with others wifi device. Oky come back to the point.

 Setup Personal hotspot connection on your ipad mini

How to setup hotspot on ipad mini
How to setup hotspot on ipad mini

Step – 1: To use data connection make sure purses a data plan for your ipad mini.

Step – 2: Tap on setting menu in your ipad mini.

Step – 3: Tap on cellular data now Tap on personal hotspot. Set the personal hotspot name and password. Make sure the network name shows what kind of name you provide your network name.

Step – 4: See the menu item, Tap on personal hotspot. Follow the image below.

Step – 5: Come back on your wifi device and search wifi network. See your personal hotspot network show in available wifi network.

Step – 6: Now select your wifi network. The selected wifi network want password. So, type your personal hotspot password. In a moment you are connected the wifi network. So, enjoy the personal hotspot.

You can make the personal hotspot your android mobile device, ipad, iphone, Nokia, HTC, after all your any kind of mobile device. Who have portable hotspot on the wifi network menu area? If my post at list helps you’re so please like our facebook page and follow our twitter page.

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