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Clear Spot Voyager Wireless Hotspot for Faster Mobile Broadband Internet

Clear Spot Voyager Wireless Hotspot
Clear Spot Voyager Wireless Hotspot

We are going to know something about Clear Spot Voyager Wireless Hotspot device. The Clear Spot Voyager came from USA mobile broadband technology Verizon and they already get more and more customer from the world. This is amazing mobile internet device and already gets more reviews from the general user who use the device long time. Clear spot voyager wireless hotspot usually support on Windows and Mac operating systems. But clear spot voyager frankly windows 7 and if you are Mac 10.0 user that is useful for you. The unlimited mobile internet data plan staring from $35. We are going to know the device advantage and disadvantage feature. There is many good advantage of the wifi device. That why I am offering your to purchase the device.

The Clear Spot Voyager Wireless hotspot device provides you way to connect up to eight wifi devices with the Clear Spot. User able to use eight wifi device like as Laptop, Smartphone, iPad, iPhone and others wifi devices on same time. The device provide you supper speed mobile broadband internet connection with 4G cellular network. Because clear spot voyager wireless hotspot supported only LTE and 4G network, if your area not coverage with 4G network you can`t use the device. The clear spot voyager really useless if you are out of 4G network. So, before purchase the device check your area inside of 4G coverage or not.

Connects up to 8 wireless devices on Clear Spot Voyager Wireless

Battery Life – Lass battery backup is most disgusting for any hotspot devices. The clear spot voyager has nice battery indicator that show you battery signal what its come down 50% red signal indicator provide you the signal. on other side if the battery charge is full the green single indicator show indicate you. There also have a micoSD cable that you use for charging the devices. Before anyone going to buy hotspot device they facing confutation about the battery life of the device.  Doesn’t worry about the Clear Spot Voyager Wireless Hotspot device, the device provide you up to SIX hours battery backup on single press turn on? So, you can use the device up to six hours without dropping your mobile broadband internet connection. But when I search online about the Clear Spot battery backup, I found a bad review on amazon. I found someone verified purchase user he publish the bad review about battery life of the clear spot. Without the single bad reviews I found online so many good review about the clear spot wireless hotspot. Here also I am going to share with everyone more two good review about the hotspot device that also I was found from amazon.

Clear Spot Voyager Wireless Hotspot Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

Network Technology: The Clear Spot Voyager Wireless Hotspot device has supported 4G mobile internet that provides you advantage to use super-speed 4G mobile broadband internet with the device. The device capacity for download speed 1mbps to 10mbps and upload speed 512kbps to 3mbps. For advance routing options you can use 7mbps to 2gbps download speed. But you need to configuration it very smoothly. To know more about configuration clear spot voyager wireless devices.

Dimensions of Clear Spot: The Clear Spot 2.4 inches dimensions that are really the very cool device for the user. They can carry the device easily on the pocket. One of good side of the user who travel anywhere of world they can easily carry the device.

Clear Wireless Internet Plans
Before knowing Clear internet plans, better, you get knowledge about their services. Clear does not limit your data usage and there are lots of 4G mobile broadband internet provider they have to limit their data usage. A few broadband internet provider limit their internet speed after a period. But Clear internet provide you all plans unlimited and it’s best mobile broadband internet or hotspot service for constant internet users who spend lots of time to browsing the internet.

The Clear internet all packages come with unlimited data and reasonable prices. Others 4G internet provider have too high data packages. But Clear always not think about their profit they think about customer pocket. Here you the all packages and price below.

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Clear internet price

Basic 4G mobile broadband internet
Clear internet basic $35/month
Upload speed – 500Kbps
Download Speed – 1.5Mbps
Unlimited upload and download both

Smart 4G Internet Price
Clear internet Smart $50/month
Upload Speed – 1Mbps
Download Speed – 6Mbps
Unlimited upload and download both

Clear Internet Speed

The data package is not limited but internet speed is limited to the Clear Spot mobile broadband internet service. There is still 6Mbps speed limit. Most of the 4G mobile broadband provides 10Mbps speed of their service. But Clear has the limit and Clearwire CEO talking about the limitation as soon as possible they will increase their download and up to speed.

Clear internet customer Service number

The Clear internet provider takes care of their customer seriously. They have many customer care service point in CA, NY with 28 cities of USA and lots of customer manager ready to helps their valuable customer. They try to provide not stop service within over phone and others social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr at 24/7. They also try to fix more problems by online like Clear Spot Voyager activation, clear internet upload, and download speed variation, network frequency problem, suspended clear spot WiMAX internet reactivation etc. Most of the 4G broadband service provider helps their customer but Clear spot provides their customer service better than everyone. The clear head office “Clearwire corporation” 4400 carillon point, Kirklad, WA 98033-7353, United States.

Clear spot voyager hotline mobile numbers:

Head office contract number – 888-253-2794
For general information about Clear – 877-981-8151
Everyone an expert about Sales – 877-499-6681
Total technical support manager – 888-888-2113

Without hotline communication customer able to contract with Clear 4G internet provider in social media and Clear try to satisfy their customer always.

Buy From Amazon

Conclusion of Clear Spot Voyager

After the full conversation about the Clear Spot Voyager wireless device you think what? The mobile hotspot device better for you or not? If you like to tall with us the device is most helpful for you and want to purchase the device. I recommended you to purchase the Clear Spot Voyager from Amazon with lost price. Because I also compare the price with Verizon store and I found amazon provide low price for the device at $99.95.