The 5 Best Safelink Touch Screen Phones

The Safelink is a world largest wireless telecommunications companies and they have launched in 1996 and they already build a strong wireless community in most major cities in the USA. Behind the wireless technology, they have been made lots of smartphones within a short period. The Safelink smartphones manufacturing group always trying to produces high-quality products at low cost. Here I am going to share with you my best experience with Safelink touchscreen phones.

Before the explanation of the topics, we will get a good knowledge about Safelink. Who have low-income families and residents of USA, they will get the benefit from the Safelink. Low-income families will get the service easier than others low-income cell phone providers like Verizon low-income internet, AT&T low-income internet, and cellphone. Here the best 5 Safelink touchscreen phones for low-income families. If you are going to subscribe to Safelink the information may be essential for you.

5 Best safelink touch screen phones

Safelink touch screen phones


According to from Safelink they have been made deals with LG to provide the G5 LTE smartphones for low-income Vendor. Within the terms & condition of safelink, everyone can get the smartphone. If you are a qualified from safelink than you can get the LG G5 LTE smartphone with very low cost. Here I am explaining why the LG G5 LTE is best one of the Five.

The latest android version Marshmallow operated the LG G5 LTE which is 4G LTE Network supported and they include 4GB RAM that will serve high-speed operation for the user. The internal storage is 32GB this is very user-friendly and you can store more valuable data on the smartphone. Here on the LG G5 LTE inside Li-on battery included that will provide you up to 533 standby 8 hours talk time. If you are a small business owner and you need to call someone as long time the LG G5 Smartphone smoothly help you to talk each.

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This one more Safelink compatible smartphones came from BLU S1 LTE. If you have little budget and you want to subscribe to Safelink it’s may be suitable for you. The BLU S1 LTE is low prices smartphones that you can buy $179. The BLU S1 LTE includes 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage users easily included the 64GB external micro SD card. It is octa-core 1.5GHz 64 bit it is very faster phn and you can see high-resolution videos and its can load faster .it has 13MP rear 5MP front camera that you can take the clear photo. It has 5.2 HD Curved Glass Display when you went to see some movies and video than you can see very smoothly.

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Samsung Galaxy Express 3 LTE

Safelink brings a new smartphone which is Samsung Galaxy Express LTE and it is a very comfortable phone. If you are very low-income vendor in the USA and you went a smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Express 3 is best for you. It is only $99 that you buy this phone very easily. It includes 1GB RAM and Internal storage 8GB. Included External SD card up to 128GB. Samsung Galaxy Express 3 inside Li-on battery that you used up to 436 hours standby and you can talk someone for a long time it provides you with 23 hours. Micro sim supported and 5MP rear 2MP front camera on this phone so you can take the good picture. It has 4G internet speed so you can use this phone social work.

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Samsung Galaxy Prime3 LTE

Safelink gets a new smartphone which is very comfortable low cost and very uses the full smartphone which is provided by those low vendor in the USA. The smartphone price is $139 for the Safelink subscriber. It has 1.5 Ram and its Internal storage 8GB and external SD up to 256 so you can store more important things in this phone. The quad-core processor included with the phone and it supported microSD sim card.

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Polaroid LINK A400

A new smartphone came from safelink. If you have the very little budget to buy a smartphone it is best for you. It is a new smartphone which price is only $49. It has 512 RAM and Internal storage is 8GB and internal storage is up 64GB so you storage many important things in this phone. It has up to 4.5 hours talk time. 1.3 quad-core processor include with the phone so you can watch the high-resolution video and use faster internet .it is android Os,6.0 which is provided from Marshmallow. It is 5Mp rear camera with LED flash, 2MP front camera so you can take a nice picture to this phone it is a 3G internet speed phone.4.0” 480X800 IPS display with 240 DPI you can see clear video and picture on this phone.

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