The 5 Best Cheap Internet And Cable For Low Income Families

In today’s day and age, internet and cable have both become indispensable. They are no longer just luxuries you can choose to skimp on if you think your budget can’t be stretched enough. Internet and cable services are now necessities, and you have no choice other than to invest in these if you want to be fully functional.

The good thing about the prevalence of these services is that they have also become a lot cheaper than before. This is how we have managed to compile a list of the best cheap internet and cable for low income homes. Yes, you read that right: If you want the benefits offered by internet and cable despite being on a budget, like Verizon internet for low income families, here are the guys you should get in touch with.

5 Best Cheap Internet And Cable For Low Income

Cheap Internet And Cable For Low Income

Time Warner Cable

Now reportedly called Spectrum, Time Warner Cable has long been known to be a top cable and internet service provider for a huge number of families. This is not surprising, considering the quality of their service and the reputation they have built for themselves over time.

First of all, whenever the conversation turns to affordable internet and cable bundles, Time Warner Cable is nearly always the first company that gets brought up. They are known for offering some of the cheapest plans available on the market today, and judging from the fact that they and their plans are still around, it is obvious that they offer services of premium quality.

Second, unlike other major names in the field of cable and internet, Time Warner Cable does not try to limit your use by imposing data caps. No, you are not hallucinating. These guys offer unlimited data. Come to think of it. What is the use of offering high-speed internet if you have to curb your downloads and other online activities due to these annoying data limits implemented by other companies?

More importantly, Time Warner Cable does not force you to sign up for a contract. This is good news because it is so easy to develop commitment issues when it comes to such services. Moreover, getting yourself bound by such contracts can come with a lot of disadvantages, and the fact that Time Warner Cable lets you skip it is nice and convenient.

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The cable and internet services themselves are of superior quality. You are given many channels to choose from, and you can also select among several bundles with different internet speeds reaching 60 mbps. Under ideal conditions (including your location), you can game online and stream HD videos effortlessly with Time Warner Cable.

The only issues are that they are not so good in rural locations. If you happen to live in a small, remote town, you may not be able to sign up for Time Warner Cable’s cable and internet bundles. Furthermore, these guys have a less-than-stellar client service record, but then again, they all do.


  • Unlimited data
  • Can do without a contract
  • Good for HD video streaming and online gaming


  • Mediocre customer service record
  • Not ideal for rural residents

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Time Warner Cable is the company to turn to if you want cheap cable and internet and want a bit of freedom in your services. This company does not attempt to tie you down using sneaky charges, contracts, and data caps. There are also a lot of options to choose from in terms of internet speed. Sure, we hear a lot of reports saying they have bad customer service, but no service provider (even the expensive ones) is perfect anyway.

Cheap Internet And Cable For Low Income


The first thing we loved about the XFINITY by Comcast is the flexibility. There are plenty of cable and internet packages to choose from, and we think you will easily find one that suits the needs of your household. The prices vary a lot too and cover the entire income spectrum.

On their website, Comcast shows you the inclusions of each package. The most basic one is good for up to 5 devices running at the same time and comes with free professional installation (but only for a limited time). This is a no term agreement for the first 12 months. You get at least 10 channels and download speeds of up to 25 mbps.

What we love about Comcast XFINITY is that their internet speed is nearly always as advertised. We are aware, of course, that internet speed can be affected by factors outside of their control, but that applies to all companies. Therefore, it is a matter of choosing which service provider is good most of the time, and Comcast is one of the answers.

XFINITY has its share of complaints, just like other products. However, we do not see any persistent performance-related issues being reported. If there is one thing you may easily despise about these guys, it may be their customer service. Sadly, Comcast does have a bad track record when it comes to client service. Cross your fingers when you sign up for XFINITY that everything goes well so you do not have to call their hotline.


  • Fast internet
  • True to advertised speeds
  • Allows no-contract service


  • Poor customer service
  • Isolated quality issues

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We are sure that you have heard a lot about Comcast. Surely, plenty of those are about their substandard client service, but it is high time they got recognized for something. We want to point out that their XFINITY product line of cable and internet bundles is quite good. There are numerous packages to choose from under it, and they offer quite a tempting list of features. The best thing, though, is that they do what they promise in terms of cable and internet quality and speed. If you do not mind being stressed over poor customer service every now and then, you may love Comcast XFINITY.

Bright House Networks

If you are wondering who Bright House Networks is, that may be because you do not live in the five states that they service. Unfortunately, one of the best cheap internet and cable providers is a small company that services only Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, and Michigan right now.

If you do happen to live in those areas, though, then you’re in luck! These guys are simply one of the best around nowadays, offering some of the most flexible cable and internet bundle options and providing fast internet speeds.

Bright House Networks has numerous cable internet packages, beginning from their so-called “Lite” plan, which offers internet speeds reaching 1 mbps. If you do not browse the internet too much and do not need fast connection, this plan may cut it for you. Their fastest internet speed is 90 mbps, and that is under the aptly named “Lightning 90” plan.

The good news is that the cable and internet services of this company are indeed superior in quality. Upload and download speeds are unbelievable and perfectly comparable to those offered by bigger companies. For a small name, they are certainly exceeding expectations.

One more advantage that we would like to point out is that Bright House Networks offers some of the lowest equipment leasing fees you can find today. Their charges are easily half the fees of most other companies.

The only issues you can potentially come across when working with them is that their online portal can be a little archaic in a way. You cannot even change your contact information through their website. You have to call it in. But then again, they are a small firm. Besides, how often do you change contact details anyway? The Bright House Networks official site


  • Many packages to choose from
  • Fast internet
  • Low leasing fees for equipment


  • Available in only a few locations
  • Limited account modification allowed online

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All in all, we think Bright House Networks is a great cable and internet service provider. We think the only issue is their limited availability. However, as we mentioned, if you do happen to live in any of the five states that they service, you might want to check them out right away. They have fast internet, great cable channels, a lot of flexibility, and low fees.

Cable One

If you live around the west, midwest, southwest, and southeast areas in any of the 19 states serviced by Cable One, you might want to take a look at their packages. We especially recommend these if you are looking into signing up for a plan that includes internet, cable, and phone, all for the fee of common 2-in-2 bundles.

They offer some of the cheaper plans available, and they are not too fussy when it comes to logistics. Just to go over some important details, as of the time of writing, Cable One does not charge a one-time setup fee or installation fees. The monthly equipment lease costs $8, and early termination will set you back by $240.

In comparison with bigger cable and internet companies, Cable One has a lot fewer “added” charges, and their amounts are relatively smaller than what you are probably used to. Their bundles are very reasonably priced and therefore ideal if you are looking into getting an all-in-one plan without breaking the bank.

The only things we think may deter you from signing up for Cable One services are their required professional installation and the limited number of available packages. Right now, they have three available plans, and that number pales in comparison with those offered by other companies, big or small.

Also, unlike other cable, internet, and phone providers, who allow customers to set up their own equipment, Cable One requires that you have yours professionally installed by their team. If you are new to these things, this may be okay for you, but to those who know how to do it themselves anyway, this is just an added and unnecessary cost. The Cable One official site 


  • Few extra charges
  • Reasonable bundle prices
  • Can avoid equipment leasing fee


  • Not too many packages available
  • Requires professional installation

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Overall, we recommend Cable One’s services to those in the mentioned service areas who are looking for great deals on cable, phone, and internet. Sure, they offer quite a few plans, but those that they do provide are worth the money. They also charge a lot less than many other companies. For example, you can avoid the equipment lease if you have your own modem.


Residents of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York are already familiar with Optimum. If you are one of the few who are not, then we highly recommend that you check them out. One of the best things about Optimum is that they do not require that you get locked down to a contract. This gives you a lot of flexibility.

Another advantage is that they do offer some of the lowest rates for their bundles. Certain places in the tri-state area already have high living costs to begin with. The last thing you need and want is a high monthly fee for cable and internet.

Furthermore, they have amazing internet speed. Under ideal conditions, download speeds can reach 300 mbps, which is relatively impressive in comparison with those provided by other companies in the said states.

The only issue aside from their small service area is that their internet speeds have been reported to be quite area-dependent. There are certain places where the connection just won’t reach advertised figures. However, we really can’t blame Optimum for this as this is a problem that plagues all cable and internet service providers. The Optimum Official site 



  • Limited availability
  • Highly location-dependent

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From the highly limited availability of Optimum services and their seemingly highly area-dependent speeds, it looks like entrusting your cable and internet needs to them is fairly hit-or-miss. However, in areas that it does work, it works well. They have proven themselves to be a good and reliable service provider. If you happen to be in the tri-state area, hit them up and see where it goes.


Bundled cable and internet services are not luxuries anymore. As these services become more and more prevalent, they are thankfully becoming a lot cheaper as well. This review shows you the 5 best cheap internet and cable for low-income homes, and we hope that this effectively guides you as you make a decision.

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