The 15 best Verizon Flip Phones

Verizon, a telecommunication company in the United States of America is so far one of the cheapest internet service provider in the said continent. In this age, smartphones became the main partner of many people. This is maybe because it provides almost all what you need every day.

However, smartphones are bit uncomfortable to use most especially for seniors. This is why; Verizon finds a way in order to keep some people enjoy convenience while they are under their service scope. With this, flip phones became the answer for this matter and Verizon just found this better way.

With so many flip phones in the market, choosing the best one is a crucial idea. This is why this review of top 15 best Verizon flip phones will help you a lot in finding the best choice. What are these top choices? Read this review.

15 Best Verizon Flip Phones 2018

  • LG Revere 3

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If you are one of the millions of people who know Verizon, then you exactly know about LG Revere 3. This is because this flip phone is especially represented by this Company. LG Revere 3 is in a classic style yet is a durable one with useful features that anyone may enjoy.

Calling and messaging is so easy with this phone and its display is quite good. It comes at an affordable price which will suit anyone’s budget. Aside from that, this flip phone is also applicable to monthly payment under certain conditions.

This easy to use flip phone has a height which measures about 3.86 inches and 2.01 inches in width. It has also 2.2 inch of a screen which makes it more convenient to use. Added to all its features is its Bluetooth connectivity and high resolution of the camera. It has also 256MB of storage capacity to let you store important data.

LG Revere 3 is a good choice for Verizon. It comes at an affordable price and features which will help you do the job easier. With the fact that this flip phone is especially represented by Verizon, no wonder this is an excellent choice.

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  • Kyocera DuraXV Plus

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If you are looking a flip phone for Verizon which has a waterproof property, then Kyocera DuraXV Plus might be a good choice. Well, aside from its waterproof feature, the high quality of its contrast display is a good thing, especially for most seniors.

This flip phone is one of those super easy to use phones. The dual front-facing speaker of this phone also provides clear sound. Its keypads are quite big too and the buttons are just so easy to press. With these, no wonder why this flip phone is suitable most especially for seniors.

When it comes to its price, Kyocera DuraXV Plus is a bit expensive compared to the latter phone. Anyone has a privilege too in availing this phone since this is also applicable with a monthly payment.

A long battery life is also something which this flip phone may brag. This is because of its ability to stay alive until 18 hours if standby mode and 7.7 hours of time when in use. It has also big storage with its microSD which can store up to 4GB of data.

This phone works well but its edge among other phones is the fact that it will work up to 200 countries with different plans. Aside from that, the pre-installed SIM card is a feature that adds up convenience to every user.

All in all, choosing Kyocera DuraXV Plus is a great idea. Knowing all the features and properties of this flip phones, it is undeniable that many Verizon users will choose this phone over other choices.

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  • LG Exalt LTE

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This flip phone comes with a good physical look which will suit any age. It undeniable that LG Exalt LTE is one of the best choices for your Verizon since it’s the first Verizon’s 4G LTE basic phone.

This is another good choice of a phone since it is easy to use. The buttons are easy to preach and its smooth and compact design adds comfort in every use. This phone is highly efficient too. Thanks to its HD voice which will let any user enjoy a high definition sound effect.

The high-quality speaker of this flip phone is good enough to let you answer calls clearly. This is a great feature that anyone can enjoy especially those seniors. Aside from easy to call and text feature of this phone, it also boasts a clear imaging effect

and HD videos which adds up to its overall convenience. On the other hand, when it comes to its price, this phone does not come with a cheaper price but not totally expensive as well. With its average price, you can also choose to pay it monthly at a lower price.

Though this phone has a shorter battery life, it still boasts 10 days of a battery of standby mode and 6 hours for calling. With all those great features, another thing which you may like this flip phone is the Bluetooth connectivity as well as Wi-Fi calling.

In the end, from physical look to efficiency to performance, LG Exalt LTE has something to boasts which makes it a good choice as well.

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  • Samsung Convoy 4

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A great design and compatibility for Verizon is just part of the many things that Samsung Convoy 4 can offer. Just like any mobile phones from Samsung, this flip phone features push-to-talk technology which boosts its overall performance. This is why; Samsung Convoy 4 is not just suitable for calling and texting but also for different works as well as job sites.

With all the better performances that this flip phone can offer, its best property is the quad-band GSM global roaming technology. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best features your phone must have because it will enable you to have a reliable tour partner all the time. With the fact that Samsung is known for their clear camera, you can also expect that this flip phone has clear camera and video.

Samsung Convoy 4 comes with an average price which is affordable for many people. It is also applicable for monthly payment at a lower and affordable price.

When it comes to battery life, Samsung Convoy 4 is one of the best choices too. Thanks to its high-quality battery which offers up to 20 hours of standby mode and 8 hours when in use. The 512MB storage is also useful enough to keep important videos and pictures. Not just that, this storage is also expandable too. This means that you can expand it with additional 32GB of storage.

This flip phone is not just suitable for your Verizon connection but it is a great daily partner too.

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  • Kyocera DuraXV LTE

A stylish and durable flip phone, these are just a few of the top features you can enjoy in Kyocera DuraXV LTE. This flip phone is well-designed with some touch of a smooth property so that you can conveniently use it every day. When talking about the sound and voice quality, you can be confident that this is a good choice. This is because of the HD voice and call property of this flip phone.

Navigating and overall operation of this phone is not difficult as well since just like those flip phones in the market, this one is so easy to use. it also features a high contrast of LCD and widescreen which makes it produce a bright lighting system. On the other hand, this flip phone comes at a bit expensive price. However, the good thing is you have the option to apply it for a monthly payment.

A long battery life is another reason why choosing this flip phone is a good choice. This is because it can last up to 18.3 days for standby mode and 7.7 hours when in use.

This flip phone may have a higher price but in the end, it is worth the price since it an excellent choice for Verizon connection.

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  • LG Revere VN150

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Another Verizon compatible flip phone from LG is the LG Revere VN150. This phone comes with a simple design and smart size. This flip phone has a compact yet light in weight feature which makes it even more comfortable to use every day. It has also numerous features which makes it a good value of the flip phone.

One of the biggest features of this phone is the fact that it is compatible with those present Verizon and New Verizon plans. With 262,144 available colors at 176 x 220 pixels, this flip phone offers bright imaging effects and display. Added to its efficiency is the long battery life of this phone and it charges quickly too.

When talking about its connectivity, LG Revere VN150 boasts a Bluetooth connectivity which is one of its useful features. It can also take good pictures too though not that highly impressive type.

LG Revere BN150 is an excellent choice for flip phone for your Verizon. However, you also need to put in mind that this phone has no sim card which is a disadvantage on your side.

If you are looking for a flip phone with simple yet useful and sophisticated design, the choosing LG Revere BN150 is a wise decision.
  • Casio G’zone C781 Ravine 2

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Looking at its physical features, one can really say that this flip phone is made with overall durability. Luckily, this flip phone is not durable when it comes to its physical features but most of all, into its whole construction.

Casio G’zone C781 Ravine 2 is one of the most durable Verizon compatible flip phones. In fact, it has the capacity to fight and stand against many types of abuse. It is well-designed making the overall look easy to use and durable at the same time.

Despite the fact that it has some features which are not available, Casio G’zone C781 Ravine 2 remains its efficiency when it comes to the basic uses of a phone like calling and texting. Though this is a small in size phone, its keypad is designed properly having enough space from each other. This is to let you use it easily and prevent accidental pressing.

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  • Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365

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Choosing the Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365 will enable you to enjoy a good quality of sound as well as voice. This is because this flip phone comes with the Dynamic Voice Enhancement Technology feature for a clear effect when talking phone calls and etc. Another feature of this phone is the RF sensitivity which enables it to catch signal easily.

Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365 also offers a longer battery life. In fact, for standby mode, it can even survive up to 14 days and 7 hours of talk time. It has also different types of available connectivity which makes it a more convenient to use a flip phone. The camera effect is quite good in this phone too just like the other phones under Samsung brand.

When it comes to performance and efficiency, this flip phone is a good choice. However, its flaws include its low quality of materials made and the flimsiness you feel while gripping it.

Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365 might not be the perfect choice but the good quality of its call and sound effect are great features which this flip phone may brag around.

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  • Samsung Haven U320 – CDMA

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Looking at its physical features and look, Samsung Haven U320 – CDMA comes with a simple design yet it has big keypad and display. The big keypad is an advantage to every user since it will prevent accidental pressing.

One of the features of this flip phone is its efficiency when it comes to its battery life. Thanks to the long hours that its battery can survive which makes it convenient to use all the time. Using this flip phone anywhere is not a problem too. Thanks to its superior reliability with Verizon in almost all places which even includes rural and mountainous areas. In addition to its features is the good quality of its sound and calls.

When talking about flaws, this flip phone has flaws as well. Despite all the good features it offers as well as its great performance, the fact that this is simply a plain phone is quite disappointing. This is because it doesn’t have a camera. microSD, and you cannot import phonebooks as well. Though these are not the main job of mobile phones, the fact that it adds up to the overall usefulness and value of this product, having these flaws are quite disappointing.

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  • Motorola V860 Barrage

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Another Verizon compatible flip phone is the Motorola V860 Barrage. It has a stylish design and different features which work together in making it an efficient one. The good thing about this flip phone is the fact that it is not just stylish but it’s designed for ruggedness too. Thanks to the rugged clamshell which is constructed of this flip phone which will protect your phone from possible damage and even resist with rust and shock.

When it comes to its battery life, this flip phone may not as long as other choices but it is quite fine. It can last up to 6 hours of call and 22 days of standby mode. It has much connectivity too which makes it even more convenient to use daily.

This flip phone does a pretty well job and serves a better service. However, its flaw comes in its battery since it is not that high quality.

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  • Samsung Knack U310

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Samsung Knack U310 is a small flip phone which will easily fit your pocket. With its small size, it is so easy for this phone to bring with you without any hassle.

However, this size has also disadvantage most especially for those with large fingers. The possibility of accidental presses is not impossible which is sometimes annoying. However, when it comes to its functions, this flip phone works quite well just like most of the mobile phones under Samsung brand. In fact, this phone provides a surprisingly satisfying display despite its small size. It has available colors of about 65, 000 at 220 x 176 pixels. This flip phone also provides great signal connectivity as well as clear sound and voice effect.

All in all, Samsung Knack U310 may come in a simple design yet its performances and overall efficiency are enough reasons why you can consider this as a better choice.

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  • Motorola RAZR V3m

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The Motorola RAZR V3m deserves to be part of your top choices when it comes to quality. This is because there is no doubt; this flip phone is high in quality and worth of its price. Its design is not as stylish as others yet not common.

This flip phone has a big keypad. This is an advantage on the side of the user since it will prevent any wrong presses. Aside from that, this flip phone will also let you check your email easily. This phone may not have an impressive camera but it has good imaging effect. Aside from that, the wide range of connectivity of this flip phone makes it hassle-free to use.

Considering the high quality of Motorola RAZR V3m as well as its overall performance, this flip phone deserves to be part of your choices.

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  • Motorola V750 Adventure PTT

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Its long battery life and the quality of the battery alone is one of the best features of this flip phones. In fact, its battery can survive up to one week without any moment of freezing. It has a good quality of voice call too. Most of all, this flip phone is functional enough that you can use it without hassle when talking about Verizon connectivity.

Though this phone does not come with a rugged design, this is still a good choice for those who are looking for a quality flip phone.

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  • LG VX8300 Flip Phone

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Choosing the LG VX8300 Flip Phone will provide you many benefits. One of these benefits is a clear voice when calling. Both you and the one whom you are talking will appear to have clear voices which are a very important aspect a mobile phone. Aside from that, it has also good quality of camera and imaging effect. Thanks to the additional flash of this flip phone.

When it comes to it comes to its physical design, this flip phone is quite small. With its size, you can easily put it in your pocket and grip it easily. It has a common style yet classy in its own way.

Added to its features is the optional microSD. If you want to store any data, you can use the microSD and with it, you can also enjoy quality music.

Though this flip phone is a good option, some of its buttons are placed in not best spots. This makes it difficult to press.

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  • Blackberry Flip 8230 Cell Phone

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This may be the last choice in this list but choosing Blackberry Flip 8230 Cell Phone for your Verizon connectivity is still a good idea. This is because this flip phone has also many features which can help you a lot in your daily use of mobile phone for your Verizon connectivity.

When it comes to its overall performance and efficiency, this flip phone does a good job and worth with its price. It comes with a QWERTY keypad which is easy to use for some while others found it difficult.

On the other hand, this phone has also wide connectivity features except with Wi-Fi. You can also use this flip phones for your different work related jobs. This is because you can use this phone in checking your emails plus visual voicemail too.

Comes with a simple design and available in silver color, Blackberry Flip 8230 Cell Phone deserves a commendation and to be part of your top choices.

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