WAVLINK AC1200 Review – The Best Wireless Router WN530A3

Are you looking for a classy wireless router to be used in your large house, office or workplace? Do you want this router to be simple yet sophisticated, stylish and yet not be too heavy for your pockets? If you thought it is impossible to get the best of all the worlds, you may mistake. The Wavlink WN530A3 is highly recommended for you if you want to experience the above comforts in one appliance. Before we entering the Wavlink AC1200 review get`s knowledge from the key feature, pros, and cons. First of all, you may check the Wavlink WN530A3 Price.

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WAVLINK AC1200 Review

WAVLINK AC1200 Review

Best Key Feature of Wavlink AC1200

  • Simultaneous Dual – Band Speed Up to N300 and AC867 Mbps.
  • Fold-Up Four external high gain antennas
  • Integrated USB 2.0 Port
  • Advanced Wireless Security
  • Wavlink AC1200 Speed included

Simultaneous Dual – Band Speed Up to N300 and AC867 Mbps
Simultaneous technology is the relation between two events assumed to be happening at the same time. Here the Simultaneous technology wiki helps you to find out more. The dual band speeds up to N300 Mbps in 2.4Ghz and it will increase up to 1.2 Gbps data speeds in  5Ghz mode. You will easily be streaming videos and high regulation games with the wireless router.    

Fold-Up Four external high gain antennas
A professional user like portable gadget at always. Here the Wavlink AC1200 included four fold-up high gain antennas. Those antennas help you cover large space of your home and small business or workplace.

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Integrated USB 2.0 Port
Nowadays; if you observe human life you would find out everyone needed to print out their documentation in daily life. The Wavlink WN530A3 integrated USB 2.0 port on the router. This will help you to share scanner, digital camera, printer and USB storage devices wirelessly.

Advanced Wireless Security
The advanced wireless security will help the user to support WPA, WPA2 and WPS encryption standard. Secure your network and connect to wireless digital devices easily.


  • Low price and high-performance everyone able to buy
  • Very easy to assemble and all equipment with an installation guide and driver CD included in the order.
  • WAVLINK customer service help you to fix problems via online at 24/7
  • Advanced Wireless Security
  • Integrated USB 2.0 Port
  • Fold-Up Four external high gain antennas


  • Do not wall mounted
  • Data transfer speed slow when it will N300 2.4Ghz

What users saying about the Wavlink WN530A3 router

The Wavlink WN530A3 and set have been one of the most popular products in its price range and continue to attract several happy customers. The user has reported that they are quite satisfied with the high performance of the Wavlink WN530A3. The new improved design makes it easier for them to use the Wavlink AC1200. This is portable and easy to carry anywhere without losing extra energy. Here I recommended checking more customer reviews about Wavlink AC1200.

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How worthy is Wavlink AC1200?

Priced at a decent $49.99 approximately on Amazon. This is not high price behind the output of the Wavlink AC1200. If we compared the Wavlink AC1200 with the TP-Link AC1200 we really understood the price range is so better than others. So, ignoring the quite common poor wireless router choosing, you should be fixed your mind to order the Wavlink AC1200.  

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Final Verdict

The Wavlink AC1200 delivering a premium quality of functionality. Perfect for a large house and small business. It will satisfy you with the eye catching design and get back worth of your investing money. So, this is a recommended product for your checklist right now.  

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